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World Poetry Presented a Wonderful Korean Celebration October 15th!











A truely wonderful celebration of Korean culture was celebrated by World Poetry and co-sponsored by the Korean Traditional Art Society was presented by the Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch in Vancouver,BC, Canada.on October 15th, 7-8:30 pm.

Hosts were Ariadne Sawyer and Bong Ja.

A dignified welcome by First Nations Elder Roberta Price opened the event.

The esteemed Korean Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Yeon-Ho Choi conducted the opening ceremony.

Interesting poetry in Korean and in English was presented by several poets from the Korean community and from World Poetry. The poets were selected by Bong Ja and included: Jacqueline Maire, Anita Aguires Nieveras and Bernice Lever among others.

The Participating Korean Poets were: Young Joo Kim, Hae Young Celine Kim, Jihyang Park and Suk Bong Brian Kim.

The evening was highlighted by traditional dance and music featuring the Felice Woman’s Choir and the Shin-Myung Korean Drum Group.

A great evening was had by all. Newspaper estimates placed attendance at 150.

World Poetry would like to thank Bong Ja for organizing and hosting such a special event and the Vancouver Public Library for presenting us.

World Poetry Proudly Presents Bong Ja Ahn from South Korea and Canada!

Award Winning Poet!









World Poetry is very proud to congratulate  Bong Ja Ahn for recently winning the  Korean Writers Association  21st Annual Distinguished Overseas Member Award.
 (A Crystal Medallion Plaque and $1000)
She is  a World Poetry Lifetime Achievment Award Winner and World Poetry Ambassador to Korea as well as a World Poetry Director and host.

 A Brief biography:  Bilingual poet and essayist born in Korea.
 Writes about her love for nature and varied human sentiments and yearnings.

Member of:  Korean-Canadian Writer’s Association, The World Poetry Reading Series Society and the Korean Writer’s Association,  Writes literary columns for the local Korean newspapers, The Korea Daily and The Korea Times.
Her works have been published in several literary magazines on two continents.  

World Poetry Ambassador to Korea (2008)

Literary  Awards:
World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award (2009).
W.I.N. Distinguished Poet and Essayist Award.
Korean Writers Association 21st Distinguished Oversea Member Award.

 Author of Six Books:
 The Blue Winged Fish (Poetry in English & Korean, 2004)
 Because I heard you’re coming (Poetry in English & Korean, 2006)
 Like a Camel, I carry yearnings on my back. (Essay in Korean, 2007)
Letter from the Sea (Poetry in English, 2009)
Living, Dreaming & In Between (Prose in English, 2010)
 삷과 꿈, 그리고 그 사이 (Korean Version of ‘Living, Dreaming & In Between’ 2010)


To welcome the brighter rainbow,
I got up before the dawn and washed my window.

To see many more stars,
I stayed up late hours and washed my window;
washed very hard like no tomorrow.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,
then again Spring, Summer……
hopes of mornings and dismays of evenings
opened and closed, and each day repeated,
yet neither brighter rainbow nor more stars I’ve greeted.

Like a half-mute, like a one-legged cripple,
a settler’s ongoing struggle
and time passed by fast nevertheless
until one day finally I knelt down and cried
like a leper in helplessness.

It was then I saw there in the pool of my tears
patches of gray beside my ears.    


보다  선명한 무지개를 맞이할 욕망에

새벽보다 먼저 일어나  유리창을 닦았습니다


더 많은 별을 보곺은 욕심에

남 다 자는 늦은 밤에도 유리창을 닦았습니다

혼신을 다해 닦았습니다


봄, 여름, 가을, 겨울

그리고 다시 봄, 여름……

희망의 새벽과 절망의 저녁들은

수없이 열리고 닫혔어도 

더 선명한 무지개, 더 많은 별은 들이지 못한 채


반벙어리, 외발 절름발이

이민의 땅 홀로 서기 숨찬 몸부림에

속절없는 세월만 쉼 없이 흘러가고

이윽고 무릎 꿇는 짐승 되어 문둥이처럼 꺽꺽 울던 날


그때 나의 눈물 웅덩이 속 그림자에서 보았습니다.

