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World Poetry Celebrates Tony Frisby !

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show , CFRO 100.5 FM  on March 23, 1-2 PM, welcomed  the Irish poet Tony Frisby, calling from England  at 1:40 PST,near the white cliffs of Dover, with the wind providing the background music as he read in Gaelic and English. It was great to hear his beautiful voice and Irish lilt as he read his poetry. Featured studio poet Deborah Kelly also has Irish ancestors and appreciated his  inspiring poetry.



Tony Frisby:

Having left school in Waterford at 14, Tony Frisby emigrated to England a few years later where he worked a labourer, general handyman, fruit picker, fitter’s mate, sewage worker, waiter then cook in a London Wimpy Bar until finally gaining a toe hold in the white collar world.

Solvent at last, he eventually ‘returned’ to education in the mid-eighties finally graduating from Brunel with a Masters in Renaissance and Modern Literature before embarking on a PhD in Northern Irish Poetry.

However, by now smitten by the poetic form, he abandoned his academic studies to concentrate on writing poetry rather than commenting on it.

He now lives on the South Coast where he is currently working on the fifth in a ten part series of ‘Letters’ poems written about and from, this, his ‘second’ place.

Awards B Hums, Masters [Renaissance and Modern Literature]
Doctorate in Northern Irish Poetry – Brunel Uni  left.

http://tonyfrisbypoetry.co.uk/   https://www.facebook.com/tonyfrisbypoetry

by   Tony Frisby                Tony Frisby Poetry – An Irish Voice In Verse      Facebook Page

In Gaelic :

Sac Eile móna      

Is fada an bóthar
ón Trá Ar ais ag Trá Mhór

leis na haillte bána ag Black Rock.
Agus is leor in aghaidh na bliana

ós rud é codlata ceann a scannáin ladhar
agus cowboy

ag Ma Crosby ar Coliseum Pictiúrlann
aice Túr Raghnaill.

Ach tá sé aon turas ar chor ar bith
i mo shúil aigne;

sa-am a thógann sé
a mheabhrú Uncail Micky i bPort Lách,

Is féidir liom a bheith ann agus ar ais le sac eile
a móna fearr triomaithe

téamh an ruacain mo chroí.

English translation:

Another sack of turf

It’s a long road from the Back Strand at Tramore/

to the white cliffs at Black Rock.

And it’s many a year /since sleeping head to toe and cowboy films

at Ma Crosby’s Coliseum Cinema near Reginald’s Tower.

But it’s no journey at all in my minds eye;

for in the time it takes to remember Uncle Micky in Portlaw,

I can be there and back with another sack of his best dried turf

warming the cockles of my heart.

By Tony Frisby (C) All rights reserved by the author.

World Poetry Proudly Presents Bong Ja Ahn , World Poetry Director and Poet from Canada!


Featured Poet


Brief Bio on Bong Ja Ahn:

  • Bilingual poet and essayist born in Korea.
    Writes about her love for nature and varied human sentiments and yearnings.
  • Has been writing literary columns for the local Korean newspapers and several literary magazines in two languages, Korean and English.
  • Winner of the Literary Awards :
    World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award.  (2009)

    W.I.N. Distinguished Poet and Essayist Award.
  • (2012Korean Writers Association Oversea Member of the Year Award. (2012)
  • World Poetry Ambassador to South Korea since 2008.
  • Author of Seven Books including English/Korean Poetry Anthology ‘Poet and the paper boat / 시인과 종이배’ (2013)

Poet and the Paper Boat


Bong Ja Ahn’s Book Launching Ceremony.
Date: August 31, 2013 (Saturday), 1pm ~ 4pm.    Address: Kensington Community Centre, 2nd Floor, 5175 Dumfrie St. (E. 37th & Knight St., Kensington Park)Vancouver  

Dear Friends and Fellow Poets,  It is my utmost pleasure to invite you to my new English/Korean Poetry Anthology II, Poet and the Paper Boat, launching ceremony. Please come and join my special day. I look forward to seeing you all!

Looking for myself

I am looking for my Self
don’t know when and where I lost her.

A small woman is she,
always carrying a big bundle
of yearnings on her head.
And due to her bad eyesight,
easily gets lost both body and soul.

It could be under the stellar river last night
while I was looking up the stars until my neck hurt,
or somewhere at a corner of planet Earth
where life is hectic with everyday chores.

I ill-treated her,
for I didn’t think her of any good use,
nor have I ever thought I would miss her so.
And now, wrong, I feel empty without her.

Together we still have
more journeys to complete
and more songs yet to sing.

Though a fool is she with poor eyesight
and suffering from incurable yearnings,
I am desperately looking for her.

 My own Self.

 Bong Ja Ahn ©



나를 찾습니다

언제 어디서 잃었는지 모릅니다


작은 몸뚱이에

언제나 이고 다니는

그리움은 가분수이고

몸 눈 마음눈 둘 다 어두워

길을 잘 잃습니다


지난밤 목 아프게 올려다보던

미리내 강어귀 어디쯤서였는지

숨 가쁘게 돌아가는 삶의 세상

지구별 어느 모퉁이에서였는지


있으나 없으나 마찬가지라고 구박했는데             

그나마 없으니 이리도 허(虛)한 걸 보면                                                          

없는 것보다는 있는 게 훨씬 나은가 봅니다*



좀 더 동행해야 할 길이 남아서

함께 불러야 할 노래가 남아서


우둔하고 길눈 몹시 어둡고

그리움이라는 골 깊은 불치병까지 앓는 

못난 그녀ㅡ

나(我)를 간절히 찾습니다.