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World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival News!

Cover photo

Ariadne’s notes.

The Vision:

The idea for this year’s theme began with a dream vision which included the transformation of the ancient chains of greed, anger, fear, power and despair dissolving into images of people from all the countries on earth, holding hands and glowing with the brightness of respect, friendship, love and peace.  It is my hope that the festival will achieve the vision. Like all of our festivals, it runs on the currency of love, faith and hopes which is the most precious of all. May 25-26th, Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, BC, Canada. We will also be having four other events during the month of May.

Future project:
After many years of doing research on the brain, I have come to the conclusion that the brain is hard wired for fight or flee patterns but does not have one for peace.  Certainly the the fight or flee responses are needed and valid to keep the survival of the human race.
 However, the possibility that Peace is an acquired skill which can be learned is perhaps something that can be looked at in the future through courses and other learning materials. I would be interested in working on this with others.

The World Poetry e-anthology.
It was decided to create a free World Poetry Peace e-anthology as a legacy of the festival.  This gift could be downloaded by all the people in the world.  We would like to thank Yilin Wang and Kimberly Tsan from the WP Youth team for volunteering to assemble and do the initial editing. Final Editing will be done by WP Director Anita Aguirre Nieveras and the e-book will be formatted by WP Director Heidi Mueller. The award winning Photographer Ang Jaypee Belarmino created the cover for us, donating the images for the project. With his permission, I am enclosing his comments and two images in this posting

 “I’m finally done with our cover photo for the E-Anthology. I sent 2 files of the same photo – 1 photo having a caption and the other photo without a caption, so that our Youth Team can freely put any caption on it. Kindly just choose from any of those 2 files. Just a little blurb about our cover design: I chose a child holding a globe as our cover. It signifies our theme that indeed, Peace is a step closer because it is now just a generation away. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If we are to teach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with children.”  I believe that by teaching these children effectively, one new generation coming is enough to achieve real peace.  The child holding the globe signifies that if we could inspire our children, then through them, peace in the entire world could be achieved, enabling them to understand what it means to celebrate life. Peace – a step closer. Peace – a generation away! Thank you, hope you like the concept I did for our cover!”

This note brought tears into my eyes:  “It will be my honor to contribute my photos to World Poetry. Consider every artwork that I make, whether in painting or photography, as something owned and part of our World Poetry Family. I will contribute a photo for the cover. It will be my pride and honor. Each time you see any of my photo that is worth using by World Poetry, consider it as something owned by the World Poetry. You may use them anytime you want.  Money is nothing, Peace is everything! Thank you so much for acknowledging my photography.”

This Morning, JP

The World Poetry Peace Exhibits:  Jaypee has also donated some other photos for the exhibit at the UBC Library and at Richmond City Hall. This Morning  is another image.

We are fortunate to have several other photos including a stunning photo from the Afghan documentary filmmaker Neamat Haidari and others.

I would like to thank all of you who have submitted peace poems, photos and gift poems. You are truly wonderful and part of the vision.

Ariadne Sawyer, MA, World Poetry Reading Series President

World Poetry Youth Team Member Kimberly Tsan!


World Poetry welcomes another member of our talented youth team Kimberly Tsan! To listen to Kimberly’s interview on the radio with a greeting and a poem in Chinese: CLICK HERE! The  featured e-poem is from Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Ghana.

 If you want to become a member of the World Poetry Youth Team, contact Ariadne Sawyer at: ariadnes@uniserve.com. We also wish to welcome a new  World Poetry youth member originally from Nepal, Pasang Dawa Lama Sherpa.

“Kimberly is a third year university student at UBC, who, upon finishing her first semester as a nerdy English literature major, hungrily begs for more. Throughout her excruciating (but fruitful) post-secondary education, she gradually decides that she shall be (drum roll) a writer with a very specific voice. Someone who writes for the sole purpose of examining and exposing our world as it is, someone who has interesting thoughts to share. But having that said, most of the time, she’s just herself—writing about her incessant school life and spending the remaining minutes philosophizing, whining and/or eating. At the moment, she pursues a future that will involve the following: 1.) Creative and artistic expression. 2.) Writing. 3.) Charity and non-profit work. 4.) Relentless gummy bear chewing (she’s been a helpless addict for years.) 

