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World Poetry Proudly Presents C.J. Prince from the USA!

The World Poetry Café Radio Show with host Ariadne Sawyer and co – host Una Bhruns welcomed C.J. Prince to the radio show on December 23rd on CFRO, 100.5 FM for a radio show book launch of her new book Mother, May I?  The show was dedicated to Cora, the sister of World Poetry Director and Life Time Achievement Award winner Anita Aguirre Nieveras and popular World Poetry Café Radio Show host.

 We had a fascinating interview with C.J. Prince featuring poems from her new book  and a message to the world. Also featured was a poem and message from Dr. Stephen Gill, music by Ablaye Cissoko and Volker, unaccompanied Bach played by the cellist Yo-yo Ma and Victoria Celtic musician and singer, Valerie Gill. To hear this lovely show: CLICK HERE!


C.J. Prince found the Muse on the tar spattered shores of Summerland in fourth grade where she gouged words into sand.  She’s been writing ever since.   Her newest book is Mother May I? C.J. also has credits include stage, screen and TV scripts.  Her first novel, Canvas Angels, is published in Catching My Breath.  Her work appears in several anthologies including Leaning into the Wind:  Women Write from the Heart of the West.  Prince lives in the Pacific Northwest with husband Michael E. Berg, two Papillons, and one rescued orange marmalade tabby.  She teaches Tai Chi and studies the dress code of cedars, the vocal patterns of ravens and the height of the moon at midnight.
Mother May I v3a

“Mother, May I?” is available on amazon.com, amazon.ca, Kindle, Nook and other digital devices.

Locally it is available at Village Books, The Stone Moon, Sudden Valley Salon & Spa and The Spotted Pig

Here are her web connections: www.tarotandstardust.blogspot.com  www.cjprinceauthor.wordpress.com

Here is a poem, followed by the Message to the World:

I Remember

  After Joe Brainard

I remember a gallon jar no longer

holding pimiento-stuffed martini olives,

a jar jam-crammed with marbles

pushed to the back of the wardrobe

where my brother wouldn’t find it.

Me, good with a steelie, shooting straight,

collecting, hiding all the boys’ marbles I won.

I remember they had BB guns and shot birds—

me running down by the bridge

past the orange grove—flapping my arms, “Fly, birdie, fly.”

I remember shouldering the 4/10 rifle

as my father taught me to aim down the sight

and hit a distant tin can.

I remember my step-brother-to-be shooting frogs

in the swamp where we built a raft.

I remember bright green-yellow ooze

from a dead frog’s body.

I remember a loaded gun

in the buffet at my mother-in-law’s house.

I remember being a pacifist,

belonging to Another Mother for Peace,

not allowing toy guns

in my children’s playroom.

I remember they shot with sticks.

I remember shoulder high jade plants

growing at the back door where the calico cat Daisy

left gopher entrails

or her latest batch of kittens my father would drown.

I remember my mom

driving the weapons carrier they bought after the war,

our only transportation.  She painted the frames

of her sunglasses glaring red with nail polish.

I remember the Navy ship on endless gray seas

as we sailed out of the Azores to go ashore in Casablanca.

I remember the fear of being whipped.

I remember not wanting to take the garbage out

because possums with long harsh tails

slashed around the can

near the Copa d’oro  twining on the garage.

I remember my mother flipping open

the wringer washer that caught my braid.

I remember my grandmother’s piano

and my hands picking out “Silent Night.”

                         ~C.J. Prince

Message to the World

The world seems abstract,

a blue and green sphere.


I speak to the earth all the time.

I sit in women’s circles,

wish her well, ask her forgiveness.

It is the people I do not know,

those who will hear my night whisper now.

If our hands touch

can I read your palms?

I want to look into your eyes

and have you see mine.

There in that sacred space


there with our eyes embraced,

there, palm to palm,

our auras intertwined,

we find peace.

    ~C.J. Prince

World Poetry Presents Elaine Woo with a mini book launch on the radio!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras welcomed the wonderful poetess  Elaine Woo in a special phone in mini book launch!  Super tech Israel Mota kept us on the air . Music by Mary Youngblood, Ablaye Cissoko, and Volker  plus the background music, unaccompanied  Bach Cello Suite by Yo Yo Mah. Sadly our guest from Ghana World Poetry Theatre Ambassador , Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei  had trouble connecting but we hope to try again. To hear the show or download it, CLICK HERE!


World Poetry Vancouver and & the Britannia Proudly Present :
November 8,  1-3 pm. Britannia Public Library, 1661 Napier St.
Book launch of Cycling with the Dragon (Nightwood Editions) by Elaine Woo.
Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Grace Woo.
Wanda John-Kehewin
Yilin Wang
Jonina Kirton
Youth group
Book signing.
Free! Refreshments. All welcome! 604-526-4729

Elaine Woo is the author of the poetry collection Cycling with the Dragon (Nightwood Editions).  She is the proud recipient of a 2014 World Poetry Empowered Poet award.  Elaine contributed to Shy: An Anthology which won an IPPY (Independent Book Publisher’s) silver medal in 2014.  Her art song collaboration, “Night-time Symphony”, with Daniel Marshall won a Boston Metro Opera festival prize in 2013.  She contributed to V6A: Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside which was a finalist for the City of Vancouver’s Book Award in 2012.  Her work is in carte blanche, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Enpipe Line, Megaphone Magazine, Ricepaper, West Coast Line, and many international publications.
In 2014, she was awarded the World Poetry Empowered Poet Award.


World Poetry Presents Mona Fuad, Egyptian Actress and Author From the USA!

Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the amazing actress and author Mona Fuad in a delightful and information packed show about Egypt, Hollywood and friendship. Background music by Yo Yo Mah in Bach’s cello music, Opening song by Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze, second song by Pancho and Sal, SecretosCLICK HERE for this fascinating show in English, Spanish and a bit of Arabic!

Mona Fuad Movie2 1953






Mona Fuad was born in Alexandra, Egypt and at 16 won the nation’s beauty contest and was once crowned Miss Egypt. Mona secured her first movie contract by winning a Jennifer Jones lookalike contest. She appeared in many Egyptian films and such American films such as the Ten Commandments. Upon leaving show business and moving to America during the mass exodus of Europeans form Egypt, Mona founded the first acrylic finger nail salon in Dallas, Texas. With over 75 locations on three continents, her success helped define the landscape of the now over 35 million dollar nail industry.

This is a book full of historical gems and well worth purchasing! www.cairounzipped.com