International Festival 2013

Irving K. Barber Learning CentreWe are excited to announce the Third Annual World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival in 2013 at the magnificent Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia!

Our Theme for this Festival: Inspire Peace!

The Festival will feature:

  1. International guests, local poetry groups, community partners, dancers, musicians, filmmakers and multimedia.
  2. Display tables, Poetic Necklace display at Ike’s Art Gallery April 4-30th.
  3. Extra event: World Poetry Youth Peace Poetathon World Wide.
  4. The World Poetry Canada International Month, April 4-30th with our partner the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.
  5. World Poetry National Poetry Month Peace Display plus the large display cases in the library, April 4-30th
  6. Gift poems!

Main events

April 4, Grand Opening: 7-9 pm Tour of Displays, introduction of dignitaries partners, visiting poets, a short film by Neamat Haidari from Afghanistan, Music and dance, Book launch , Refreshments.

April 11th:
Book Launch by Penn Kemp, Jack Layton: Art in Action, 7-9 pm.

April 20, Saturday 1-5 pm Meet and greet, performances and workshops by distinguished poets.

Assistance for International Guests

We can issue invitations, visa help, letters of support and provide some speaking spaces. We are not able to help with air fares, accommodation or other expenses. Due to intense demand., please contact us as soon as possible at  or


The month will be hosted and organized by the World Poetry Youth Team with backup from the World Poetry Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers.

Most events will be at the UBC library, University of British Columbia, 1961 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada

Thanks to the hard work of all the festival volunteers, all events are free.  If you would like to help with expenses for the festival you can make a donation below:

A receipt will be provided and a letter of thanks.

World Poetry would like to acknowledge the following partners and sponsors in kind for the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival:


Exclusive Media Sponsor

4 thoughts on “International Festival 2013

  1. Bernice Lever

    Excellent posting for April — World Poetry International Festival at UBC —
    so no need to answer my last e-mail!
    I will be there April 4– Thursday, evening. and all afternoon 1–5 pm on April 20th.
    Let’s talk in March about how I can be useful. Cheers, Bernice

  2. Oswald Okaitei

    I shall perform a dramatized poetry, spiced with music, captioned, ‘THE RHYTHM OF PEACE!’. It shall be last for about 5 minutes and is nurtured to arrest all senses, speak to the conscience and tell a tale of the sweet fragrance of peace.

    1. Oswald Okaitei

      …And shall also seek to launch an ode in memory of the late Ghana’s Peace Loving President, titled, ‘ON 24TH JULY’.

  3. Oswald Okaitei



    Swarms of poets sail in flights
    To cluster and fight
    The bile flavoured dim night
    That fills our world with war fright

    Vancouver is the host
    Of this amazing artistic toast
    It will cloud souls of arts
    To inspire peace with their hearts

    Images, still or in motion…
    The voice of the mighty pen
    Echoed by the larynx
    Mortals in dances and honour of strives…
    These O will fragrance the toast

    World Poetry Canada & International
    The breath that inspires our world peace
    Hosts this World Poetry Canada International
    Festival that breeds and inspires peace

    The earth all over
    The blaze of 4th April’s sun
    Will kindle the torch
    That leads the path to the feast of peace

    At last, its due
    To fill reality with its dew
    And distort the chains of war in queue
    Yes! World Poetry Peace Festival 2013 is due!

    Oswald George Okaiteye
    All Rights Reserved. March, 2013.


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