귀밑머리 하얀 서리 내린 것을

Ahn Bong Ja ©





World Poetry Canada News & Lifetime Achievment Winners Past and Present!

Award Winner, Richard.


World Poetry is honoured to announce that Richard Doiron of Moncton, N. B. will receive the 2012 World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival May, 25, 2012.

The Festival, Inspire, Achieve, Celebrate Peace-One Step Closer will be held at the Richmond Cultural Centre, 100-7700 Minoru Gate,
Richmond, BC,  International poets from eight different countries plan on attending. A free gift  e- anthology of Peace Poems will be available on www.worldpoetry.ca

This is an honour for Richard in part for his amazing body of written work, an estimated 40,000 poems,17 books including two novels and two biographical works as well as the Acadian song “Mon Acadie”. The other reason the award was granted is for his humanitarian work with “those whose voices may not be heard”, helping to build respect and understanding for the human condition. On Wednesday, March 7, at 7 P.M., at the Moncton Public Library The Moncton Public Library,644 Main St., Suite 101,Moncton, Website: www.monctonpubliclibrary.ca  This is a precursor to the May 25 event in Richmond, B.C., a special event is taking place to recognize his lifetime of writing poetry.


World Poetry Life Time Achievment Award Winner 2012, Jacqueline Maire will also be honoured  on March 28th  ,  6:30 pm at the New Westminster Public Library, 716-6th Avenue, New Westminster, BC, Canada. 

Jacqueline has been a wonderful volunteer and supporter of World Poetry. Her family will be reading selected poems from her  last book and  other World Poetry Life Time Achievment Award Winners will be present to welcome her. Hosted by  Anita Aguire Nieveras and Ariadne Sawyer, there will also be a mention of International Women’s day and Anita’s birthday. Special Music by Enrico Renz. Open mike with poems dedicated to Jacqueline, time permiting. Refreshments. Free.

Jacqueline will be in France during the World Poetry Canada & International  Peace Festival but with have another celebration  in September when World Poetry presents the Life Celebration of Chief Dan George at the Vancouver Public Library.

World Poetry would like to thank the pre-events and support to the World Poetry Canada & International Peace Festival being held also in several countries.


1.    Nadeem Parmar

2.     Angie Reabbin

3.     Dr. Jorge Berrios Pardos

3.     Anita Aguirre-Nieveras

4.      David Campbell

5.     Addena Sumter Freitag

6.     Laszlo Gati

7.    Victoria Pascha

8.    Ashok Bhargava

9.   Lucy Ortiz

10.    Bernice Lever

11.     Chad Norman

12.    Peter Lojewski

13.     Lucia Gorea

14.      Ibrahim Honjo

15.      Bong Ja Ahn

16.     Diego Bastianutti

 17.     Dr. Warren Stevenson

18.     Jacqueline Maire

19.     Richard Doiron

In loving memory to those that have passed: World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winners:

1.      Madge Kimball

2.      Henry Lhati

3.     Luis Llanillos

4.  Shulamit Joffre

5.  Dugald Christie

6.  Vera Manuel

7.  Jan Furst

NoteFor those who passed, World Poetry does a radio memorial each year and the VP Library put Jan Furst as the first WP on their Memory Wall.


2012 WIN


 WIN Awards on March 24th,1:34:30 pm, at the Richmond Cultural Centre. Writer’s International Network Canada will be giving awards to World Poets  Alan Hill, Joanne Arnott , Ariadne Sawyer and Bong Ja.   World Poetry Life Time Achievment Award Winner and Founder of the Writer’s International Network  Ashok Bhargava will be presenting the awards.WIN was founded by Ashok Bhargava to discover, nourish, recognize, celebrate and promote poets, writers and artists & assist them to connect with the community at large. Ariadne is honured to be given the People’s Laureate Award 2012.

Award Roses