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World Poetry Celebrates The Wonderful Lozan, Iraq and Canada!


Ariadne’s notes: On July 11, 1-2 pm, the World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed Lozan, the lovely poetess originally from Iraq reading her poems in English and Arabic, Also, Host and Producer Ariadne Sawyer with co-host Neall Ryon welcome guest host Yamen Saleh. Talented sound engineer, Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe added greatly to the program. E-poem by Olajuwon Timileyin. Music by the Tibetan Children’s Ensemble and  Delaleh,a Kurdish song by Shivan Perwer,











Lozan was born & raised in Baghdad 1972; She’s the 5th of 10 children (8 girls / 2 boys) today there are 47 of them

She is Kurdish from northern Iraq. Left Iraq 1994 lived in Ankara Turkey illegally as asylum seekers until migrated to Canada May 3, 1995

She wrote poetry as early as preteen years but fear of being judged/ ridiculed by peers & siblings she stopped writing or would throw poems away.

Her uncle, Serwan Yamulky (poet, musician, singer & songwriter) inspired her and asked her to please never to stop writing poetry after found her one day folded up and crying. He listened to her read one poem she was about to throw away & he was so pleased and begged her to never ever destroy her poems anymore. He offered his house for a safe place to hide her poems so no one would steal them. 

Her first poetry book, which is about to be done through Silver Bow Publishing; will be dedicated to her uncle. If all goes well, this fall, her first poem book will be out.

Through tremendous encouragements and being in the company of other amazing poets, she started sharing, reciting and writing new poetry in fall of 2013 through the Holy Wow Poets of Canada in Maple Ridge,   Poetic Justice and World Poetry in New Westminster ask well as social media poetry pages. 

Lozan is a mother of two preteen boys from her first marriage & soon she’s getting married on top of Grouse Mountain where her & Harry met again by accident 19 years after they dated and life moved them apart. It’s a love story like no other; yes you bet that love is the reason behind a handful of love poems that she will share one with you today.

Oh you gentle soul.

She is small and frail

but there’s a spark in her eyes.

She is young and oh, so shy,

but there’s a determination in her gaze.

She is short and thin,

but you get the sense

you are in the presence

of a memorable girl.


She is unable to speak,

but she can hear.  

She understands,

but not your spoken words.

She understands

your tone,

your gesture,

and the movement of your eyes.


Don’t underestimate her.

Don’t dismiss her.

Don’t you dare think less of her because she is small and cannot speak or walk well.


She cannot speak but,

but boy, she knows. 

You can feel it in your gut,

she knows.

So, tread lightly,

speak gently,

be genuine,

and if you can’t,

then just keep moving.


She stood up.

You could hear a pin drop.

Everybody held their breath

fearing she would fall.

She is still standing up

slowly… gracefully… cautiously.

Oh my, she’s moving in slow motion.


As gentle as a butterfly

walking on your finger,

she walked on that hardwood floor.

One small step after another

then suddenly, a ray of sunlight

penetrated the sunroof

and exposing the dusty

hardwood floor she walked on.


It takes the breath away; 

as we realized

that there are people out there

living among us on this earth

simply existing; 

while she in her pain walks

without harming anyone

or –anything, 

not even disturbing

the dust beneath her feet.

Lozan (C)

The World Poetry Café Welcomes Aruán Ortiz and Michael McLaughlin from the USA!

Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show (CFRO 100.5 FM) with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon , plus Sound Engineer and Volunteer Sharon Rowe on May 26th, 1-2 pm welcomed the music of Aruan Ortiz and the phone in call of Michael McLaughlin with the life enhancing music of Naftule’s Dream, plus the recorded poems of Loszan , Alfonso Martinez Pretel and Bam Sharma. To hear this great show CLICK HERE



“An avatar of creative and progressive improvisation,” Cuban-born, Brooklyn-based pianist, violist, and composer Aruán Ortiz has written music for jazz ensembles, orchestras, dance companies, chamber groups, and feature films. His work incorporates influences from contemporary classical music, Cuban-Haitian rhythms, and avant-garde improvisation; and consistently strives to break stylistic musical boundaries. He has been called “the latest Cuban wunderkind to arrive in the United States” by BET Jazz. http://www.aruan-ortiz.com/








Michael McLaughlin, accordion, composer. Michael McLaughlin has been a part of the Boston Klezmer and Jewish music scene since 1995 as a performer, arranger and composer for The Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, and Naftule’s Dream.Tzadik Records, Newport Classics, Ryko Disc, Accurate Records and more. www.naftulesdream.com  Over the years he has worked with members of The Klezmer Conservatory Band, and The Klezmatics, while bringing Klezmer music to the New England region with Klezwoods and the Yaeko Miranda Quintet.  Performances have included the Helsinki Klezmer Festival, the Berlin Jazz Festival, the Texaco Jazz Festival in NYC as well as the Ashkenaz New Jewish Music Festival.  McLaughlin holds a D.M.A in Music Composition from the New England Conservatory (’09), a MA in Music Composition from Tufts University (’99), and a BM from Berklee College of Music (’93).  He was a recipient of a Mass Cultural Council Artist Grant award in composition.

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World Poetry Celebrates Honoring the Mothers of the World!


Ariadne’s Notes:

World Poetry celebrated an amazing evening honouring the Mothers of the World  on May 25th at the New Westminster Public Library with special features of :

International poems by Vani Predeep, India, Alfonso Martinez,  Spain, Carmen Lucia Hussain, Brazil   and Bamdev Sharma, Nepal. Also Victor Schwartzman did an audio recording for the first time  of the event for the World Poetry Café Radio Show. Readers were Ariadne Sawyer, Jackie Maire and Carla Evans. Victor posted  Alfonso’s poem and poet, Lozan reading in English and Arabic on our last World Poetry Café Radio  Show, May, 26th.  Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer, Neall Ryon, sound engineer, Victor Schwartzman.

Features: Anupma Garg, Synn Kune Loh, Lozan and MK who presented his new book in Nepalese and English.

To listen to the show, CLICK HERE!

*More poems will be featured on upcoming shows. photos to follow.*