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World Poetry Proudly Presents Kalpna Singh Chitnis From California, USA!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café  Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed Kalpna Singh Chitnis, a talented poet, actress and filmmaker from California. Special welcoming music from her CD: Poetry In Paradox and background music from Empowered Musician, Rene Hugo Sanchez! LISTEN HERE for this special show!

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Kalpna Singh Chitnis is a poet, filmmaker and actor – born in India, living in the United States. Educated at Magadh University Bodhgaya (India) and New York Film Academy, she began her career as a writer and lecturer of Political Science. She also worked as an actress and a model, before turning to film directing.

Kalpna’s published works include three poetry books in Hindi, a poetry collection “Bare Soul” in English, poetry album “Touched by the Devil” and others. Kalpna has been featured in many magazines and journals in Indian sub-continent and in the United States, such as Hans, Kadambini, Saaptahik Hindustan, Dhramyug, Pahal, Aajkal, Navbharat Times, Telegraph, Times of India, Deccan Herald,  Millennium Post, Prairie Light Review, World Poetry, Femina, Care, OC Register, OC Weekly, Los Angeles Time, Daily Pilot and others for her film and literary works. She has also appeared in a number of radio and television shows such as ABC 7, Delhi Doordarshn, KPFK Radio, LA18, Care News, Aakashvani, Vancouver Co-op Radio, etc.

Her awards include the prestigious “Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award” (2014), “Bihar Rajbhasha Award” given by the government of Bihar, India for her first poetry collection “Chand Ka Paivand” and the title of “Bihar Shree” (The Jewel of Bihar). Kalpna’s short film “Girl With An Accent” won the SMTV Silver Award in 2006 and her debut feature “Goodbye My Friend” has been officially selected at many international film festivals. Kalpna who is also the founder and director of the “Silent River” Film Festival, is currently working on her short film “Dancing In The Rain” based on a true story, to bring awareness about the Honor Killing issue prevalent in Indian subcontinent, Mid-East and in many other parts of the world .

Websites – Personal – www.kalpnasinghchitnis.com

Festival Website – www.silentriverfilmfestival.com


Let’s bare,
and bask in the beauty of the jungle.

Let’s throw away our covers.
We ‘ve had enough of them!

In the jungle, there is no need to pretend,
let’s just be, who we are.

Let’s be the lions, eagles, wolves, hyenas,
deers, doves, deities or serpents,

if that’s what we are…

Or let’s be the trees, hills, rocks, dunes
or fallen leaves on a winding trail.

Let’s search for a stream,
celebrating our thirst…

Let’s glow in our skin,
in the darkness and light,

let’s dazzle,
when the sun plays hide and seek,

let’s bare our soul,
and keep the sacredness of the jungle,

let’s discover now,
our wild inner beauty!*


“Bare Soul” is the fourth poetry collection by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis.

World Poetry Proudly Presents KALPNA SINGH-CHITNIS from the United States!


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Ariadne’s note: We are honored to present a talented poetess, filmmaker and actress from India and the United States.


Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is an American Poet, Filmmaker and Actor of East Indian descent based in the United States. She is also the President and Founder of the Silent River Film Festival in Irvine California.

Born in Gaya, Bihar, India, where Buddha got enlightenment, Kalpna grew up with much influence of Buddhism , despite her Hindu background. Educated at Magadh University Bodhgaya and New York Film Academy in Universal Studios, Hollywood, she began her career as a writer and lecturer of Political Science. She also worked as an actress and a model, before turning to the film directing.

Kalpna found success as a writer at a very young age and won many awards, including the prestigious Rajbhasha Award given by the government of Bihar, India, for her first poetry collection in Hindi “CHAND KAPAIVAND” (Patch of The Moon) when she was only twenty, and the Title of “Bihar Shree” (The Jewel of Bihar) for her contributions to the Hindi literature, when she was only twenty one.

Kalpna is a published author of fours books and a poetry album. Her writings have been published in major literary magazines and journal of Indian sub-continent, such as Hans, Kadambini, Saaptahik Hindustan,Dhramyug, Pahal, Aajkal, Navbharat Times and others. She has also been featured in Times of India, Femina,Care, Orange County Register, OC Weekly, Los Angeles Time, Daily Pilot and a number of Radio and Televisionshows such as ABC Channel 7, KPFK Radio, Aakashvani, LA18 etc. in North America.

After receiving her Master’s Degree in Political Science from Magadh University, Bodhagaya, Kalpna taught International Relations to the Post-Graduate students at Gaya College for a year.

In 1994, after getting married, she moved to the United States and lived in Lisle, Illinois forseven years, taking a break from her career and making family and children her main priority.

In 2000, she came to California to realize her dream of becoming a filmmaker. After graduating from the NewYork Film Academy in 2004, she started to make films. She is now settled in Irvine, where she raises her three young children age 11-16 and follows her passion.

Kalpna’s work as a film director was first recognized when her short film GIRL WITH AN ACCENT screened at many international film festivals and won “Silver Award” at SMTV Mumbai International Film Festival in 2006.

Her debut feature GOODBYE MY FRIEND (Adios Mi Amigo) world premiered at the Silent River Film Festival in September 2011 and had it’s South Asian premiere on January 18th 2012 at the Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh. Goodbye My Friend has also been officially selected at Guwahati International Film Festival (India), LUMS International Film Festival Lahore (Pakistan), LA Fest (Hollywood) and Broadway International Film Festival (Los Angeles) in USA.

