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World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Youth Poet Ahmed Al-Khatat!






   Northern Lights.

Ariadne’s Notes: Exciting new show World Poetry Café  radio show, July 12, 1-2 pm PST with  a fascinating double billing of Melanie Simms an award winning poet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at 1:10 pm PST, and featured at 1:30 pm PST  the talented poet  Ahmad Al-Khatat  who was born in Baghdad.  It is wonderful to have such youth poets, the guiding lights of the future. Canada is proud of them.

Team: Ariadne  Sawyer, MA and Dr. Diego Bastinutti, hosting. Victor Swartzman sound engineer, Sharon Rowe, special volunteer.    The show included a beautiful e-poem dedicated with permission to Osiris Munir from a powerful e-poet from  Kenya, Alexander Nderitu. He  is a Kenyan novelist and poet. In 2014, BBC Scotland picked his poem ‘Someone in Africa Loves You’ to represent Kenyan literature at the Commonwealth Games.  His official website is www.AlexanderNderitu.com  Also included were segments by Jeanne Probst , Sharon Rowe and Victor Schwartzman with his new satirical book. 

What an honour to have such wonderful guests on the show








 Featured poet Ahmad Al-Khatat was born in Baghdad. From Iraq, he came to Canada at the age of10, the same age when he wrote his very first poem back in the year 2000. He also has been published in several press publications and anthologies all over the world and currently studies Political Sciences, at the Concordia University in Montreal. He has recently published his first chapbook “The Bleeding Heart Poet” with Alien Buddha Press. He has recently published his first chapbook “The Bleeding Heart Poet” with Alien Buddha Press. It is available for sale on Amazon. Most of his new and old poems are also available on his official page Bleeding Heart Poet on FB.  

Here is his first written   poem in Arabic:

سلامي سلامي إليك يا وطني سلامي من الأهل وإلى الأهل سلامي بروحي فديت ديني و سلامي و دعوت إلى الحب و السلام و ما كانت صلاتي الا لربي وسلامي تحياتي إلى وطني شهيد وسلامي و سيبقى الوطن مرفوع و سلامي و سأعود إليه بلهفة و سلام و أزور قبرك المُرفرفة عليه حمامات السلام سلامي سلامي الى وطني .مذبوح السلام

In English:

Send My Salutations      


My salutations to you, my country;

I’m sending my salutes.         

From my family and to my family

I send my special salutations.                                             

ّI sacrifice my soul for my religion,

and I send my greetings.                                                   

I used to pray for love and peace.            

My prayers are to none but my God,

and I send my salutations.                                                                                   


My greetings to my homeland,

the martyr, and I send my salutations.                      

My country’s status will stay elevated,

and to it I send my salutes.

To my homeland I will return eagerly and in peace.                                                         

  I will visit its grave;

Fluttering over it will be the pigeons of peace.                            

To my country, whose peace’s been slaughtered,

I send my salutations.

*Ahmad Al-Khatat  (C) All rights reserved by the author.*


World Poetry Celebrates Our New Features, Nathaniel Moore and Curtis LeBlanc from Canada !




Ariadne’s Notes. On July 5, 1:10 PM PST, The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM  welcomed  poet, author, publicist and owner of moorehype.com , Nathaniel Moore,  with his new book Goodbye Horses.  Nathaniel answered a question from a young writer in Nunavut with some helpful ideas for Indigenous authors and offering additional help to him which was greatly appreciated.

  Also featuring  a new book was a celebratory book launch of Little Wild by poet on tour Curtis LeBlanc. Poems from the book were read from the new book by Ariadne Sawyer, Co-host and producer and super tech Victor Schwartzman .

We  celebrated our 20th year on the air with two new segments, a new weekly inspiring poem by Jeanne Probst and  the first poem about the Lincoln Poetry Club with coordinator Alan Lowe.  Next week, we will read the first award winning poem from the Lincoln Club  for 2017!

