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World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival Participants!

Some poets, musicians and dancers from WP International Festival 2011.

World Poetry National and International Participants, (visas permiting)  for the World Poetry Canada& International Peace Festival, May 25-26, 2012. Send your peace poem for the World Poetry Peace E-Book which will be free on site in our new e-book section. Register to celebrate peace with us!

Here is the list of participants planning to attend the World Poetry Canada & International Festival, Inspire, Achieve, Celebrate, One Step Closer to Peace… at the Richmond Cultural Centre, May 25, 26 2012. There will also be other WP venues during the month of May.

Richard Doiron, World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2012, poet/author. Journalism graduate from   New Brunswick, He has been published 47 years, 42 of those as a poet. Estimated 1000 poems published to date. Twice nominated for the Governor-General’s Award. Work read at the United Nations University for Peace (2000). Twice published alongside the likes of the Dalai Lama, by invitation. Author of 17 books in total, including two novels and two biographical works.  He will be receiving his award on May 25 at the World Poetry Canada& International Festival.

Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, World Poetry Ambassador to Mongolia and China. Award winning poet from University of Mongolia, noted author and editor of the world Poetry Almanac. (fluent in Chinese and Mongolian) Dr. Hadaa Sendoo was born in Inner Mongolia on October 24, 1961.  He lives in Ulan Bator, Mongolia where he works as Professor of Literature at the Mongolian National University.  Dr. Hadaa is a poet and translator of international renown.  He has published seven books of poetry including “The Earth’s Words”, and has received many distinctions, culminating in the “Giants of
Creativity Award” (2008) and “The Mongolian Writers’ Union Prize” (2009).
He is also a World Poetry International Committee Member and the World Poetry
Ambassador to Mongolia and China.

Yoshifumi Sakura, talented poet and World Poetry Youth Ambassador, author of several books and an accomplished musician, who was with us in 2011 at the First World Poetry International Conference.

Dr. Stephan Gill, Cornwall, Ontario, an Indo/Canadian poet and novelist, Ansted Poet Laureate; Adjunct Prof. EAU.  He specializes in global peace and social concerns.  He has authored more than twenty books and has received many awards. He will be launching his new book and speaking on peace.

Sajia Alaha Ahrar, known as Alaha Ahrar, is an International student from Kabul Afghanistan. Is a triple major student, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Human Rights, B.A. in Political Science, and B.A in International Affairs. She will also receive a Middle Eastern Studies certificate from the University of Mary Washington. She was born during Afghanistan’s war, graduated from Istiqlal high school, in Islamabad Pakistan and is fully fluent in written, speaking and comprehension of the Persian (Dari, Farsi), Urdu, and English and Pashto languages and has a basic language understanding of Arabic and Spanish. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors of Afghan Women’s Writing Project and also on the Board of International World Poetry, Canada, a World Poetry Youth Ambassador to Afghanistan and the US. She is also a member of the World Poetry Youth Team

Doc. PenPen, Philippines. “The Father of Philippine Visual Poetry” is the writer and director of “Takipsilim,” an award-winning indie docu-film. His upcoming book ”PENTASI B’’ will contain a collection of 100 visual hundred poems and will be launched at the World Poetry International Festival in May. He will be launching his new book of visual poetry at the festival.

Husna S. Ahrar, Afghanistan, known as the Ambassador of voice for Afghan women is one of the most talented Afghan young women writer. She has written many stories and short poems, which express the pains and sufferings of Afghan young women. Most of the stories that Husna S. Ahrar has written are the real life stories of Afghan young women and teenagers from the decades of ongoing wars in Afghanistan. Husna S. Ahrar is a very motivated, strong and hard working young woman, who works very hard to bring light in the lives of deprived Afghan women.  She has always tried to voice the pains and sufferings of her people.  Husna S. Ahrar hopes for a better educational opportunities and freedom of expression for all Afghan women.  She believes that everyone has suffered a lot because of the years of wars and insecurities in her country; therefore, she hopes to see the people of her country as happy, free, and educated as the other nations of the other developed countries. World Poetry Canada& International is pleased to invite her to its second International World Poetry, Festival.   World Poetry Empowered Afghan Women Award Winner.

Attila F. Balázs, author of many books of poems and prose. His prizes and distinctions include the Sighet Poetry Festival Prize (Romania). Written in Magyar, his work has been translated into many languages. He lives in Bratislava, Transylvania where he is the director of the publishing house AB-ART. He will be launching his new book at the festival.

Mr. Khowaja Abadullah Ahrar, well-known poet from Kabul Afghanistan. He has written many extraordinary pieces, writings and numerous poems. All his poems have spiritual messages of love, humanity, and peace.  Most of his poems have been published through many radios and TV channels inside and outside Afghanistan. Furthermore, many Persian (Dari, Farsi) websites in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and most European Union countries have published Mr. Ahrar’s poems. After Mr. Ahrar was kidnapped in Kabul Afghanistan in June 2008, he left Afghanistan. Currently, he resides in Pakistan. Mr. Khowaja Abdullah Ahrar has been selected as the winner of the best poet of Persian (Dari, Farsi) languages of two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan Awards.

 Samarendra Patra, India; aged 19 is a second year student of B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering in the prestigious SRM UNIVERSITY, Chennai-INDIA. He was brought up in a small township of NALCO named Damanjodi means “Paharon ka Sangam-the unification of the hills”. Reading and writing poetry has always been his passion. Basically, the ambition of the author is to become an entrepreneur. His sensitivity to the surroundings have sustained him as a poet.-He has written more than 200 poems in three languages-English, Hindi and Oriya.

 Neamat Haidari, Afghanistan, TV director and Producer and since 2004.  He is working as director with the different media channels such as Tolo TV, Ariana TV and established and Media Production house called Apple Media and has worked Free Lance with news channels such as BBC, Fox News, CNN, and ATN. He has prepared many documentary films encompassing different field of social, economical, cultural events. He is really pleased to hear that we are working for peace and says: “This is our best need after passing years of civil war and would be really pleased to take your peace massage to our country Afghanistan”

 Note: The bios have been sent and approved by the participants themselves.