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To all our Honoured WP Prayer and Meditation Circle Members World Wide!






To all our Honoured  World Poetry Prayer and Meditation Circle Members
Please put the following new folks on your prayer/mediation list.
Dr. Asha, hospital, cancer,  very ill. Urgent.
Hunter, child with pneumonia.
Ben , child with health issues.
Samson,  adult, traveling.
JGB. Needs support.
Thank you for your love, support and prayers.
They have given so many people comfort and support.

You are a blessing to the world. You are the unsung heroes.


Note: The WP Prayer and Meditation Circle began as a living tribute to my Aunt Marzlie Chitwood who despite her challenges, spent a lifetime praying for people. A devout Christian, she never turned down a request. Auntie would say: “We are all the same in God’s eyes.”

Every second, there are people world wide, praying and meditating for peace,healing for the planet, the two footed ones, the four footed ones and the many footed ones. I believe that this powerful effort helps to keep the earth in balance.

World Poetry Canada International Festival News!

With permission from Jaypee Belarmino





World Poetry International Festival News & Events for the International Peace Festival in May.

World Poetry New Westminster Night Out  National Poetry Month 2ndAnnual Poetathon! Bring your Poems! Nonstop poetry! Break a record! Give a Gift Poem!April  25th, 6:30 pm,With our Partners the New Westminster Public Library6: 30 PM, 716-6th Avenue(Auditorium Room)New Westminster, BC, Canada.Hosts Ariadne Sawyer & Selene Bertelsen. Special guests: Dr. Ray Hsu. Timothy Shay. Pancho and Sal. Duke Ashrafuzzaman. World Poetry Reclamador Award: Tony Antonias.Poetathon : Sign up at 6:20 pm Book raffle. Refreshments. All free! Diversity & multilingual readings. www.worldpoetry.ca ariadnes@uniserve.ca

May 4, World Poetry Exhibit at Irving K. Barber Center, UBC Library) Vancouver BC.

World Poetry Poetic Necklace Exhibit, World Poetry Peace Poems, Photos and Art featured in the  at Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia http://tiny.cc/PCcf2b  A signature program of Asian Heritage Month, May 4 – May 25, 2012

Curated by  Ariadne Sawyer; World Poetry Society in partnership with VAHMS, this exhibition will present A Poetic Necklace of peace poems from around the world  and photographs from award winning photographers displayed on the walls of IKE Cafe in the UBC Library.  150 gift poems will also be available with a posted address for visitors to” a create a peace poem” and send it to ariadnes@uniserve.com Selected poems will be read on The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show and put in the  www.worldpoetry.ca site. Award Winning Photos/art by : Jaypee Belarmino, Zayra Yves, Neamat Haidari, Jesus Salgueiro, Ibrahim Honjo, Janet Kvammen, Yilin Wang, Peter Lojewski , Mamta Agarwal and Caroline Nazareno.

May 5th, World Poetry Richmond Celebrates Peace! Hosts: Peter Lojewski and Pasang Dawa Lama Sherpa( World Poetry Youth Team member, Nepal) 2:30-4:30 pm. Poet Profile by Bong Ja, featured poets, workshop. Richmond Cultural Centre.

May 23, World Poetry  Night Out Celebrates Peace!6:30 pm, with our Partners the New Westminster Public Library, 6: 30 PM, 716-6th Avenue(Auditorium Room)New Westminster, BC, Canada. Features: International Poets welcomed by local poets! Hosts: Heidi Mueller and Ariadne Sawyer.  Open mike: sign up at 6:20 pm Book raffle. Refreshments. All free! Diversity & multilingual readings
Info: 604-526-4729 www.worldpoetry.ca ariadnes@uniserve.com

World Poetry Canada International Festival!

May 25, Richmond Cultural Centre, 6:30-8:30 pm. Theme: Inspire Peace ! Opening. Welcome International visitors.  Greetings by partners. Dance by Koyali Burman, Presentation of Lifetime Achievment  award and others, readings. Light refreshments.

May 26th, Richmond Cultural Centre: 10:30 am-4:30 pm.: Theme: Achieve Peace!  Addresses by Dr. Stephan Gill and Ashok Bhargava on Peace. Poetry readings and book launches  by International poets and  local partner poetry groups. Awards, dances by Jasmine dance group. Light refreshments in the afternoon. World Poetry Youth Team will host  Achieving Peace, an interactive panel.

May 26, Theme : Celebrate Peace!  This will be a special dinner seating at 6:30 pm. Please specify (chicken or vegitarian)  Meet and with the international poets and guests from several countries,  network, read your  poetry,  buy books from the book launches, listen to music and dance!

The Executive Hotel right across from the Quality Hotel. Hours 5:30 pm-1 am.  Cost for  Meet the Interantional poets celebration including dinner: $35.00 or special: two tickets for $60.00! Get your ticket now at the shopping cart!  For more information, contact ariadnes@uniserve.com

If you want to buy  tickets or sponsor a poet with a ticket,  we will send you a thank you World Poetry Certificate.

 We will have  an empowering, harmonious and peaceful festival!

World Poetry in kind Sponsors and partners:  Exclusive Media Sponsor: CTV.  Print Sponsor: TAN-The Afro News. Partners:   Signature partner: Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, The Vancouver Tagore Society, Jasmine Dance Group, Canada Council for the Arts, The Writer’s Union, Rice Paper Magazine, The Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop, The Airport Quality Inn Hotel, Aboriginal Writer’s Collective West Coast. Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia (UBC Library)

*These are  Sponsors and partners in kind, we do not receive any money from them, only services in kind.*  However, their help is gratefully appreciated.

With support from the City of Richmond.

World Poetry Proudly Presents Cheng Youshu from China!

Cheng Youshu

World Poetry is pleased to welcome this talented  award winning Chinese poet, a friend of Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, World Poetry Ambassador to Mongolia and China. Her poem  Gold Lotus Grassland, in English and Chinese will be on display at the World Poetry International Peace Festival during the month of May.

Cheng Youshu, born in 1924 in Beijing, is one of the Chinese famous contemporary poets,  she had her education at St. John’s University, Shanghai in 1942. In the early years, she was living and working in Hong Kong. Her husband Chen Luzhi who is also a poet who founded the “Wildfire” poetry group together with poet Tuan. Cheng Youshu also a diplomat, worked in India, the United States, and Denmark.  At the beginning of the 21st century, Cheng Youshu returned to the poetry, some of her work is fresh, natural, with rich philosophy. She has published six books of poetry and  is invited to attend meetings of the national and international poetry. In 2004, Chen Youshu’s creative collection of poems and won the crown of China’s most important the Lu Xun Prize for Literature.

Gold Lotus Grassland

The grassland,
A sea of grass
Rolling green billows,
Lifts up
Gold lotus flowers.

The golden touch
Enriched only their name.
They truly are children
Of the commoners
Without privilege and fame.
Grew up amid
Grass and weeds,
Resisted strong winds,
Trodden by herds.
Still blossom like flames.

Blessed with the grassland.
Blessed with gold lotus flowers.
Blessed with encounters.
As the car passed by,
So astonished was I.

Golden flowers waved back,
Murmured with naughty eyes:
“Got a good look of you,
As we are passing by.”

As free as floating clouds and moving water
Gold lotus flowers are forever.

by Cheng Youshu (C)

-Gold lotus flower is the Chinese name for globeflowers. In the summer of 2011, I had an opportunity to enjoy these grassland flowers in Duolun, Inner Mongolia.

December 2011, Fang Gu Yuan, Beijing.





            北京  芳古园