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World Poetry Proudly Presents Ashok Bhargava from Canada!

Featured Poet

Join hosts Lucia Gorea and guest host Oparin Ortiz as they welcome Poet and author Ashok Bhargava on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show. CLICK HERE to hear the show! 

Ashok Bhargava is a Vancouver based poet, writer, essayist and translator. His poetry is about simple sensibilities and possibilities of dreams and imagination without boundaries and reveals the individuality of people and cultures by giving shape and form to sentiments, beliefs and yearnings. Ashok has published several books of poetry: Lost in the Morning Calm, A Kernel of Truth, Mirror of Dreams, Skipping Stones and Half Open Door. Ashok holds a Masters degree in Economics. His poetry has been published in many literary magazines, anthologies and featured on CBC radio and Channel M television. Bhargava is the World Poetry’s Ambassador Poet to Japan, India and Nepal. He is also a recipient of  the World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award.  To him poetry is a language of the spirit that inspires one to write. He is an avid volunteer, supporter & organizer of various social and artistic activities. Ashok believes that volunteering enriches us spiritually. He finds living between cultures and languages very intriguing and stimulating.

 He can be reached by email at bhargava2000@yahoo.com

Barrio Santa Cruz

Over the flat farms
blossoms a pink morning
at a rooster’s call.

 Shaking gently in the morning breeze
purple, red, white and yellow flowers
create a carnival of colors.

Tin roofs of stilted houses
stretch and merge
into the distant horizon.

 Contrasted against the cobalt blue sky and
dark green leaves of star apple trees
the barrio looks dyed
in a multitude of colors.

In this Shangri-La
carefree native girls sing and dance
as they look out for
handsome boys chasing buffalos.

 I want to absorb
the fragrance of sampaguita
and the cool shade of acacia
with the hope it would help me dream
this view into immortality.

    Ashok Bhargava©