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World Poetry Canada International Celebrates World Peace Day, September 21!


Poster by Ceri Naz.

World Poetry Celebrates Peace!

The World Poetry Cafe featured the first group of poets on World Peace Day. Poets and  their beautiful poems for peace. A lovely opening poem by Mamta.

Ahn Bong Ja, Canada, Katherine L. Gordon,  Canada, Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, Mongolia, Honey Novick, Canada, Richard Doiron, Canada, Carol Knepper,  Canada, Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, India, Mahinour Tawfik, Egypt, Yioula Ioannou Patsalidou, Cyprus, Danny Teller, China, Daniel de Culla , Spain,  Fernando Jose Marti­nez  Alderete, Mexico.

Phone in: Selene Bertelsen and Jemma Downes, Canada.

To hear this special Radio show! CLICK HERE!

We would like to thank the many poets who sent poems and also created different events in their countries, villages and towns.

The second group will be read on September 28th and will be notified.

Peace connectors, peace advocates , peace promoters are needed every day to help bring balance to the world.

Two of the many special projects for World Peace day:

 Our great thanks to Ceri Naz and her students from the Philippines. Peace thanks them!


Poster by students in the Philippines.

Thanks to Vani Pradeep from India for her poster and banners plus her motivational work for World Peace!

Also on the show : super tech ,Victor Schwartzman reading some of the poems, World Poetry theme music, Circle of Blue by World Poetry Music Advisor and Ambassador to Japan: Yoshifumi Sakura and The Offering by Mary Youngblood. First Nations.


World Poetry Presents Mahinour Tawfik from Eygpt!



Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to present a 22 year old medical student from Egypt whose powerful and moving poetry reaches out to the world. Another talented and empowered youth poet who will make a positive difference in the world!

She writes:
“My name is Mahinour Tawfik
 A 22-year old medical student in Egypt studying to become a psychiatrist.
 Was educated in British school, Grew to be fond of English Literature especially poetry.
Went through very hard times, had almost given in to pain until poetry healed me
As a medical student I believe, as medicine heals bodies, poetry cures souls
I had several chances to participate in poetry anthologies
I dream to become a world known poetess, a very successful psychiatrist and to travel around the world.”

The day that never comes

Will this day ever come?
When I regain back my plundered freedom
Be treated as the gracious human I was created
Not  merchandise in an auction debated

Will this day ever come?
When the Devil’s power ain’t worshipped anymore but God’s
Virtues & righteousness are the undefeatable power
Not tyranny, injustice & oppression that devour
Innocent Souls, in massacres creating oceans of bloods

Will this day ever come?
When corruption is stood up to, to villainy we shout   (no)
Without being the last time to breathe and say so
Right path is being followed without being afraid
To be blamed and pay for sins others made

Will this day ever come?
Guilty are not the winners
Honorable are not the sinners

Will this day ever come?
When not another innocent soul dies
No more mothers ‘weeps, fathers’ cries
Grieving their murdered– kidnapped child on his way
To school or to the churches and mosque as they go to pray

Too much corruption has undertaken
Will conscience ever be awaken
Will this day ever come?
When I break free from hell and its demons

Open my eyes,
Watch for the first time the dead sun rise
Upon a world of righteousness, goodness and morality
Where evilness fades away as well as tyranny
Or will I be cursed by my own child?
Blamed from bringing him into this cannibal wild

Mahinour Tawfik (C)