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World Poetry Proudly Presents Anna Yin from China and Canada!

Featured Poet Anna Yin







Featured poet on tour, Anna Yin will be presenting her poetry at World Poetry New Westminster Night Out, July 25: 6:30 pm at the New Westminster Public Library, (World Poetry Partner) 716-6th Avenue (Auditorium Room) New Westminster, BC. She is sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets and the Canada Council for the Arts. Anna was also the winner of the Li Bai gift poem, 150 poems which were given to the public at his World Poetry Life Celebration. Other features are a book launch by Bernice Lever, Ashok Bhargava and Jasmine.

Anna Yin, IT Geek & poet, born in China, immigrated to Canada in 1999. Her passion for poetry bloomed after that. She won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, 2010 MARTY Award for her poetry and other awards.  In 2011 her book “Wings Toward Sunlight” was published by Mosaic Press.  She is a member of the League of Canadian Poets.  CBC Radio interviewed her twice for her poetry. Her poems in English & Chinese and ten translations by her were in a Canadian Studies’ textbook used by Humber College. Her Poetry Alive events have been a new approach to help people explore and appreciate poetry.  Her website:  Annapoetry.com

Purple and Gold

–In Memory of P.K. Page

You life is a purple pearl sent from the old Kingdoms to the long West Coast. Your childhood rides on horseback with irises, bluebells and lavender all violet in purple clouds.

Your married life, a lucky star, glides from one destination to another. The exotic winds mix your nostalgia and talents, open a world of wonders.

But what do I know? How does black and white at midnight glow this garden of barbed wire and roses? What is the life in a shell? What kind of waves are calling?

Yet I do know- your poetry is the gold beyond time and space. It speaks of the color of harvest, and the weight of life where you see two divine moons, and the cure of Planet Earth.
Extracting from streams of life, refining through fire of passions, you crown us with the power and the beauty of words where our third eye sees: gold shining from the underground, roses rising from purple dreams. Under the Sky Tree, you find the way home.

By Anna Yin (C)

NIGHT OUT - WORLD POETRY-final by Jocylene