Most likely, though, she’ll probably end up in a place with incredible people who are capable of tolerating her random goofy fits. If you have time, please check out her blog at http://kimtsan.wordpress.com–you shall be generously rewarded with Kim’s sparkly eyes of gratitude.” 

The World Poetry Youth Team will be reading at: HOLD ON TO YOUR TOUGUE!, Celebration for International Mother Language day on Saturday February 18, 2012 between 12pm-5pm.  Exhibition Hall at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre located at 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC. Free. All welcome!

Don’t Fight the System

You heart recognizes it before your mind does. Over
the years it has decoded the language of your soul, deconstructed
the patterns of your behaviour and systemized your
various reactions and thoughts. In order to ensure survival
it strategizes your emotions and efficiently segregates
your truest feelings so you react appropriately the
things that it considers too good to be true or
things that will certainly do you more harm than good.

Its calculations are nearly always exact, immutable
and indispensible and just as your heart masters
the mechanics of your internal chaos, you
indulge yourself in its loyal service and you feel safe
wrapped in this dependence, this self-deception. With
continuous practice, your faithful servant tackles the difficult
maths of life, what you call, bad shit that always
happen to good people.

Like any intellectual being, that little piece of beating
flesh inside of your chest gradually comes
to its own wistful conclusion: to simplify
the equations and formulas and to reduce the
constant complication of its computation—it begins to
defragment its hard-drive, erasing the unnecessary files,
memories of joy, of love and of hope. Those things
are not needed. What good have they done so far?
According to its calculation, humans need only
one thing to survive, and that is fear.

So it teaches you to be afraid,
To live in fear, to become fear itself.
Only then, can you be fully and truly
protected from pain, from unfulfilled wishes,
from one job to the next, from one lover to another,
from the shards of your broken relationships,
from the dawnless sleeps, the nightmares that
do not end, the devil that is life. 

Kimberly Tsan (c)

World Poetry Richmond Grand Opening in BC, Canada!

A special invitation to our newest World Poetry venue supported by the City of Richmond! Please send blessings and good wishes and we will bring them to the event!

World Poetry Richmond A Special Invitation for You!
Home of the World Poetry Youth Team
Grand Opening!

February 4th 2:30-4:30 pm, Richmond Cultural Centre, Arts and Fabric Room) 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond BC.
First Nation Welcome Roberta Price.
Hosts: Ahn Bong Ja and Joanne Arnott.
Featured Musician: Pasang, youth musician from Nepal

Opening remarks by Ariadne Sawyer, MA. World Poetry Founder and Host.

World Poetry Youth Team reading: Yilin Wang, Kimberly Tsan, Theo Campbell, (poem from Afghan youth poet, Alaha Ahrar read by Yilin) and Flora Zenthoefer.

 Mini workshop: Finding Your Voice, Ariadne Sawyer MA. Creative Consultant and neurotherapist Ariadne Sawyer, MA combines tools from Peak Performance Training and others to present the first in a series of mini workshops to help the World Poetry Youth Team and others to deepen their poetic presentations and access hidden talents.

Bernice Lever, World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.
 Poet Profile: Bio and poems of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal by Anita Aguirre Nieveras. World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and ambassador to the Philippines, a World Poetry Director, educator and poet with several books to her credit.
Lucia Gorea. World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.
 Ashok Bhargava, World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.
Open mike, Refreshments. $2.00 donation (room rental)
Information: Ariadne Sawyer, 604-526-4729 or astarte_sita@yahoo.com

Click here to view/print the poster for World Poetry Richmond…

World Poetry Reads at the Roundhouse for UNESCO Mother Tongue Day! February 18th, 12:30-5:pm. World Poetry Youth Team and the World Poetry diverse readers will be reading. Times: Youth Team: 1:15-1:30 pm World Poetry readers: 3:00 pm-3:15pm.

World Poetry New Westminster Night Out Celebrates Black History Month! February 22nd, 6:30 -8:30 pm at the New Westminster Public Library. History, poetry, refreshments and more!