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World Poetry Proudly Presents Ramsundar Yadav from India!


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Ariadne’s note: We want  to welcome the poet Ramsundar Yadav! Thank you for waiting so long to be on site.

Ramsundar writes:I pursue civil engineering at Mnnit Allahabad in India.
My passion  is to write poems.
Here is one of my poems:

I offer myself in solitude to be yours…
I see my universe in you
I feel my love in you
I dream my life in you
I offer myself in solitude to be yours…
my universe is beautiful with you…

I am in your voice
I am in your splendid dreams
I am here, I am there
I am everywhere
you see, you hear
you smile, you walk
you feel in you every moments
I offer myself in solitude to be yours…
my universe is beautiful with you…

There is a romantic universe in heart of my soul
 Scrambling like changing weather
Moving like hidden blowing air
Caring like my beautiful dreams
Living like immortal fearful fiction
I offer myself in solitude to be yours…
my universe is beautiful with you…

Surrender me when I am not seen
Scare me when I am moving like a shadow
Secretly knocks the door
Enters happily, loves madly
I offer myself in solitude to be yours…
my universe is beautiful with you…

Ramsundar Yadav ©


World Poetry Proudly Presents AftabYusuf Shaikh from India!


Featured Poet


Aftab has been writing since the age of eight and has since then authored a number of poems in English, Hindi and Urdu. His works have been featured in a variety of publications including Muse India, The Istanbul Literary Review, Ancient Heart Magazine, The Barefoot Review, The Teenager Today, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, etc.

He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Mumbai, India.


In the cool
heat of one night,
clouds killing the moon’s glow,

The bad past was feeding
On my hopes
of love,

It could have been my last dusk, 
In the city that broke my heart,
I could have begun hating that town,         
Which I had loved since the start,

down straight away,     
From God’s excellent factory,
An angel
descended to me,    
Behind her a fading trajectory,

One look at
her and I know I was hers,
One single gaze and she left me amazed
One astonishing moment and I was in love,
She moved away, moved far,
Made another turn, and looked again
With the
promise of meeting again,
With the
assurance that the last
moment was spent not in vain,

My footwear
unclean, my heart pure,
 Her clothes filthy, soul chaste,

Losing that
moment of the night,
 In the quest to prove our purity,

the day, awaiting some day,
To gain
love, to lose sanity,

For we were
not thieves

 To plot in the dark,
 We were honest lovers
And shall
wait for the dawn,

 The potter’s alley
where he worked,

Carving out pots from clay,
That place,
love, at its own pace,

Sculpted an
image of her,
In the
quiet alley of my heart.

Aftab Yusuf Shaikh (c)


World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr Kavita Kiran from India!

Featured Poet


Dr. Kavita Kiran

Among the Indo-Anglican  poets Dr. Kavita  Kiran has earned an immaculate disposition. She is ravishingly beautiful. She expresses her thoughts to portray subtle characteristics of culture and humane feelings universally. Her poetry speaks voluminously  about her vivacious  and multi-faceted  traits, endowed with a sharp acumen of intellect. Her vibrant and in depth views on varying aspects of life suggest her magnanimity  and her rational thinking with which she communicates her beaming thoughts in different forms of poetry, viz,  songs, ghazals, flickers and the like. She is a prolific  story-teller, a poet and above all a humanist. Her nine anthologies of poetry have already been published and four books , stories collections , two collections of children’s  songs on Rajasthani couplets are awaiting publication.

She has a good number of national awards in honor of her poetry. Some to mention here:‘Tapa samman’, ‘kavya ratna samman, Panipat, Rotary club honored her in Gangotri. Hindi Academy honored in Delhi; Rajasthani bhawh Sewa samman , Bikaner, Karandhar Samman, Rajasthan, Rajasthan Patrika Jaipur, Rajasthan Mahila  Sahityakar samman, Nagar Sri Chrun Hindi Sahitra Sangal Puraskar, Bokaro sarva Vidya Sarva Srestha  Kavayitri Award, Hurdang Allahabad, Sahitya Shiromani award at Ahamedawad.

Her other notable achievements are songs in films ‘Aao Pyar Karen’(Let Us Love) , ‘Gundagardi’. Honored by the Chief Minister, Sikkam Mr. Pawan Chamling. She has also been  honored by Indo-Nepal Friendship  Club, 2006 Nepal.

In another seminar organized by Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Delhi she represented and participated in poetry reading. She has also read her poetry in programs held at historical Red Fort following independence day. Her folk songs have also been released.

Her poems

Awaken hopes in your heart
Decorate dreams in your eyes
Not so high is the sky
Make efforts to spread wings


The Sun has bred glow worms
What though if malice in anyone’s heart
O yes, my name is ‘Kiran’
Within me I have my own light to shine.

Dr. Kavita Kiran (c)