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World Poetry Celebrates Patrick De Moss from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show , on August 4th, CRFO 100.5 FM  Welcomed  The Talented Poet and author Patrick de Moss to the show with his creative and distinctive style of poetry. E-poems by Lini Grol , Canada and Chinese Poet Yuan Hongri! CLICK HERE to hear Patrick de Moss and Anupma Garg.

World Poetry Café Radio Show Team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Radio Host and Producer, Neal Ryon, co-host, Engineer Victor Schwartzman , Volunteer: Sharon Rowe.









Playwright, poet, prose writer, as well as former gravedigger, hotline psychic (no really), line cook, chef, waiter and a few other things in between, Patrick de Moss lives in the Vancouver area with his ghosts and good coffee. He is the author of the short story collection “Kings of Nowhere”, available on Amazon.ca, as well as three chapbooks of poetry – “Equinox”, “Lunephile” and “Lois Lane’s Lost Letters”. While trying to keep body and soul together he is working on a collection of poetry “Fertile Ground” and a novel that he seems to be keeping secret from even himself.

How small things saved the world

the rain came after all

seconds after you fell asleep, a gentle trickle on the window past tattered curtains

rivulets caught in yellow neon, prisms from the pizza store below us

& the promise of buttercups, dandelions, mustard grass tomorrow

small signs of spring, nothing glorious

but getting there, always getting there


& you slept with your mouth half open, soft hair on your upper lip caught in that constant light

that small fuzz you always wanted to erase, covered when you saw it in the mirror, blushing

& when you slept

I would kiss my finger and try to touch your lips without waking you

to bless them

every little hair you were embarrassed by

these were never imperfections, nothing of you asleep against me ever was*


in my best hours I know these things

hours when my wild, willful and weak heart grows


a quiet like the space of sound between each raindrop


and in it I smell bulk shampoo

bought for the two of us to share together, the press of your slightly damp hair against the pillow

your body slightly damp in sweat pressed against me as you sprawled over the entire bed

when you still felt safe in my arms

when we were still allies

still more than the sum of the worst in us

the breathing in cancelling the darker moments out

until only the breathing remained

only the breath moving us through the rainy night until morning

getting there, always trying

just to get to sunrise.

Patrick de Moss (C) All rights reserved.

World Poetry Celebrates Anupma Garg!

IMG_20160406_104741588Ariadne’s Notes: On August 4th, 1-2 pm, the World Poetry Café Radio Show ( CFRO, 100.5 FM) welcomed the singer and poetry scholar, Anupma Garg  along with her husband, Dr. Ajay Garg  in a special presentation of  the poetry and music of India in English, Hindi and Sanskrit. A touch of the culture, poetry and music of India!  E-poems by Lini Grol , Canada and Chinese Poet Yuan Hongri!

Also sharing the show, the poet Patrick De Moss who will have his own featured spot on site.

World Poetry Café Radio Show Team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Radio Host and Producer, Neal Ryon, co-host, Engineer Victor Schwartzman , Volunteer: Sharon Rowe.

A fascinating show! CLICK HERE to listen.

Anupma has successfully completed M.Phil. in Library and Information Science and bachelor degree in Arts. After graduation, she embarked on a new journey where she had the privilege to work as Librarian in India. She absorbed a substantial knowledge and gained insights into the field. In an extensive experience, she acquired a good understanding of planning, e-office, records and document management.

Anupma loves Mother Nature and drives the satisfaction and spirituality in exploring the world. She has got special interest in literature. She finds happiness in creating her garden with variety of flowers and plants.  She is a brilliant home maker, with a  great husband and two grown up boys , both are studying in universities.”



World Poetry Celebrates Dr. Ajay Garg from India and Canada!

Ariadne’s notes:  A wonderful show with the sounds of Hindi and Sanskrit from Dr. Ajay Garg and his lovely wife,  Anupma Garg.   Included was  the music and interview with musician Ehud Asherie who will have his own feature soon. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

The World Poetry Team welcoming them on Thursday, May 5th  : Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Producer and host, Neall Ryon, co-host and Jazz expert and the amazing Victor Schwartzman , technical engineer.





Ajay K Garg, Ph.D., MBA (Gold Medalist)) and B.E. (Mechanical) (Honors), is a University Professor in the field of operations and quality. He has about 28 years of experience in professional world. He has vastly travelled and completed various academic and industrial assignments in 23 countries. He has to his credit two books- one on ‘Managing Quality in Handicraft Sector’ and other text book on ‘Production and Operations Management’ with McGraw Hill Education. He has been a resource person on stress, time management and on quality of handicrafts.

Dr. Garg is nature loving human having special interest in Hindi and Sanskrit literature, poetry, heritage, hiking and exploring the world with a mission of finding spirituality in everything whatever he sees or feels. He has written and got published a significant bunch of poems and articles. He is proud of Indian heritage, literature and culture. He tries to fulfill his mission and spread the awareness about rich Indian heritage and culture.


My Father

Who is the greatest, the mighty one, the ultimate and supreme?

It is the universal truth, not just a made up story.

In Indian epic Mahabharata, Death asked his own son Yudhistra (king of righteous),

Who is higher than the mountains, the clouds, and even the sky?

Yudhistra, brilliant but fair; the one who remained truthful throughout his life, replied:

He is the one, who cares for you the most, loves you from the depth of his heart,

He is higher than the mountains, mightier than the sky.

He is the father, only the father, the wise and significant part of our lives.

He brought us to this world, gave us the gift of life,

We learnt to live with pride, follow a dutiful path, all from him.

He held our hands in our difficult times, taught us to smile like flowers among prickly thorns;

He made us to stand up after we fall, taught us to win through ambitious but challenging path.

Loves and brought us up from deep within his heart, provides us bread even if he is starving,

Comes home tired and weary, still remembers to bring candies.

Even after facing his own toilsome problems, he forgets about them;

Just making efforts for the things to providing for his family and loving them dearly.

While struggling with even most strenuous times of his life, still he cares and cares for us.

Father, the only one who suppresses his own desires but fulfills children’s even unfair demands,

He creates his hopes in raising us and fights for us throughout his life;

He provides us the comforts while hiding his own tears, teaches us the real meaning of life.

He lets us achieve what we need compensating his own life and then talks proudly about us.

He teaches to fight for what is just and fair not only for us, but for others too.

Even if he falls, he never lets us fall with him, he teaches us to stand up instead.

He never holds himself back to tell our weaknesses to us; to fight and conquer them instead,

He inspires us to become strong, work hard, struggle through hard times and succeed.

Through the eyes of his children, he sees his dreams.

Through their heartbeats, he feels his own.

Through their appreciations, he feels delighted and lives his life.

But still, never talks about himself and his realization.

In the swamp of adversities and desert of children’s problems, he stands like a banyan tree.

In the midst of barbed obstacles, he becomes a flower bed.

Although he exists under the mighty skies;

In times of turmoil he becomes bigger than the universe.

He is, he was, and he always will be my kind and greatest Father!!

Dr. Ajay Garg ©