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World Poetry Celebrates the Poet Barry Plamondon!

*Tibetan New Year Card,

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO, 100.5 FM Thursday , September 20 was honoured to welcome the talented poet Barry Plamondon and the exciting and joyful musician Stéphane Spira with his new CD, New Playground out September 21st!
Also a beautiful obitual letter to Late Waheeda Tasmia Peeran by her soulmate. Dr. S.L. Peeran.
A poem by inspirational correspondent Jeanne Probst , Poetic News, a story by Sharon Rowe and an except from Victor Swartzman’s new book, completed the show.











Barry Plamondon was born in Penticton B. C. and grew up in South Van.
Graduated from David Thompson High School, 3 yrs. in U.B.C. Arts program.
Certificate in Practical Horticulture-B.C.I.T., 20 yrs. as professional landscaper.
He turned to poetry after suffering two strokes and lived for 25 yrs. In Maple Ridge
Barry is married with 7 children.
Has published 4 books so far-the latest one-“Man and Nature, Silver Bow Press.
He has  appeared in various other anthologies and is an administrator at website-A Poet’s Diary.
His interests include gardening, nature, music, and hockey.

Go now my son to do what you must
Let not your youth be encased in rust
Like the fledgling, you must fly from the nest
To learn on your own is usually what’s best
For I have taught you all that I know
And I still watch with pride as you grow
Life’s lessons do not always come with ease
Sometimes, you must coax them and tease
And still to fall flat upon your face
Yet to rise up and get back in the race
That’s all you’ll ever need to know anyhow
So hug me once my son and then you must go now.

Barry Plamondon (C) All rights reserved.