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World Poetry Welcomes Poet Laureate Pj Johnson!






Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café radio show, on April 25, 1-2 pm PST, CFRO 100.5 FM was honoured to feature the amazing Poet Laureate from the Yukon Pj  Johnson in a fascinating show of music, poetry and more!
She is a well-known poet, musician, storyteller and a wonderful animal advocate for abused sled dogs!

Poets, writers of the world! Please join her in supporting humane treatment for long distance sled dogs. Please support her at: https://www.yukonpoetlaureate.com/long-distance-sled-dog-racing/ and sign the petition.







On Canada Day July 1st 1994, Pj  Johnson the daughter of a Yukon trapper was formally invested and given the title Poet Laureate of the Yukon during a ceremony in Whitehorse at which time she became the first officially-invested poet laureate in Canada.
Her new book “it’s howlin’ time!” is a veritable cornucopia of previously-unpublished creative works composed in a variety of styles and genres chronicling the life and times of a northern Canadian poet laureate.
Also known as The Yukon Raven Lady, MS. Johnson is a passionate animal advocate currently campaigning to protect northern sled dogs.
On Canada Day July 1st 2019 she will celebrate her 25th anniversary as Poet Laureate. She is the longest serving Poet Laureate in Canada.

Pj Johnson writes:
“I would like to speak about myself as a Yukoner and the upcoming anniversary as poet laureate and segue into the creation of the book – what it’s about and why it’s being published and also a mention about my NLD condition.
I would also like to talk a bit about myself as a Yukoner and about my and mention that I am an animal rights advocate. I would like to speak about the plight of the sled dogs as mentioned in my book and follow that with a recording of my poem “because i am a sled dog”. When the poem ends I wish to invite listeners to join me in supporting the sled dogs.

 There are two other poems I would like to read, then we can just finish with the recorded live performance of my song “Howlin’ Time”: After the song I like to answer to the question “What’s Howlin’ Time?” by reading a brief expert from the last page of my book.
In closing I wish to invite listeners to drop by my website at www.yukonpoetlaureate.com and to be sure to sign & share the petition to help the sled dogs. Also join me on Twitter  where my handle is @pjjohnsonYukon. I also administer a writer’s group on Facebook called “Poets & Scribes worldwide” and invite them to join me there as well.
The Book is available at: “it’s howlin’ time!” can be ordered online from Mac’s Fireweed in Whitehorse and also through Cole’s Bookstores across Canada. It’s also available on Amazon as an ebook & paperback.”

Sources: Pj johnson website and mail.