World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2014

The Harbour Centre

The Harbour Centre, Vancouver

We would like to welcome you to the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival – October 6-26, 2014!

The World Poetry Festival is once again bringing together international poets, Canadian  and local multicultural poetry groups during this dynamic festival.

There will be a First Nations welcome, dignitaries, awards, music and dance along with a proposed Gala on Sunday, October 19th.

Each selected international poet will present their poetry, launch a book, present their film be featured on the World Poetry Café Radio Show or be part of a panel discussion.

Local poetry and writers groups will also be presenting. We are anticipating over 350 people to attend during the festival timeline. If needed more venues will be added.

The Fourth World Poetry Peace Festival venues include displays, launches, films and readings at a variety of venues in Vancouver and New Westminster – and when possible, TV and radio interviews, community events. Click for details…


7 Responses to World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2014

  1. mamtapoet says:

    This sounds so exciting, am getting goosebumps already.

    My heartfelt gratitude Ariadne, Saleh and the entire team for sharing the details of the upcoming event.

    Warm Regards

    Mamta Agarwal

    • Ariadne says:

      Thank you Mamta. Sure glad I got the material to Heidi. Needs more work but a start. Now for invites, partners and hopefully crowd funding or out of my pocket funding.

  2. Una Bruhns - Vancouver, B.C. Canada says:

    Wow!!! . . What an exciting Lineup . . That is sure to please any genre, featuring
    Local and International Artists. . . Stay Tuned In “More To Come”

  3. October was a positively supportive month of Peace poems and presentations at UBC, SFU, major libraries in Vancouver with visiting international poets reading and film makers showing their talents creations. World Poetry Cafe as a website that has many audio and visual sections from the Tuesday night C0-0p Radio show— 9 to 10 pm that can be accessed for 6 months after! A super showcase for writers around the world to take part in and listen as an encouragement in this violent world in which we exist!

  4. Mamta Agarwal says:

    Dear Ariadne,

    I was following the festival through your posts on Facebook. It was so exciting. Although I was not physically present, but the palpable excitement, series of events, dignitaries you introduced, made me feel I was there at least in spirit.
    Your commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and faith in the immense possibility of human mind to rise above prejudice, collectively work for peace truly seems within reach what with such initiatives.

    Each one of us can make a difference. Honestly world needs to go green, without borders.

    Thank You!

    In gratitude
    a lotus for you and your team

    Warm Regards

    Mamta Agarwal

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