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World Poetry Celebrates Peace, September 1-30th! Join us!

World Poetry Canada International Peace Poetathon 2019! Join us and give peace an extra chance!


The lovely light of peace by Musa Musavi (C)  Official photo for the Peaceathon.

Announcing the first World Poetry Partner Event Video  https://youtu.be/gjh5ANlczCg Click Here!

One Month Peaceathon Registration!

Join us! Send form and ideas to ariadnes@uniserve.com

World Poetry Canada International is initiating a one-month Peaceathon from September in order to send a strong message of peace to the world. We feel that 30 days of powerful peace focus would make a difference in the world.

We have been promoting peace through peace gift poems, events by poets in many countries, a free Peace E-book, Four International Peace and Human Rights Festivals, peace poems to the John Lennon Tower and the space station many other venues. Governments, municipalities, libraries and community centres can also be good partners.

The month-long Peaceathon will include all ages and all countries.


  • Date: September 1-30 for World Peace Month, 2019.

  • To register for the Peaceathon, please complete the short form below.

  • You will be notified both when received and also when accepted.

  • Please include your presentation, short film, music program, writing, dance, video, photography, block party, family night and others in detail. It can include social media with peace tweets etc. Also, include any partners you would like to have join you. Please check your partners to be sure that they are ethical and treat all fairly. Examples of possible partners: Governments, municipalities, libraries and community centres can also be good partners.

  • Your information will not be shared by World Poetry Canada International unless we have your written permission.


Your Name (required)


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Please list your idea for an activity or event here

  1. I/we will keep a record of the event, location, time and place that I/we are reading and send the information, photos, and videos to

    World Canada International Peaceathon

  2. I understand that any readings for the World Poetry Canada International Peaceathon that I do or organize, will not involve money of any kind.

  3. I understand that this initiative does not promote any religious or political persuasion but all are welcome to join in creating and maintaining peace.

Send information marked URGENT to ariadnes@uniserve.com instead of the address above which does not work.


*** We are looking to create posters, albums and a World Poetry Canada International YouTube channel as well as on line events. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

World Poetry Canada International will feature poems on site and read e-poems of peace on the World Poetry Café radio show. Also, We will send certificates to all participants.
World Poetry Canada International will feature poems on site and read e-poems of peace on the World Poetry Café radio show. Also, we will send certificates to all participants.

*** Contact us! Together we will create and maintain peace!

World Poetry Ambassador Celebrates Poet from Oman!


Ariadne’s Notes:

 The World Poetry Ambassador AMITA SANGHVI from Oman,  phoned in and hosted from Oman on World Poetry Poetry Cafe, CFRO 1005.FM,  June 13th   2019 ; the poet Ali Mehdi  who was keen on peace and was a poet and a wonderful short story writer.

This is the first in the series of the World Poetry Ambassador whose goal is to introduce poets from Oman to the world . World Poetry Canada International hopes that other W.P.C. ambassadors will do the same in their different countries. Also, at the Vancouver, BC Coop Radio Station were: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, host and producer , host Dr. Diego Bastinutti. super tech, Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer, Sharon Rowe. 


Ali Mehdi (1978- 2008)

Ali Mehdi juggled in many roles as a poet, a columnist and a prolific blogger and writer.  He initiated several blog sites that were very popular among his generation; there sites were:

  • Sleepless in Muscat

  • Rapidly Blue

  • Oman Community Blog

  • A Secret Arabian Journal

  • Pens of Passion

  • Gonu Relief Blog

  • Photo Generation

  • Hope of Islam

  • المدى الأزرق

Ali Mehdi published three collections of his poetry: Rapidly Blue (2002), Wondrous World (2005) and his posthumous book, ‘In the Dimmest of Light’ (2008) and numerous columns and articles on his blog sites, the online edition of the Times of Oman, Oman Daily Observer, The Week and Sultan Qaboos University’s Horizon.

On reading ‘Wondrous World’ I had this initial impression/ reflection on his poems.

Amidst cathartic out-pour of thoughts and wishes, I have found and collected the ‘real gems’, those words and phrases, lyrical images and metaphors, that capture and represent the mindful philosophical Ali.

