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World Poetry Proudly Presents Award Winner Neamat Haidari From Afghanistan!

WP Award Winner!

World Poetry is honoured to present the talented poet, photographer and filmmaker Neamat Haidari with a Empowered Filmmaker Award for his talent and quest for peace. He is a fine example of the Afghan youth who work tirelessly to present an alternative persceptive on Afghanistan, one of talent, culture and abilities. World Poetry also works to present positive images and support of this country that has been through so much.

Neamat writes: “Hi Ms. Ariadne Sawyer and World Poetry,
I want to cut down on my words and say: peace is the shine of first daylight which precedes the glow of prosperity.

I am really thankful to you for providing the chance to the youth generation by launching such momentous festivals which give them the opportunity to reveal and display their talents through poems and pictures.

I do not actually have the ability to thank you in a way that you deserve. This occasion has really encouraged me to put more tenacious steps towards my peace goal for the world especially for my hometown Afghanistan.

Thanks NH”

Brief Film Bio of the Afghan Filmmaker and director Nematullah Haidari.
Nematullah Haidari was born in Afghanistan Kabul 1981, He graduated from high school in Iran Tehran, now he is studying political science at Mashal Institute for higher education.

He writes: “The civil wars in Afghanistan and the Russia invasion made us leave the country but fortunately after the 11 September,  when there was more consistent peace  in the country, we returned back home with  big expectations.”

Brief Film Bio of the Afghan Filmmaker and director Nematullah Haidari.

Nematullah Haidari was born in Afghanistan Kabul 1981, He graduated from high school in Iran Tehran, now he is studying political science at Mashal Institute for higher education.

 The civil wars in Afghanistan and the Russia invasion made us leave the country but fortunately after the 11 September,  when there was more consistent peace  in the country, they returned back home with a big expectations.

His interest in the media lead him toward starting a new career with http://www.tolo.tv/  in the year 2004 as Director and Producer – Camera man and  Editor the popular program in Afghanistan Mehaman e yaar and Afghan Star,You can watch this link:

Afghan Star : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbYIU4fDcAc

Mehman e Yaar : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48uepgCewjQ&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PLA3F595CCE24B7B21

and by establishing the Apple Media Production he kept contact with BBC, CNN, Fox News and worked as a freelance journalist with them  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKH_-ZFDZyc&feature=relmfu , in the year 2007 he was assigned as Production Manager in  http://arianatelevision.com/  (ATN) also created some Programs food for this TV

Golden Chef Afghanistan ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF8kWMcLaCo&feature=relmfu  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMVicCNO8sI

Home ATN Bakery : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyyXWijodeQ

Garage ATN Coming Soon : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFfKMsOBf3c

Also he made some documentary films for Festivals in Afghanistan and performed in TVs :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIm4r8Msn_o



He received a World Poetry Peace  Empowered Afghan Producer and Filmmaker Award in 2012 at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival in Richmond, BC, Canada.

In addition, Neamat’s photos and poem were featured in the World Poetry Poetic Necklace Display at UBC and at Richmond.

 Hey people!  

Hey people I hope
Life doesn’t end from the earth

The blossoms of hope
Not to fade again

Hey people! Give a peace dove
To the fight monger

Give reconciliation and peace story
As a ransom instead of weapon

Hey people! Our grievances are these
War, smoke, weapon and mortar

The suicide, blast, youth’s death
Made everyone sorrowful

Hey people! Look at the children
What are their sins?

To be killed everyday
Were they warmonger’s partisan?

Hey people! You know that:
War means devastation

Peace means prosperity
Life with weapon is destruction

Hey people you better know that
War doesn’t end to unity

War causes destruction and dissension
There is not limited ways towards peace

Hey people! Why shall we burn
Our land and space with war

How long shall we sink in the blood ocean
How long shall we listen to the blasts

Hey people! The mothers cry
On the corpses of their sons

Look at their grief stricken features
How long shall they be tearing

Hey people! Believe in peace
Peace is the route to prosperity

Peace is our success bird
War is destruction and misery

Hey people! What is peace, peace?
Peace is unity and prosperity

Peace is our life our future
Peace is our religion our worship

Neamat Haidari   @ 2012


Kabul- Afganistan


WP Award Winner


Alaha Ahrar World Poetry Youth Team Member from Afghanstan!

Alaha & Dr. Mary

 Ariadne’s note: “On behalf of World Poetry Canada & International,we want to welcome Alaha to our wonderful World Poetry Youth Team which is being built to spread the concepts of respect, honour, love and peace to the world. We are honoured to have her on our strong team of young poets.
 We are fortunate to be in Canada where our  World Poetry Society is welcomed by so many people and groups.
Our  love and good wishes go out to the youth of Afghanistan who will be working with World  Poetry to create dignity and peace.”

