Ariadne Sawyer

Ariadne Sawyer

Ariadne Sawyer

 Ariadne Sawyer, M.A. C. P., and the CEO of Peak Performance Plus Training.

She specializes in creativity and performance training with a focus on: creative flow and excellence, media and self publicity and performance enhancement.   

She has worked with many writers and performers, some just starting out and others well known, from Canada, the US and Europe. Ariadne specializes in brain research and creativity, using a wide range of tools and techniques to assist writers in reaching their goals. She is a Creative Consultant for the Film Industry.  

Books: Bits and Pieces, a collection, Post Polio Treatment, and is published in several anthologies. Tapes: Discover Your Creative Worlds.  

Workshops available:  

Finding Creative Flow, Creativity and the Brain, Poetic Healing and Harnessing the Critic with Bernice Lever, C. A. A., Creative Self Promotion.  

Ariadne is the co-founder and host of The World Poetry Reading Series, Radio Show, The World Poetry Electronic Newsletter and Poet’s World Night Out!  

World Poetry consists of over 500 poets, writers and musicians originally from 64countries including a strong Canadian component.  

She is the host and producer of Creativity Rocks! heard every Tuesday at 9:00 PM on CFRO. 102.7 FM and in print at the Urban Vancouver Blog Site:  


Selected Poem:   

A Thief of Time  

A thief of time slips gently among the sleepers.
Stealing time…  

The old ones awaken, bewildered,
Asking “Where have my years gone?
Only yesterday, I was a young and sturdy man!”
“Only yesterday, I was a young and beautiful woman…”  

They call, their voices ringing through space.
How can we catch the thief of time?  

He slips invisible, unseen through the shadows of the night.
The thief of time, weighed down by all those stolen years,
Disappears into the stillness,
His mocking laughter echoing across the void.  

By Ariadne Sawyer © 2005 

9 thoughts on “Ariadne Sawyer

  1. Annie Pang

    Love that poem. Have heard it a number of times, but it never gets old, ….as time steals away, every single day….

    1. Mamta Agarwal

      A lovely reflection on how life goes by. By the time we realize we haven’t lived fully, it’s late. Time flows like a river, no one can hold it in fist. Poem just flows, makes one wistfuland smile

  2. Saleh Mazumder

    This poem is among many reasons i chose to be member of this world poetry society. I didn’t have an international credit card to make my payments for the register. I had to ask Christie my friend in USA to make a payment for me so that i could join in and its been years by now felling so engaged by this fascinating group of people sharing their talented work to promote peace through universe. Long live world poetry family

    All the best
    Dhaka- 1229


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