A  warm welcome to Phuntsho Wangchuk from Bhutan for his moving and profound  E-poem, I Can See a Jewel in Her Eyes read by Victor Swartzman. Thanks always to super volunteer Sharon Rowe.

Wonderful music by Andy Vine, I will go down to the sea again  based on a poem by John Mansfield  and the amazing Randell Stephen Hall with his song, Dying to Live from his CD Re-Wired and Random. Victor Swartzman also introduced his new book. 









Nathaniel G. Moore is the author of seven books including Savage, winner of the 2014 ReLit Award for Best Novel. His poetry and fiction have appeared in literary magazines across Canada and the US. Born and raised in Toronto, Moore currently lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his wife and daughter.

 He says: “I know what its like to be a first-time author – as an author myself – it’s not an easy terrain to navigate for the first, second or even the third time. I have learned to anticipate the highs and lows of any situation, to pay close attention to details both big and small, and to maintain a strong commitment to quality, creativity, and public satisfaction.

My diverse experiences with several creative arts organizations has allowed me to grow into a mature and versatile individual who has the capacity to work in a variety of environments; from demanding office situations, to putting together a book launch, finding a sponsor for a festival, writing compelling press releases to the more vigorous positions in the field of publishing.

Being able to connect to the ever-changing world of publishing. I’m pleased with my life right now, growing as a parent, human being, and artist. I’m so grateful I’m able to spend my days promoting books.

Visit moorehype.com for all your publicity, marketing and writing needs!

Moore Hype is an innovative new publicity operation helping authors achieve their promotional goals in an ever-changing and mysterious industry.


 Publisher: Mansfield Press






Curtis LeBlanc was born and raised in St. Albert, Alberta. He currently lives in Vancouver, BC. His first book-length collection of poetry, Little Wild, was published by Nightwood Editions in Spring of 2018. His poetry chapbook Good for Nothing was published by Anstruther Press in 2017. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

His work has been shortlisted for the Walrus Poetry Prize, received the Readers’ Choice Award in the Arc Poem of the Year Contest, an Honourable Mention in the Margaret Reid Poetry Contest and was twice shortlisted for CV2‘s Young Buck Poetry Prize. His writing has appeared in a number of journals, recently in The Malahat Review, CV2, Sustenance Anthology (Anvil Press), Eighteen Bridges, Prairie Fire, EVENT, Geist and Arc.  He is currently working on his first novel.

He’s also Managing Editor of Rahila’s Ghost Press, co-host of Tonic Reading Series and an occasional hockey columnist for NHL Numbers. He served as Executive Editor of Promotions at PRISM international in 2016-2017.

Publisher: Nightwood Press (Harbour Publishing) 



Happy New Year Update!



Ariadne’s Notes:

I want to thank all  the World Poetry Participants , publishers, the World Poetry Canada International closed groups Peaceathon, World Poetry Youth Team  and, media partners in print and digital  poetry association partners and  film partners. In 2017, the film partners reached numbered 7 and we are grateful for their wonderful films and the opportunity to promote them. We hope to expand into other media as well.


The World Poetry Café radio show has been on the air continually since 1991 and the current team will be adding a couple of guest hosts in January and February. We just received a certificate from the station which I hope to post.

The show how has now reached 101 countries and the book launches have also been very popular with a wait list for a variety of  guests from LA and New York , USA, as well as the world.

The World Poetry Peace Celebration still has poems to be read on the show and certificates to be sent out. 700 peace poems were received and are being read on the show with more coming in.

I want to thank all of your who have sent messages, phoned and contacted me in appreciation of what World Poetry has done for them, opened the doors for contacts and positive exposure and in bringing the poets, musicians, artists, writers together worldwide as a family in support of respect, love and peace.  As one media person put it! “They love your positive and respectful show!’’

 A big thank you to are directors and advisors!

This is a volunteer position for me and I hope to do the best job possible promoting all of you.

In the new year, we hope to expand with a FB Media Page, podcasts and World Poetry Media reporters searching out and reporting on positive news with the goals of respect, unity, love and peace.

In peace, respect and love,