Kalpna’s fourth Poetry Collection BARE SOUL published in January 2013 has been among the top 10 best selling American Poetry and top 27th best selling World Poetry on Amazon Kindle.

Her poetry album TOUCHED BY THE DEVIL (poetry in paradox) published is 2011 is available online at www.amazon.com and www.kalpnasinghchitnis.com.

Kalpna, is currently working on developing screenplays of her next feature film ALL ABOUT MY FATHER anda short film DANCING IN THE RAIN. She is also recording her second poetry album “Ancient Love” and her poetry book ‘Bare Soul” will soon be available in paperback for the readers.

Biography provided by the Silent River. Contact: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis E-mail – kalpna@kalpnasinghchitnis.com www.kalpnasinghchitnis.com


A poem by – Kalpna Singh-Chitnis


stretch your wings and fly high,

under the blazing sun,

in the saffron skies…!

Fly across the deserts without any oasis,

searching for a caravan,

without any foot-prints…!

Fly across the oceans of tears and hurts,

without any island,

enlivening your thirst…!

Fly over the mountains with no trees or nests,

or any final place

for you to ever rest…!


light the sparks in the fallen stars,

siphon the volcanoes

hidden in our hearts..!


come on down and take a rest,

before setting out on

an unending quest…!

Rescue the songs from the rising flames,

walk barefoot,

on the fire again…!

Conquer the skies

forever unconquered,

and ask the questions

never been answered…!


fly to the lands of the glorious remains,

on your undefeated wings,

bring down the rain!

Copyright © 2012 Kalpna Singh-Chitnis – All rights reserved.

World Poetry Cafe Proudly Presents Victor Schwartzman from Canada!

Ariadne’s note: World Poetry Café with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed   Victor Schwartzmanto the show. Despite a few tech problems, the show was a fascinating of mixture of poetry,information and discussion about human rights .  Included: A special poem on  her new CD from the poetess and filmmaker Kalpna Singh Chitnis, an American Poet, Filmmaker and Actor of East Indian descent based in the United States. She is also the President and Founder of the Silent River Film Festival in Irvine California.


Two e-poems from  long term supporter, Lini Grol dedicated for Mandela and read on the show. Link does not work: Try this to listen to the show:  http://www.coopradio.org/content/world-poetry-cafe-2



Victor Schwartzman

Victor started writing when he was eight—a handwritten family newspaper—and has never stopped.  He rarely has tried to get published.  He majored in ‘creative writing’ for his B.A. and was accepted into the MFA programme at the University of California, Irvine.  However, his disagreement with the American involvement in the Vietnamese civil war led him to become a war resistor and move to Canada in 1968. 

He has written tv scripts for CBC TV, narration scripts for documentaries, and has numerous ‘hits’ on Google for poetry and other writing.  He was a very minor founding member of COOP Radio, typed the CRTC application and was the engineer who broadcast the very first evening of shows. 

Victor has served on the Boards of two Social Planning Councils, in Toronto and then Winnipeg, and ended as President in the Winnipeg SPC.  He lived in Winnipeg for 25 years, where initially he was the Executive Director of the Unemployed Help Centre.  Then for 23 years he was a human rights officer with The Manitoba Human Rights Commission, where he investigated complaints of discrimination. 

In Winnipeg he served eight years each on the Boards of the Manitoba Writers Guild and Prairie Fire Press.  Victor was active online at that time and eventually was invited to join the Underground Literary Alliance.  After about a year he left the ULA in disagreement over its use of personal attacks on writers.  He became a minor player with four other writers who together formed Outsider Writers, a literary website.  That site is still around, although with a bit of a different name, and is primarily a review site for independent writing.  He also has been the poetry editor of a small online magazine, Target Audience, for six years.  He “reviews” nonmainstream poets he likes, he won’t write about stuff he doesn’t like.  All this led to his being awarded a page in the Literary Underground Wikipedia (I think that’s the name), a catalogue of nonmainstream writers. 

Victor retired from the Human Rights Commission in 2008 (it’s a long story but you can Google it), and moved to Vancouver.  He is married with two grown children.  Retired, he has been able to focus much more time on writing.  Since a modest heart attack and a double stent he also exercises more, eats better and is putting more energy into getting published before he croaks.  

His graphic novel, The Winnipeg Weakly Herald, is currently serialized by the great Canadian lit site, Red Fez.  The Herald is the story of people who work on a community newspaper (Victor’s been working on this since 1994, when there were community newspapers), with each chapter of the novel being one issue of the six page newspaper.  He also volunteers a weekly satiric column for Accessibility News in Ontario on disability issues, and works with Paul Caune on disability issues in British Columbia.  And he still writes that monthly poetry review.
In terms of poetry, Victor is working on a collection of poems which tell stories (“People You Know”.)  From this collection, he offered for a reading on peace issues: 

At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Haunted for years I went to the Wall
a war resister facing soldiers who died
looking at the Wall, my crying eyes
reflected with all those forgone lives
they made the sacrifice I refused
what sacrifice should I have made?
if it was right why do I feel guilty? 

I stood there a long time looking
all those names, some guys I knew
someone crying, my eyes are dry
coming home was worse than the war
lifelong friends, tho I have nightmares
greatest time of my life and the worst
and may never know if it was worth it

Never knew what hit me (land mine)
never knew what I died for (politics)
drafted out of my life into death
I owed my country and what a payback
flown back in a box, saw the parade
my sacrifice a memory no one wants
my country sent me to die for nothing 

Victor Schwartzman (C)