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World Poetry Celebrates National Aboriginal Month! 

World Poetry Celebrates  National Aboriginal Month! 





Celebrate with us!

June 28, 6:30-8:30 PM New Westminster Public Library, 716, 6th Avenue

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda John-Kehewin













Welcome Chief Rhonda Larrabee

Poet Laureate: Alan Hill,  Candice James , Poet Laureate Emerita.

Tony Antonias

Music: Lavana La Brey

National Aboriginal Month with a Tribute to Vera Manuel

Book Launch Ahn Bong Ja

Book Launch Herb Bryce

Woven Word Tapestry Poem, How I First Came to Know Myself by  Vera Manuel

Open Mic

Free raffle

Food, Refreshments. Bannock by Wanda!  Cake!

Information: www.worldpoetry.ca  604-526-4729

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda John-Kehewin

World Poetry Proudly Presents Bong Ja Ahn , World Poetry Director and Poet from Canada!


Featured Poet


Brief Bio on Bong Ja Ahn:

  • Bilingual poet and essayist born in Korea.
    Writes about her love for nature and varied human sentiments and yearnings.
  • Has been writing literary columns for the local Korean newspapers and several literary magazines in two languages, Korean and English.
  • Winner of the Literary Awards :
    World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award.  (2009)

    W.I.N. Distinguished Poet and Essayist Award.
  • (2012Korean Writers Association Oversea Member of the Year Award. (2012)
  • World Poetry Ambassador to South Korea since 2008.
  • Author of Seven Books including English/Korean Poetry Anthology ‘Poet and the paper boat / 시인과 종이배’ (2013)

Poet and the Paper Boat


Bong Ja Ahn’s Book Launching Ceremony.
Date: August 31, 2013 (Saturday), 1pm ~ 4pm.    Address: Kensington Community Centre, 2nd Floor, 5175 Dumfrie St. (E. 37th & Knight St., Kensington Park)Vancouver  

Dear Friends and Fellow Poets,  It is my utmost pleasure to invite you to my new English/Korean Poetry Anthology II, Poet and the Paper Boat, launching ceremony. Please come and join my special day. I look forward to seeing you all!

Looking for myself

I am looking for my Self
don’t know when and where I lost her.

A small woman is she,
always carrying a big bundle
of yearnings on her head.
And due to her bad eyesight,
easily gets lost both body and soul.

It could be under the stellar river last night
while I was looking up the stars until my neck hurt,
or somewhere at a corner of planet Earth
where life is hectic with everyday chores.

I ill-treated her,
for I didn’t think her of any good use,
nor have I ever thought I would miss her so.
And now, wrong, I feel empty without her.

Together we still have
more journeys to complete
and more songs yet to sing.

Though a fool is she with poor eyesight
and suffering from incurable yearnings,
I am desperately looking for her.

 My own Self.

 Bong Ja Ahn ©



나를 찾습니다

언제 어디서 잃었는지 모릅니다


작은 몸뚱이에

언제나 이고 다니는

그리움은 가분수이고

몸 눈 마음눈 둘 다 어두워

길을 잘 잃습니다


지난밤 목 아프게 올려다보던

미리내 강어귀 어디쯤서였는지

숨 가쁘게 돌아가는 삶의 세상

지구별 어느 모퉁이에서였는지


있으나 없으나 마찬가지라고 구박했는데             

그나마 없으니 이리도 허(虛)한 걸 보면                                                          

없는 것보다는 있는 게 훨씬 나은가 봅니다*



좀 더 동행해야 할 길이 남아서

함께 불러야 할 노래가 남아서


우둔하고 길눈 몹시 어둡고

그리움이라는 골 깊은 불치병까지 앓는 

못난 그녀ㅡ

나(我)를 간절히 찾습니다.