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World Poetry Proudly Welcomes Dorcas Naana Owusu Afriyie from Ghana!

Ariadne’s note: We have had a number of poets from Ghana but this is the first time we have featured a poetess! Welcome Dorcas Naana Owusu Afriyie and thank you for waiting so patiently.



My full name is Dorcas Naana Owusu Afriyie. I’m 24 years old. I’m a poetess from Ghana. I believe in being different and unique in everything you do. My blog is http://njbraso.blogspot.com I’m more of a situational poets and enthusiast. Things fascinate me and when I’m cornered, I do wonders…

One of my recent pieces inspired by my love for limousines.


Tall, dark and handsome as he come
Bold and sleek enough to stand out in the crowd
You attract attention everywhere you go who can blame you?
You are too unique and faithful
Your outer parts stainless trim, neater than a pin
Your interior, partitioned for my fulfilment only
Your breathtaking packs, exactly six
a gateway to paradise where I enter
in and out on countless occasions

You have enough compartments for
my relaxation and privacy
Your legs strong and capable
You have taken me places I never knew existed
and have never missed my destination
Your welcoming arms envelopes me
on good and bad days
when I open up to your joyous
rides, it feels like heaven in you

Your glassy eyes thick but clear
takes me sightseeing
Your innermost feel, the light of different colours but bright enough
for my sight to behold your glory
Your ears like antennas hearing
every command
and never hesitated even once to follow

You care so much, you even keep
my writing desk close by so I will
never loose my gifts
Your chilly champagne always calms me like none other
There is none as dependable as you
None as comforting as you
You are my man,

My priceless chauffeured Lincoln Navigator Limousine

Dorcas Naana Owusu Afriyie