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World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Koyali Burman!



Ariadne’s Notes:  On May 17,  1:30 PM PST, the World Poetry Cafe , 100.5 FM , CFRO  welcomed the talented dancer and award nominee, Koyali Burman to the show. She spoke about  our upcoming World Poetry Event on May 27, 2-3:30 pm at the Vancouver Central Library which features the unique coming together of two strong cultures, Indigenous and  Pan Asian Indian classical dance .  Also featured on the show were Alaha Ahar , poems, a story by special volunteer, Sharon Rowe from her popular Big Bessie Stories.

Our second feature was the wonderful Phil Hayes celebrating his two new CD’s  He will be featured next.


World Poetry believes in treating all the people of the world with respect, honor, peace and love.  Our mission is to bring people together to celebrate our shared empowerment and to present the talents of those whose voices, young and old to be heard.








World Poetry arts advocate is Koyali Burman has been an exponent of Indian- classical dances- Kathak. She began learning dance at the age of three in India. She received acclaim as “Sangeet Ratna”(M-Muse) from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata and winner of numerous regional awards in India. Koyali Burman has a professional degree from the University of British Columbia. Besides her professional career she enjoys she enjoys performing and teaching dance to multicultural communities and expanding the cultural boundaries with dedication to excellence. She has supported the local artists with projects from her professional arena.

Exploring Connectivity with Indian classical Dance & Poetry:

Being the Cultural Ambassador of the World Poetry Canada International she is creating awareness in Vancouver of glorious Indian classical dance and focusing on exploring connectivity with Kathak, poetry and therapeutic value of one of the Indian dance form.

Building Bridges by Finding Commonality and Celebrating Differences:

First Nations and South Asian Culture -She understands various cultural richness around us. “There is a lot of commonality between our dances, but we rarely explore it…. hence I am exploring with finding commonality and celebrating differences between indigenous and south Asian culture through dance, poetry and music”.

Providing Leadership in Community Building and Economic Development through Art:

Koyali Burman as an arts advocate, she has created a priority working with the local non-profit organizations, credit Union, businesses and associations in developing an economic development plan for the diverse local artist community in the Joyce-Collingwood area.

Koyali Burman’s vision and mission is to foster/encourage/strengthen multiculturalism throughout BC by increasing awareness and appreciation of various forms of arts such as dance, music and poetry through professional dance/music and poetry presentation and community-based programming.

World Poetry Brings You a Messege From Alaha Ahar !





Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry Canada International is honoured to bring you another message from World Poetry Canada International Youth Director, Alaha Ahar. 

LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE to hear the Afghan poems and message, as well as interviews with Koyali Berman and Phil Hayes.

Successful versus Unsuccessful People.

Think about what makes successful people better than those who aren’t successful. Getting to the top is not easy, requiring hard work and much sacrifice.

Successful individuals set goals and work to achieve them. Also, they believe in doing right, even when no one sees them.

However, when we consider those who aren’t successful, we often encounter two types.  First, there are those who don’t work hard, who think mainly of their own interests, although they do appreciate the successful individuals around them. Then there are the unsuccessful people who are liars: they lie about everything and spend their lives trying to ruin others. They are good at making up numbers. They claim to be successful but have no proof.

And worst of all, these unsuccessful ones spend time denying the success and hard work of those who achieve.

Remember, hard work is like sunlight and truth. It cannot be hidden. Again and again the light of the sun and the truth of good people keep emerging to shine over everything, to brighten the earth and our lives.

Hard work and honesty are the truth

but lies are short and untrue

Sooner or later

Everyone will learn the truth

Truth lasts forever

Truth is stronger than any small or large lie

And liars are always losers

Because honest and true people are winners

Alaha Ahrar (C) All rights are held by the author.

Alaha with WP medal

Ambassador of Youth, Peace and Goodwill 

Human Rights Activist 

Community Development Advocate-FACETS 

Board of Directors Afghan Women’s Writing Project

Director of Media and Publication Afghan-American Women’s Association (A-AWA)           

The Director of International World Poetry, Youth Team Canada

World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr. Toby Jenkins from the USA!

