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World Poetry Celebrates the Wonderful Laura Kelsey!

Ariadne’s Notes: On August 22 at 1:10 pm PST, the World Poetry Cafe radio show on CFRO, 100.5 FM officially launched the CD, A Hand that Holds the Match book  with Laura  “Banshee”Kelsey and husband Mike “Builder” Harding . Wonderful music and lyrics with hidden meanings throughout the CD. Laura is a talented musician, singer and poet and I am thrilled to feature her here. She is also a great humanitarian and supporter of woman’s causes.  It was such an honour to feature this lovely CD. To contact her: Please email regarding performances, studio vocal work – including back-up/harmony – and for original compositions and song collaboration.

Also on the show, another CD launch at 1:30 PM with the new CD Dark Matter from the great composer and musician Lafayette Gilchrist who will be featured next on site.

Contact: laura@wordsmore.com Check out the blog or the live link for show updates and more.Connect on:Twitter,Instagram Blog.

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A Hand Holding the Matchbook, by Builder & the Banshee:

With rocking folk songs like “Wires” and “Tangled” to quiet ballads about lost loved ones (“Wild” and “Enough”), A Hand Holding the Matchbook is a thoughtful collection of original acoustic music out of Vancouver Island, B.C. by Builder & the Banshee.

Woodworker-guitarist Mike “Builder” Harding and singer-songwriter Laura “Banshee” Kelsey write a unique blend of soulful folk rock that has hints of metal and blues. They’ve played live around the province and are already working on their second album.


Hey there, barefoot

Never around

Calling you

I’m always here for you


Freeway driving never so free

Sunny days in June

What we do for food

To feed our moods


Don’t touch the wires

Just watch the show

Don’t question anything

You are not supposed to know


Mountains cloaked

In smoke and our steel

Crying, “Fools!

“We are your friends, too!”


Snapping strings and energy fields

Absorbing truth

Siphoning all souls through

all souls through


Don’t touch the wires

Just watch the show

Don’t question anything

You are not supposed to know


Just keep your head down

Or you’ll alert the patrol

Shield your eyes from

Blinding lights of control

Source: Laura Kelsey.


World Poetry Celebrates Rene DeFazio & Tamara Veitch!








Ariadne’s Notes: On November 22,  1-2 pm PST the World Poetry Café Radio Show had an amazing show with the power couple Rene DeFazio  and Tamara Veitch of The One Great Year Series.
http://www.onegreatyear.com  They shared with our radio audience in 115 countries, the continuation of their One Great Year series with their new book The Emissary  in paperback and audio sections.  These are “must read books” for those liking novels and expanded consciousness . 

A new welcome song:  A Love Spell by the talented musician Laura Kelsey added to this inspiring show.

Also featured was Pardeep Singh Nagra, the inspiration of the award winning film TIGER, an aspiring boxer who must fight for his religious beliefs after being banned from the sport for refusing to shave his beard.  He called to tell about his  fascinating experiences and advice as a human rights activist.  He will have the next feature on  this site and a review in the Afro News. Tiger opens in Vancouver and Surrey, November 30. It is an important “must see” film.  Source: TARO PR.

A new e-poet from England  also joined us, Stephen Sutton whose poem was read by Victor Swartzman. 

We are also  excited to have a new  collaboration: Anhad Films, Delhi based film makers, They make documentaries, short films as well as videos on issues that are of concern to their society.



Rene DeFazio was born and raised in Canada and currently resides in the Vancouver area with his wife and writing partner Tamara Veitch. Rene is an actor and producer with numerous film and television roles to his credit. A world traveler and lifelong adventurer, Rene has called upon his unusual and exciting experiences in co-creating The One Great Year novel series. His tireless research and first hand knowledge of exotic locations, customs, sights, and smells help to bring this epic story to life.

Tamara Veitch is a writer, mural artist, and mother of three. She grew up in Canada and attended Simon Fraser University, studying English, psychology, history and General Arts. Tamara has had a lifelong interest in spiritual wisdom and has carefully researched ancient teachings from many traditions to ensure historical accuracy throughout The One Great Year Series.
Tamara and Rene have completed Book I and II in The One Great Year Series and are currently working on Book III. To maintain a dynamic and authentic presentation of the ancient secrets at the core of their writing, they travel to exotic locations in search of esoteric knowledge and cultural insights that will inspire readers everywhere. Go to: http://www.onegreatyear.com

World Poetry Celebrates a CD Launch by the Wonderful Laura Kelsey!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show was honoured to welcome the wonderful Laura Kelsey and her band in a special CD Launch April 5, 1:10 PM on CFRO, 100.5 PM . She sent some examples from her book, 12 Dresses and told how the photographs were made. Tam from Thailand sends thanks to her for answering a question about music , solo performances and bands.

Another special event World Poetry Cafe Book Launch with e-poet Preeta Chandran and artist Pankaj Rohilkhandvi with their fusion book, The Portrait of a Verse. We also had long time member, Anita Aguirre Nieveras on the show reading her poems in Tagalog and English and talking about her life. E-poets: Kezang Dawa  from Bhutan and others. Great thanks to Kerry Buckner for being the sound engineer when I hosted from home.









Laura Kelsey, poetess, singer, songwriter, musician , mother and much more!


Laura writes: 

This is the link for 12 Dresses: http://issuu.com/hollowearthworks/docs/12dresses

I’ve also attached a photo of the smoke coming out of the abyss that we mentioned.

This is the link to listen to/buy the Dispell album: http://dispellband.bandcamp.com

Here are also some video links too!:
Peace Is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr0N_e-E3Sg

Feed Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMN–xXC8Ug

Album purchase link: http://dispellband.bandcamp.com

Band bio:

Since 2013, Dispell has been writing and playing punch-funk power-blues rock in Vancouver, B.C.; and released their first album The Quick Fix in February 2018. During their time playing live, they performed at venues such as The Railway Club, Fairview and Pat’s Pub. Their song themes range from societal issues; love lost and found; and Skeena Street.