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The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show present Angelica Poversky and Marie Annharte Baker from Canada!

Ariadne’s Note:  Hosts Vivian Davidson and Israel Mota welcomed Angelica Poversky and Marie Baker from Canada to a short version of the show due to technical difficulties. We hope they can return in the future.

To listen to the show, Click Here!


Angelica S. Poversky is a 15 year old poet, from Richmond, BC who is a grade nine student at McMath Secondary. She is passionate about the environment  and saving the planet. She is influenced by musicians and artists like Dali, and Pink Floyd. She’s performed as a spoken word artist at the Richmond Youth Earth Day Summit, The World Poetry Peace festival, as well as many other events and many of her poems are published with the Young Poets of Canada and other poetry organizations and magazines such as Farrago Magazine. Angelica was a part of BC’s biggest youth driven-arts festival, Ignite! as well as well as coming in first place in the Diversity Talent Show with her poem “Take a stand”. She writes for her local newspaper, The Richmond Review as well as Youthink Magazine to tackle issues of youth.  She aspires to use her poetry to create change in the world, and finds inspiration in everything. 

Keep asking why for
But the blades and shards
 of ideas to disregard
The silence of tomorrow will bring you
You can rebottle and escape every thought
But the ideas stamped your way
Are just naked parades
The silence of tomorrow, today you

You can live waiting for a meaning
But the bullets tattooed with ink
Tell you no one for you will think
The silence of tomorrow, is at best: seeming. *

Angelica S. Poversky (c)

Featured at the World Poetry International Festival 2013 at UBC.

Peace Poster by Sattar. Featured at the World Poetry International Peace Festival at UBC 2013.

Marie Annharte (born 1942) is an Anishnabe poet and author, a cultural critic and activist, and a performance artist/contemporary storyteller. Former surnames are Baker and Funmaker.

Through books, poetry, essays, interviews and performance Annharte articulates and critiques life from western Canada, with a special focus on women, urban, indigenous, disabilities, academic, and poverty-centric (or “street”) awareness and issues/foibles.

From Little Saskatchewan First Nations, Annharte was born in 1942 and grew up in Winnipeg, where she is currently based. She has been associated with (studied or taught at) the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, and University of Minnesota. She has collaborated with or co-founded numerous groups of community-based writer activists, including Regina Aboriginal Writers Group and the Aboriginal Writers Collective of Manitoba. She was a founding member of the Canadian Indian Youth Council. Presently, she is organizing Nokomis Storyteller Theatre which features comic/clown and puppet performances.

Her poetry is intimately connected to her performance and visual art practises. “Recycling and reworking bits and pieces which are found or ‘to hand’ into new forms, bricoleur-style, is a process which she foregrounds in poems such as “Raced Out to Write This Up” and “Coyote Columbus Cafe.” As one of her personas or identities, Annharte has taken on the “scavenger or scrounge artist,” especially in a re-invention of herself as Rakuna Kahuna, a “wise raccoon” street name (“Marie Annharte” 63). — Lally Grauer” “A Weasel Pops In &


World Poetry Proudly Welcomes Lui Porc From Poland and Canada!

Lui Porc and radio host.

The World Poetry Cafe with hosts Ariadne Sawyer, Israel Mota and tech Gerry welcomed  Lui Porc to the radio show. Also featured was Julia Zahidi’s special e-poem about Afgahanstan: In hopes for unity in my homeland . To hear this  powerful show and download it:  CLICK HERE!

Lui was born in Poland , but he has lived in Canada most of his life. Being exposed to agreat diversity and mobility – including the traveling around the world – he has learnt how beautiful our universe is, especially when we live in peace, harmony, and prosperity. He is educated in international business, science, and… of course, the arts. Lui likes writing poetry, stone sculpture and jewellery making the most.   It is ecstatic to create with love, to write poetry, especially the poetry about love – be it in the past, the present, or the future; the actual, the prayer, or just a dream -they are all fantastic reality.


You created  a happy baby
To grow and bloom
to shine maybe
Like the sun star in the future
As an adult bright and mature

On birth giving like a miracle
You have conquered great obstacles
To bring new life out of your own
Happy new life to be well known

Happy new life for new being
With good guidance and good steering
The best wishes for your starlet
May all your dreams shall be now met

Omnipotent , omnipresent
You just labored golden present
Out of ovum like miracle
No man ever dreams to tackle

Glory, glory, and ovation
Only you could build new nation
Full of love to love great culture
Truly living – not just sculpture

Glory, glory, as you woman
Only you can, only you can
Make us happy to live fully
With your beauty, to say truly

You are only one creator
In multitude and metaphor
Of your grace – no words can be told…

Live the life to love your new world

Lui Porc (C)


World Poetry Proudly Presents Jude Neale from Bowen Island, B.C. Canada!

Jude Neale, featured poet.








To hear Jude on the World Poetry Cafe with hosts Lucia Gorea and Isreal Moto, please CLICK HERE!

Jude Neale is a Canadian poet living on Bowen Island off of Vancouver B.C. Canada. Her writing has been published  frequently in journals like The Antigonish Review and Quill, online magazines such as Monday’s poem and Ascent Aspirations Magazine, and anthologies like the forthcoming Tri-City Anthology and The Wild Weathers Book of Love. Her book , Only the Fallen CanSee (Leaf press) was published in 2011. It is a collection of poems that have been informed by mental illness. She was shortlisted for the 2012 Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize run out of Ireland; The 2012 International Poetic Republic PoetryPrize out of the U.K. ,and nominated for the 2012 Canadian Re Lit Award for her book ‘Only the Fallen Can See’.

“I start with one image when I write. In the title poem from my next book, A Quiet Coming of Light, I loved the sound of cuttle boned knife, which lead me of course to the kiss in the pathway! I take a long time to complete a poem as the story must be succinctly and beautifully told.”


A spray of moonlight
fell like pewter beads
onto the petaled earth.

I made up sly Russian dance steps
to ambush you-

a curl of smoke crawling
under a tightly closed door.

But oh dearest husband:

now my hair’s white as china
and brittle as branches,

and I still want you
to want me
more than our own small complaints.

I kept your life’s secrets
taped to my mattress

in drawers with no handles
and cuttle-bone knives.

You see,
I wore you like perfume
under the moon
with the roses.

Your skin stretched
and settled round mine.

I remember
the press of your lips
on the pathway,

when we became part of
a quiet coming
of light.

 Jude Neale (C)