Dr Toby Jenkins

Dr Toby Jenkins

Ariadne’s Note:

Book Cover, My Culture, My Color, My SelfGuest hosts Koyali Berman , Vivian Davidson, Spanish host Israel Mota joined Ariadne Sawyer in an exciting interview with Dr. Toby Jenkins on the World Poetry Café Radio Show. Her new book My Culture, My Color, My Self  published by Temple University Press, is a fascinating read, full of insights and  wisdom. To hear this fascinating show, CLICK HERE!

Dr. Toby Jenkins is currently an Assistant Professor of Integrative Studies and Higher Education at George Mason University.  Her work focuses on the utility of culture (contemporary culture, folk culture, and pop culture) as a politic of social survival, a tool of social change, and a transformative space of knowledge production. In 2004, Dr. Jenkins came to Penn State University to direct the Paul Robeson Cultural Center. At Penn State she spent five years implementing a bold strategic vision for cultural education on Penn State’s campus.  Prior to that, Dr. Jenkins worked as a Program Manager within the College of Education at the University of Maryland conducting research assessment and creating mentoring outreach programs to local K-12 schools in the Institute for Urban and Minority Education. In 2000, Jenkins created the Joint Service Project, bringing together college students, faculty, and staff in grass roots community transformation efforts within the local community and in 2001 she created the Vision Cultural Mentoring Initiative providing college mentors and interactive cultural experiences for local high school students at low performing schools in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Both programs received honors from the President of the United States and the Governor of Maryland. Dr. Jenkins past professional experiences as well as her individual research projects and studies have taken her to over 20 countries to examine transnational issues of culture and education.

Check out her site and buy her book! http://tobyjenkins.weebly.com

I Want to Marry a Feminist
By Toby Jenkins

My prince
His name and mine sketched on cement
The comfort of knowing that we were always meant
to be together
That he’d be my shelter thru clouds, rain, and unpredictable weather
That whether—or not I had my shit together
he’d be my rock—he’d take the shot—he’d be everything I need and all that I’ve got*

But that was then and this is now—and today—I’m just trying to figure out how
I can marry me a feminist*

I don’t mean a bra burning, tables turning, smart, savvy, badass bitch
I mean a boxer burning, mind blowing, bold unapologetic—
two power fists to patriarchal bullshit
Who’s down for the cause just because
his mother worked way too long and much too hard
for him to grow up and forget
That the women in his life aren’t just ill—they are down right sick*


The type of dude that understands
That I value a held hand
I appreciate an open door—but I’m looking for a little more
like banging on the ceiling—
you see the door of opportunity is much more appealing
No doubt—Im thankful when he steps aside to let me pass—
but I’ll also take your strength to help me crack that glass
To not let justice be denied or swept past—
I’m looking for a gun
For a soldier ready to go to war against inequality
To concur the social powers which covertly oppress me*


A man– willing to take a stand
Ready to paint the town brown-black-yellow-white-and red
Ready to fight—
to beat down ignorance with insight
A man with so much class that he’ll share his last dollar so you can have gas—
to travel down roads of opportunity
The type of man– that will shake a homeless hand– and treat him with so much dignity
That the old man looks him in the eye, trying hard not to cry, and says “thank you for seeing me”*


A nonconformist
A community activist
A freedom exhibitionist
A bold soul that’s willing to put a twist
On ideas of being masculine:*

I want both a crier and a “do or dier”
I want yard working, car fixing, and building
But I also want cooking, cleaning, and listening
I want a nurturer
An active father
A present partner
Who’s willing to change the diaper, rock her, and wipe her
Who sees dinner with his family as the ultimate life buzz
Every moment spent at a bar holding a beer—
is a minute his son is wishing daddy was here
I want someone that’s beyond roles and playing parts
I’m looking for a fresh start
For someone who can rewrite life
Who can co-author and edit an incredible work of nonfiction
A page-turner that makes all men sit up and listen–
Through his life, I want him to write—a bestselling award winning prize—
Titled: “Feminism is Sexy-Especially on Guys”*