Ariadne Sawyer MA, President of the World Poetry Reading Series Society,

Here is the letter from Alaha:

Dearest Ariadne Sawyer hello,

“Thank you very much for all your hard work and for connecting and encouraging peace and unity worldwide. I admit that I lack enough words to express my acknowledgements and gratitude to the International World Poetry, Canada.

My full name is Sajia Alaha Ahrar, but everyone knows and calls me Alaha Ahrar. I am an international student from Kabul, Afghanistan at the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a triple major student. I am majoring in Human Rights, Political Sciences and International Affairs and I am also going to obtain the Middle Eastern Studies Certificate.

On May 14, 2011, International World Poetry, Canada, recognized me as the Youth Poet for Afghanistan and the United States and also as the Ambassador of Youth and Peace for Afghanistan. Now, as an Ambassador of Afghan youth and women I would love to thank the International World Poetry, Canada, especially Mrs. Ariadne Sawyer for recognizing and supporting Afghanistan’s writing and poetry.

Canada has been helping and supporting Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban. However, this extraordinary wonderful work of International World Poetry, introduced the moral supports and kind intentions of Canadians and Canada, to Afghanistan and Afghans.

This wonderful action of International World Poetry Canada proved that instead of guns, Canadians are supporting pen and peace in Afghanistan. Now Afghans acknowledge that, these types of supports of Canadians encourage Afghans to value and discover Canadian’s values and urge Afghans to reply their love with love.

It is true that Afghanistan was ruined and Afghans suffered a lot due to decades of war, most Afghans lost their houses, their loved ones and their assets but the only thing, which always remained alive among the nation of Afghanistan, is the love of their richest culture, poetry and literature.”

فتخار انسانیت در چیست؟

ای جوانان فهیم ای قــشر بیدار وطــن

علم آموزید که علم است زینت هر مرد و زن

عالم و فرزانه زیستن افتخار آدمیست

عصر علم است هوشدار بی علم نتوان زیستن

قشر جاهل کرد ویران میهنت را این چنین

تو بعلم آباد بسازش بشنو از من این سخن

چشم امید وطن سوی شماست ! نسل جوان

تا بــسازید مـیهــن ویرانه را باغ و چمن

صلح و امن آرید به کشور! وحدت و همبستگی

تا همه هم میهنان باشند بهم یک جسم وتن

التـــجــا دارد (الـــهـــه) از خـــداونـــــد بـــزرگ

جای نفرت عشق ببارد جای جنگ صلح در وطن

با احترام،

سجیه الهه (احرار)

Instead of Hate, May Love Rain Down

O knowledgeable youth, O awakened generation of this land
Seek knowledge, for it is a decoration for men and women,
Living with knowledge and wisdom is humanity’s pride
It is the era of knowledge, be aware! For one cannot live in ignorance.
The ignorant ruined your country to this extent.
You can rebuild it with knowledge. Listen to me!
Your country’s hopeful eyes are drawn toward you, O youth.
So that you may make a garden & prairie from this desolate desert.
Bring peace and security to the country! Unity and cooperation,
So that all countrymen be one body, one soul.
Alaha begs the All Mighty.
Instead of hate, may love rain down, and instead of war, peace.

Best regards,

Alaha Ahrar ©

* This poem will be read on the radio as an e-poem at 9:30 pm PST on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, CFRO. You can listen at www.coopradio.org

Alaha Ahrar, youth poet

Alaha Receives World Poetry Youth Ambassador Medallion!

Alaha with WP medal

On August 23rd, 2011, World Poetry International, The University of Mary Washington in Virginia along with the Afghan Consulate joined together in a very special celebration to present the treasured Afghan youth poet, Alaha Ahrar with a World Poetry Youth Ambassador Medallion. Alaha was to receive the award at our First World Poetry International Festival in May but due to visa problems was unable to attend.  We would like to thank the University of Mary Washington and the Afghan Embassy for creating the award celebration. World Poetry hope that she will be able to come to our 2nd International Festival for World Peace May 25-26, 2012 in Richmond, BC.

Also great thanks to all our World Poets who have supported her. The World Poetry Canada & International Face book page has been so supportive and is such a blessing to us all.

One of World Poetry’s goals is to promote youth since they are the future of the world. World Poetry is delighted to present this talented youth poet and admires her poems for peace a better, more caring life for the world. Here are some wonderful photos of the event.