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World Poetry Celebrates Island Poet Michelle Merlindt!

Ariadne’s Notes: Don’t miss this special show on now !LISTEN HERE! 

Two special guests brought back by popular acclaim!  Michelle Merlindt, July 26, 1-2 PM PST. World Poetry Café, 100.5 FM CFRO.1:10 PM PST Poetess from Thetis Island, BC with  the Persian Carpet, a long rhyming poem
& the Legendary Filmmaker Foster Corder, from LA with news about Dolemite and his last interview with him. Foster’s feature will be on next.
 World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Victor Swartzman, super sound engineer and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer. Music by the Stillness Within and the amazing Ernie  

E-Poems by Jeanie Robertson of the Lincoln Club, Danny Teller from China and Foster Corder. Big Bessie Stories by Sharon Rowe and Poetic News. Introduction to new WP Media Correspondent Vani Pradeep and Jeanne Probst.


 “Michelle Merlindt was born in a remote region of Australia and spent her childhood on a farm in the bush.  Since then she has lived in eight countries.  Due to her profession as a racehorse veterinarian, she spent thirteen years in Dubai where she first began to write and explore poetry.  Now settled in the Gulf Islands of Canada she continues to pursue spoken word poetry in charming old-fashioned rhyme as a means of storytelling.  Like a little piece of chocolate for the imagination, her poems are meant to delight the listener.  Since she loves history and overlooked fragments of culture, each of her poems, set in a faraway land, is like a magical voyage to another time and place.

At heart I’ve always been a treasure hunter.  I’m always dreaming of finding something rare, even obscure, something long forgotten yet timelessly precious.  I’ve lived all over the world and often the little treasures that seem so exotic to my foreign eyes are second nature, absolutely commonplace and overlooked by those who have always lived among them.  For me, these treasures are not souvenirs to be squeezed into a suitcase but fragments of history, custom and culture.  They are the inspiration for stories of my own.  The Pearl of Dubai, The Lost Library of Alexandria, The Persian Carpet and The Figurine are the best of these.  I hope you enjoy them. https://www.michellemerlindt.com/

Here is the last feature on site: https://worldpoetry.ca/?p=12768 “






World Poetry Canada International Celebrates World Peace Day, September 21!


Poster by Ceri Naz.

World Poetry Celebrates Peace!

The World Poetry Cafe featured the first group of poets on World Peace Day. Poets and  their beautiful poems for peace. A lovely opening poem by Mamta.

Ahn Bong Ja, Canada, Katherine L. Gordon,  Canada, Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, Mongolia, Honey Novick, Canada, Richard Doiron, Canada, Carol Knepper,  Canada, Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, India, Mahinour Tawfik, Egypt, Yioula Ioannou Patsalidou, Cyprus, Danny Teller, China, Daniel de Culla , Spain,  Fernando Jose Marti­nez  Alderete, Mexico.

Phone in: Selene Bertelsen and Jemma Downes, Canada.

To hear this special Radio show! CLICK HERE!

We would like to thank the many poets who sent poems and also created different events in their countries, villages and towns.

The second group will be read on September 28th and will be notified.

Peace connectors, peace advocates , peace promoters are needed every day to help bring balance to the world.

Two of the many special projects for World Peace day:

 Our great thanks to Ceri Naz and her students from the Philippines. Peace thanks them!


Poster by students in the Philippines.

Thanks to Vani Pradeep from India for her poster and banners plus her motivational work for World Peace!

Also on the show : super tech ,Victor Schwartzman reading some of the poems, World Poetry theme music, Circle of Blue by World Poetry Music Advisor and Ambassador to Japan: Yoshifumi Sakura and The Offering by Mary Youngblood. First Nations.


World Poetry Proudly Presents Danny Teller in China!


Ariadne’s Notes:  We are pleased to welcome Danny Teller to our World Poetry Family.

Danny Teller is a UK National who was born in 1964.

He lived in the UK for most of his childhood before moving to Israel at 21 years of age where he resided for nearly 20 years.

After leaving Israel in 2002 he spent some time in America before moving to Nepal to teach English to children in a school for nearly 6 months.

From 2003 till 2009 Danny returned to the UK where he spent time in the writing/ publishing world and learning IT in much of his free time.

More recently and after making many trips to Africa, Asia, America and Europe he is currently teaching English and residing in China with companion Yvonne Wu.

The Meaning of Happiness

I find that the meaning of happiness is definitely pure and simple.
I find that the meaning of happiness is all about finding a peaceful environment.
It could be said that some of us find it when we least expect it.
The meaning of happiness can definitely be found but what we expected
we don’t always receive and what we receive we don’t always  expect.
The meaning of true happiness is different for
each and every one of us so come on board the double decker bus.

The meaning of happiness is always real and alive
The meaning of happiness is always alive and well but not
necessarily down a dark and deep ‘well’
I find that the best happiness is when life is pure
and simple without a deep dimple.
The best kind of happiness is so pure and simple with no real ifs or buts.

The meaning of happiness is a feeling of elation and salutation
The meaning of happiness has added financial security and real integrity.
The meaning of happiness can be temporary or permanent.
For me the meaning of happiness has positive emotions
but most importantly of all true happiness indicates
a long lasting and eternal peace with some elegant geese.

Danny Teller (C)