The jewel collection which I am editing and will soon be published, will contain edited poetry from all his three books, re-edited for impact. The essence of his poetry has its impact in brevity; where each poem hammers and echoes universal feelings and invaluable meaning. These priceless ‘jewels’ I have gathered and edited his poems from across his entire works. Here are a few:



In the eye of Death,

Story less

Future less

Tears unshed:

Superman, indeed.


In the eye of Death.




I’m not that kind of a person,

Although I try to be

That kind of man-

To look upon danger,


To move on, again.


I smile,

But somehow

Its out of place,

Not so super manly.


Superman- III

Upon her smile,

In love I stumble,

In her eyes

To be a Superman,

My heart tries.

Ali Mehdi (C) All rights reserved.

“These are but a glimpse of his heart and mind; his short stories are worth a whole new article that I will come up with in the near future.

To Ali, writing was an integral ingredient of his survival kit.

Ali held a BA with honors, from Luton University in collaboration with Majan University College in Muscat majoring in Business Administration (Tourism).

Prof. Gargi Chugh, (Senior Quality Expert at OAAA and Honorary President of the Indian International Cambridge School Management Committee) who taught him in Majan college, recalls Ali wistfully:

“I remember Ali as a very gentle, lost in his thoughts kind of a student. He was always good with words and a charmer always!!! I still remember his lovely smile.”

 Following this degree, he joined a professional diploma course in Insurance at the College of Banking and Financial Studies but was often interrupted due to illness.

Ali traveled not only in the depths of his soul, but also extensively throughout the World and enjoyed learning from and about other individuals and cultures; this precisely makes him so suitable a poet to be introduced on the WORLD POETRY CANADA Forum as the first voice of Oman, writing poetry in English.

Ali was an amicable, sociable, affable and transparent individual.  He loathed hypocrisy and sought fulfillment in open-minded, down-to-earth and truthful exchange of thoughts and feelings.

Sadly, his soul-searching expeditions had to come to an end when he succumbed to his illness, on his hospital bed on June 21st 2008, among family.

Ali Mehdi left a legacy of a young courageous daring individual and an articulate poet and columnist who sought to reach out with an earnest desire to change the World and reintroduce sincerity and truthfulness in our lives and relationships.  That was his never ending desire and quest.  He touched the lives of many with his openness, sincerity, dedication and noble selflessness.  He kept reminding us of his fighting attributes by often saying that he managed to “snatch success out of the jaws of defeat.”

A person is his thoughts and words. Ali Mehdi is always among us with his thoughts and words questioning, seeking, consoling, sharing deep concerns, deeper uncertainties and deepest fears that bind all humanity.

A poet lives on, forever.

His thoughts and words are universal and at once deeply personal, and this in itself make his poetry so connectable to every soul, every reader.”




World Poetry Celebrates Amita Jayant Sanghavi!


The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Celebrates our new Ambassador hosting from  Oman with  her poems and those of Ali Mehdi , a young poet who passed on but has been discovered by the World Poetry family around the world . They have had the privileged to hear his work for the first time and to listen to the show from Oman and Vancouver, BC, Canada with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Diego Bastianutti, super tech Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer, Sharon.




 Amita writes : “It is with great gratitude that I take the honor of being chosen as the Ambassador of Poetry from Oman. I thank  The World Poetry Café Radio Show  and Ariadne Sawyer, the multifaceted poet, host, founder among other accomplished and noted roles, that are for me an inspiration.

I am indeed pleased to present the first poet from Oman, Ali Mehdi, who I can proudly say is one of the pioneer poets writing in English and represents the spirit of a modern Oman that is multicultural, peace-loving and beautiful nation that has flourished under His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s vision and wisdom and keen and continual, unstoppable effort.  Link: https://timesofoman.com/article/1510089


Reading doors

Half opened,


Peeping into 


Soft- spoken


Ways of






As these



Journeys of thoughts


Travel in and out

Through dignified, ancient

Doors Of Open-hearted Oman

Amita Jayant Sanghavi (C)  All rights reserved.