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World Poetry Peaceathon 2019 Official Opening!

Ariadne’s Notes: We celebrated our Official Peaceathon on the World Poetry Cafe with the first two wonderful poets! Katherine L. Gordon from Canada and Helen Bar-Lev from Israel.

 Our team: Victor Schwartzman, tech, host and producer, Ariadne Sawyer, Special volunteer Sharon Rowe.


The Next Big Bang

Un-chart the oceans

un-map the continents

un-name the stars

un-calendar the days,

make it all undiscovered and new.

Then peoples of varied geographies

will be our teachers.

No wars, no weapons, no treaties or deceits,

the language of brotherhood will prevail.

Learning ideas to grow minds and hearts

dances and songs, cultural uniqueness celebrated.

How wise we will all become, how compassionate,

no one exploited, no one demeaned, only valued.

In new constellations, we will shine,

children will be gifts, the aged a treasure,

a circle of belonging and love.

We could eat sunshine and flowers,

animals our pets and we pets of animals,

history will be how we became one,

regrew the stars.

Katherine L. Gordon (c) All rights reserved. 

©  2019, Poet, Critic and author. Canada.

****Read by the amazing Victor Shwartzman. 


Let There Be Peace

No more war

said the bomb to the bullet

the shell to the tank

the missile to the rocket


No more

said the plowshare to the sword

said the soldier to the slaughter

the widow to her children


Let there be peace

said the cemeteries to the skeletons

the fields to the poppies

the lion to the lamb


Amen again and again


© 8.2018 Helen Bar-Lev

***Read by Ariadne Sawyer.

Hele Bar-Lev, artist, poet www.helenbarlev.com

Overseas Connections Coordinator, Voices Israel Group of Poets in English


International Senior Poet Laureate, Amy Kitchener Foundation

Israeli representative, Immagine& Poesia https://immaginepoesia.jimdo.com/

Recipient Homer European Medal for Poetry and Art.

All rights reserved by author  (C)



Painting. Helen writes:

Use this painting please Ariadne. It is of a street in the Artists Colony in Tsfat (Safed). I was a member of the colony and lived there from 1989-2001.

The door depicts the lions of Judah, the Hamsa, doves of peace, grapes – it is wooden and old.”


World Poetry Calebrates Jesus Cristobal & Dia de Los Muertos

World Poetry Cafe was honoured to welcome the eloquent  Jesus Cristobal, Mayan,  originally from Guatemala in our valued partnership of the Heart of the City Festival.  October 26, 1-2 pm, on CFRO 100.5 FM. Jesus is an active member of the Downtown East Side , leading community paper decorations and joining in playing the Marimba.

We  also celebrated the Day of the Dead, El Dia de Los Muertos on the show in English and Spanish. This is a special day on Nov. 2 in Mexico and Central America. Jesus was able to tell us about the origins and the people to be honoured  at their event in Vancouver , BC, Canada.

In Vancouver,  BC, Canada, on November 2, from El Dia de Los Muertos, will be celebrated at Oppenheimer Park (  When the veil is thin )  1-4 pm at  488 Powell St. In  loving memory of friends  ancestors and family members. Bring a photo, light a candle and share a poem. Latin American Food, marimba music  also will be offered.  Free. Join this wonderful event in collaboration with WATARI and Oppenheimer Park.

The show included  Marimba  and Incan music plus peace poems from Dave Beaton,  New Newfoundland , Alone. Eftichia kapardeli from Greece with her poem Love in the Time of Fear and Helen Bar-Lev,, Israel , with her poem April. Poems read by sound Engineer Victor Schwartzman and host and producer, Ariadne Sawyer.


  You now can also download it.

World Poetry Cafe Proudly Presents Helen Bar-Lev from Israel!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA World Poetry Café Radio Show hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the talented painter, artist and poet Helen Bar-Lev to the show at CFRO, 100.5 FM  www.coopradio.org

Also featured were e-poems by Lini Grol from Canada and Dr. Hadaa Sendoo from Mongolia. Music by Susan Cogan from her CD Gypsy Hill. To hear the show CLICK HERE!

Helen Bar-Lev was born in New York in 1942.  She holds a B.A. in Anthropology.  She has lived in Israel for 42 years and has held over 90 exhibitions of her landscape paintings, 33 of which were one-person shows.  Her poems and artwork have appeared in numerous online and print anthologies.  Collections: Cyclamens and Swords and other poems about the land of Israel, and The Muse in the Suitcase, both with Johnmichael Simon, illustrated by Helen.  In Moonlight the Sky Will Slide with Katherine L. Gordon.  EVERYTHING TODAY, a not-what-you-expect book of poetry about colours with her colour illustrations, is Helen’s latest collection and a new book of alphabet love letters is in preparation.  Helen is Assistant to the President of Voices Israel group of poets in English www.voicesisrael.com  and Senior Editor of Cyclamens and Swords Publishing, www.cyclamensandswords.com  She lives in Metulla, Israel with her poet-partner Johnmichael Simon.  Her two children and four grandchildren live not far away. www.helenbarlev.com

Partners: http://immaginepoesia.jimdo.com/partnerships/our-partners-events/


Between the Banal and the Eternal

A border of boulders has been erected
to prevent the orchard from falling into the valley
and it is here that we stand
lost in its silence,
looking down on the land,
on its fields and its fish ponds,
on this wealth of earth
in the warmth of its summer

Almost-ripe apples bulge on their branches,
nectarines too, large but leaden,
wait for sweetness to seep in

Here is the real world, up in these orchards
and below in the valley, human-free and serene,
forgotten by a civilization which has chosen
to conglomerate into jittery cities,
to rise higher and higher in impossible structures,
looking down through glass and window planters
at congestion and frustration
in robotic symbiosis, at clones of themselves

While here in the only reality
the meaning of existence is written
in the parchment of its orchards
in the richness of its fields,
the fullness of its fishponds,
the purity of its breath,
sweet as peace

In a world that hovers
between the banal
and the eternal
as the sun sets
in the heat
of a solstice eve

© 6.2008 Helen Bar-Lev