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World Poetry Celebrates Alan Hill!


Ariadne’s Notes:

The World Peace Day has had so many entries far from 67 countries  with wonderful poets , musicians and artists, celebrating peace.

Also, in the show were two e-peace poems by : Peace Crusader: Bernice Lever who wrote: ” Here is a Peace Poem from my last book in SMALL ACTS called Peace Gardener  I will do what I can to distribute this poem, making copies for the places I will be at the Sept. 13, Canadian authors monthly meeting , eve. at Alliance for the Arts Bldg., on Howe St. and perhaps 1 or 2  other writer gatherings.

I will print some extra copies for Bowen Island Library, Bowen Is. Art Gallery, our local book store, etc.  Maybe drop one off at our City Hall, too! “

Cheonhak Kwon debuted in the literary journal Hyundae Munhak, and served as a member of Jindan Si, a poetry society in South Korea. She immigrated to Canada in 2008, and was awarded the Kyung Hee University Overseas Korean Literary Award in 2010 for the short story “Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi.” Her peace poem is :Everyone is a Prisoner: I am still in an apple seed.

Also included in the show was music from a CD celebrating the 50th  anniversary of  Poet Carl Sandburg  with music and readers from the CD Honey and Salt  by  Mat Wilson from Braithwaite and Katz. Our great radio engineer Victor Schwartzman also played a poem  written by and read by Carl Sandburg.

The WP team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer. Victor Schwartzman  and special volunteer Sharon  Rowe.









Alan Hill is the Poet Laureate of the City of New Westminster BC. He has been previously published in Canada, UK and the USA in over forty publications, including EVENT, Canadian Literature, CV2, SubTerrain, Poetry is Dead and the Cascadia Review. He is the author of two full length books of poetry, The Upstairs Country (2012) and The Broken Word (2013). He began writing in 2001 whilst spending two years living and working in Botswana.

World Poetry Celebrates National Aboriginal Month! 

World Poetry Celebrates  National Aboriginal Month! 





Celebrate with us!

June 28, 6:30-8:30 PM New Westminster Public Library, 716, 6th Avenue

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda John-Kehewin













Welcome Chief Rhonda Larrabee

Poet Laureate: Alan Hill,  Candice James , Poet Laureate Emerita.

Tony Antonias

Music: Lavana La Brey

National Aboriginal Month with a Tribute to Vera Manuel

Book Launch Ahn Bong Ja

Book Launch Herb Bryce

Woven Word Tapestry Poem, How I First Came to Know Myself by  Vera Manuel

Open Mic

Free raffle

Food, Refreshments. Bannock by Wanda!  Cake!

Information: www.worldpoetry.ca  604-526-4729

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda John-Kehewin

World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Alan Hill from England and Canada!

Featured Poet Alan Hill

World Poetry Cafe Radio Show welcomed Alan Hill on the show. He spoke about his upcoming book and the impact on siblings and parents who have to deal with mental illness. To listen to the show: CLICK HERE!

“Alan Hill was born in the South West of England near the Welsh border.
After leaving school at sixteen he travelled extensively and worked in jobs
ranging from renovating old graveyards to working in a jellybean factory.

Since 2005 he has been living in Canada. He has been previously published
in Canada in CV2, Canadian Literature, Vancouver Review, Antigonish Review,
Quills, Sub-Terrain and in a number of anthologies and in the UK in South,
The Wolf and Turbulence. He also has had work accepted for upcoming issues
of the Denver Review (USA), Brittle Star(UK) and Poetry is Dead (Canada) as well as the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival E-Anthology launching at UBC and on the Internet April 4th during the third Peace festival.
His first full collection ‘The Upstairs Country’ (Silver-Bow Press) was”published in early 2012. He is currently working on his second collection,
“The Broken Word”, which will explore his experiences growing up with a
older brother who had been diagnosed as having schizophrenia.


Becoming Grown Up

At thirteen you want your mom
not the mad person she has become
who burns the carpet with her cigarettes has that industrial size handbag rattling with pill bottles,the muttering attachment to other voices those unseen strangers that hover on the open veined canvas of the horizon.

At breakfast between toast and orange juice something snapped

a tie came loose, fell free
the connection through the sonar spine
the massages through fingertips-all lost.

In one moment
the most loved became the most despised
the mother become the little girl.

If it doesn’t kill this kid
eventually she may come to see
the freedom that’s been given her
that she can start agaim
be who she wants to be, become a woman

but that means less than nothing now.

There are many bones to step across
many strangers who will come with love and hope that she will need to push away, leave behind

there is this childhood that has died
that must be cleaned away
disposed of in the proper way

– if there is a proper way.

Yes- and she will always feel it
his absence of herself from her own life that she has become a person with a history but no past

she will burn with a fiery loss
in the middle of the day

In front of the TV
between classes or boyfriends
or over an un-homemade schools lunches

and there will always be a chair
with a reserved sign

an empty space where nobody parks

a cavity dropping down
she will have to learn to walk around
the agreement she has made with fear

the lesson she has leant too young
that the price of life is everything.

Alan Hill (C)