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World Poetry Proudly Presents Musician Isis Giraldo From Canada!


Ariadne’s Notes: An exceptional World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and first time host Neall Ryan welcomed the talented musician and composer Isis Giraldo to the show. The music from her new CD Padre was played for the first time on the air!  The first launch of the CD will be on Thursday, March 12 in Vancouver. Go to her website for more information. isisgiraldomusic.com  Also featured, E-poem by World Poetry Canada International Advisor Dr. Hadaa Sendoo from Mongolia. To hear the show and also listen to a number of  her powerful songs: 


Isis Giraldo Poetry Project
The project:
“En grises edificios incineran sus vidas, ejércitos amorfos en absurdo ritual, día tras día, tras día”
Ruben Dario Giraldo

“I read these words for the first time a little over a year ago. These are my fathers’ words, words that got me to ask questions like, who was my father and how did the social and political atmosphere of Colombia shape his artistic voice? How has growing up in Canada, after moving from Colombia at the age of ten, shaped my artistic voice? I explore these questions by creating a palimpsest of words and music. For the three years, I have been building a project called The Isis Giraldo Poetry Project. The compositions draw inspiration from my background in classical music, jazz, and from the rhythms and sounds of Colombia, where I lived until the age of ten. They are also inspired by the poetry of my late father,
 Ruben Dario Giraldo, a Colombian poet who did not have the same opportunities for artistic development and expression that I have living in Canada.
By re-contextualizing my father’s poems within the framework of my own musical voice, I seek to explore the link between him and myself. My father’s poetry exists alongside my compositions, illuminating both the connection between two artists of different backgrounds, generations and disciplines, as well as the space between them. Within the improvisatory setting of performance, this multiplicity of meaning gains more layers.
As each musician brings his own voice and experiences to the performance of the compositions, the words exist over a constant mobility of sound.

The ” Isis Geraldo Poetry Project had a successful couple of years. With the support of  the Canada Council , we have had the opportunity  playing in various local festivals such as L’Off Festival (2013), Mile End Poetry Festival (2013-2014), POP Montreal (2015) and well as our first international tour and festival at Medejazz in Medellin Colombia (2013). We are very happy to have finished our first full length album entitled “PADRE” which we will be launching at the beginning on March 2015 both in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

We are driven to keep pushing the music forward and after having played and toured with our music for over three years. I feel it is time to document and market the music by having an album that represents what the project is all about. As a composer/ band leader/ and pianist I feel ready to make my music be heard and to share my music with a greater demographic.

Thank- you for your time.”
Isis Giraldo

World Poetry Cafe Proudly Presents Helen Bar-Lev from Israel!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA World Poetry Café Radio Show hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the talented painter, artist and poet Helen Bar-Lev to the show at CFRO, 100.5 FM  www.coopradio.org

Also featured were e-poems by Lini Grol from Canada and Dr. Hadaa Sendoo from Mongolia. Music by Susan Cogan from her CD Gypsy Hill. To hear the show CLICK HERE!

Helen Bar-Lev was born in New York in 1942.  She holds a B.A. in Anthropology.  She has lived in Israel for 42 years and has held over 90 exhibitions of her landscape paintings, 33 of which were one-person shows.  Her poems and artwork have appeared in numerous online and print anthologies.  Collections: Cyclamens and Swords and other poems about the land of Israel, and The Muse in the Suitcase, both with Johnmichael Simon, illustrated by Helen.  In Moonlight the Sky Will Slide with Katherine L. Gordon.  EVERYTHING TODAY, a not-what-you-expect book of poetry about colours with her colour illustrations, is Helen’s latest collection and a new book of alphabet love letters is in preparation.  Helen is Assistant to the President of Voices Israel group of poets in English www.voicesisrael.com  and Senior Editor of Cyclamens and Swords Publishing, www.cyclamensandswords.com  She lives in Metulla, Israel with her poet-partner Johnmichael Simon.  Her two children and four grandchildren live not far away. www.helenbarlev.com

Partners: http://immaginepoesia.jimdo.com/partnerships/our-partners-events/


Between the Banal and the Eternal

A border of boulders has been erected
to prevent the orchard from falling into the valley
and it is here that we stand
lost in its silence,
looking down on the land,
on its fields and its fish ponds,
on this wealth of earth
in the warmth of its summer

Almost-ripe apples bulge on their branches,
nectarines too, large but leaden,
wait for sweetness to seep in

Here is the real world, up in these orchards
and below in the valley, human-free and serene,
forgotten by a civilization which has chosen
to conglomerate into jittery cities,
to rise higher and higher in impossible structures,
looking down through glass and window planters
at congestion and frustration
in robotic symbiosis, at clones of themselves

While here in the only reality
the meaning of existence is written
in the parchment of its orchards
in the richness of its fields,
the fullness of its fishponds,
the purity of its breath,
sweet as peace

In a world that hovers
between the banal
and the eternal
as the sun sets
in the heat
of a solstice eve

© 6.2008 Helen Bar-Lev


World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Gordon Mckee from Canada!

Neruda Plant and Hadaa

 Ariadne’s Note: World Poetry Café Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota along with tech Kelly welcomed Gordon McKee to the World Poetry Café. Israel began with a poem of Chilean Nobel Prize Winner, Pablo Neruda. It reminded me of our Neruda plant which was brought up from Neruda’s home in Chile. For years, we transported it to World Poetry Life Celebrations of Neruda until it grew too big. Above is the photo of the Neruda plant along with the Mongolian Poet Dr. Hadaa Sendoo.

Gordon read poems from the Greek Poet C P Cavafy who lived in Egypt. For more information on this interesting poet:

Constantine P. Cavafy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rounding out the program, was music by Anthony Prosk, Stan Rogers and e- poems by Yoshifumi Sakura  from Japan and Richard Doiron from Canada. To listen to the show, Click here!

Gordon Mckee has been enjoying books and reading since finding ” Harold and the Purple Crayon “at the age of 4. A degree in English literature led to years in the book business and further immersion in the world of writing. The work of C P Cavafy has been a favorite. for years and he is so pleased to share it with you this week.

World Poetry Family
World Poetry Family