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World Poetry Celebrates Minal Sarosh from India!

Ariadne’s Notes:

The World Poetry Café Radio Show, on June 8, 2017 welcomed E-Poet Minal Sarosh ! Her poem was read on the show and nicely received. We have an active E-poet spot on the show, featuring poets from all over the world. Featured poets and musician Lozan Yolmosky  and Serwan Yolmosky also read poetry in English, Arabic and Kurdish as well as music with the oud.









Minal Sarosh is an Indian English poet and novelist. Her first poetry book ‘Mitosis and Other Poems’, was published by Writers Workshop (1992), Kolkata.  And her first novel  ‘Soil for My Roots’ was published by LiFi Publications, New Delhi, 2015.

She has won awards for poetry — (a) All India Poetry Competition 2005 of The Poetry Society (India) Delhi. – Commendation Prize. (b)Creative Writing Competition 2006 of Unisun Publications, Bangalore-Third Prize (c) SMS Poetry Competition 2007 and 2008 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai-Third Prize (d) Unisun Reliance TimeOut Book Club Awards 2008-09-Special Mention

Her poetry has been published in anthologies — The Journal of the Poetry Society (India), Chandrabhaga, (Edited by Jayanta Mahapatra), Indian Literature (published by Sahitya Akademi , Delhi), Emerging Voices ( The Poetry Society India, Delhi), Poetry India: Voices of Hope ( The Poetry Society India,


Fingers at Work


Under the weight of balloons

even strings tie me down.

Fingers let go!

my thoughts are air,

the sky is the limit for them.


Under the blanket of night

even the darkness blinds me.

Fingers stoke the cinders!

My thoughts are fire,

leaping out from the sun.


Under the wafting boat,

even the waves could overturn me.

Fingers row harder!

My thoughts are water,

and oceans have racing horizons.


And under the lawnmower

I could be trimmed like grass.

Fingers grow roots!

My thoughts are soil,

and the whole earth is my garden.


But, oh fingers do what you want,

but do it fast!

My life is just a soap bubble,

weighing less than a feather,

it will glide for a short while,

       and then might burst, anytime.


(First published in ‘The Journal of the Poetry Society (India)’ Delhi. Vol 22, 2011. Edited by Sharmila Ray)

Minal  Sarosh (C) All rights reserved by the author.




World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Poetess Lozan Yamolky !

Ariadne’s Notes: We were honoured to  welcome the lovely and talented poetess Lozan Yamolky ,  June 8 on the World Poetry Café Radio Show 100.5 FM CFRO. She read her uncle Serwan Yamolky  poems in English and shared some of her own including the one featured below. A show to remember!


English, Arabic, Kurdish and the lovely music of the Oud.







“Lozan Yamolky is a Canadian -Kurdish from northern Iraq. Immigrated to Canada in ‘95

She started reciting and writing new poetry in fall of 2013 through open mic.

Freelance English, Kurdish & Arabic interpreter.

Her debut poetry book, (I’m No Hero) published by Silver Bow was launched in 2016. Working on book #2 😊 “






Good Morning World

Good morning from the island of O-aa-hu, Ha-va-ee.

Good morning sunrise.

Good morning early birds;

hard working people;

night workers and school children.


Good morning hopes;

dreams and heartfelt prayers we prayed last night,

and may make time to pray them today

and tomorrow too.


Good morning to those who soundly slept in their homes;

those who are far from home;

those lay lonely in a hospital bed somewhere;

and those who have no home at all.


Good morning tolerance,



good morning empathy


–why won’t you spread like wildfires

and consume the apathy of our times?


Good morning justice;

Oh, how much we miss you these days.


Good morning all you cruel, cruel leaders;

corrupt politicians and lowlifes

who do the bad deeds of those

in power and those rolling in it.


Those powerful and rich,

rewarding you for doing their dirty work

so there won’t be any blood

while shaking hands and making deals

and their clothes remain looking clean

in front of cameras.


Good morning to you lonely;


desperate souls;

and you who are caught

in the dark world and entangling webs of addiction;


–Do not give up hope to be one day free from it.


Good morning love;

good morning beauty;

good morning pure fresh air we can still breathe.


Good morning Mother Earth

please forgive us for neglecting to remember

how fragile you are,

and how much our greed is hurting you.


Good morning mighty powerful force of nature 

show us how angry you can be! 

You are far stronger than the wealthiest,

the loudest

and  the most influential of us all.


Dear Gaia,

give us another chance

to speak up and never give up hope

to make this world

a safe place for generations to come.


We got another chance

to break out of our silence.


Good morning world,

it is time for us to be awake,

it is time to rise and shine.


Lozan Yamolky ©  All rights reserved by the author.

World Poetry Celebrates Poet and Musician Serwan Yamolky!







Photo courtesy of Lozan Yolmosky.

Ariadne’s Notes: On June 8, 1-2 PM, CFRO 100.5 FM , The World Poetry Café was honoured to welcome the renowned poet and musician and oud professional player Serwan Yamolky to the show along with the talented and beautiful poetess Lozan Yamolky. I am featuring them separately on site . A fascinating show with poems read in Kurdish, English and Arabic. The lovely Arabic and Kurdish songs with the  beautiful oud created an  exceptional show. Canada is so lucky to have such treasures.


Special e-poet:   Minal Sarosh  from India was also featured and will have a special feature on site.


Serwan Yamolky was born in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, in the city of Sulaymanya in 1945.

He studied Political Science and Law at the University of Baghdad. However, his true calling was music. His older brother, Jamal Yamolky, was his first oud teacher. Serwan started to develop his own oud techniques at the age of 15. In 1967 he was one of the first members of the Iraqi Music Council as a composer. Serwan also studied at the Music Studies Institution in Baghdad. In the Iraqi Academy of Fine Arts at Baghdad University, he studied oud further with maestros Rawhie Al Khammash and Al Haj Mu’taz. Moreover, he studied and frequently performed with maestro Jamil Bashir (as a contrabass player) and with Jamil Salim (as oud player).

During these years, he also cultivated his skills as a poet, writing nearly a hundred songs and publishing numerous poems in Iraqi magazines. http://www.serwanyamolky.ca/

After settling in Canada, Serwan founded “Rast” in 1999, a musical group performing Classical Middle Eastern music. “Rast” was followed by “Akad” in 2002, “Zeryab” in 2003 and “Moon Shadow” in 2010.

In 2004, Serwan was invited by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Association to perform for the Dalai Lama” at the Orpheum. Other performances of note include appearing with the Silk Road Ensemble and the Vancouver Inter Cultural Orchestra. He has been a regular participant (2001 through 2009) in the Multi-Disciplinary Avant Garde event ANU. Never forgetting his roots, Serwan has also recorded numerous pieces for the Kurdish TV Channel M2003.

Serwan composed, and had contributed songs, music, and performances for the play “Jona and the Falafel War”. He had also appeared as a guest musician on albums including “The Butterfly Effect” by Tim Gerwing (2004), “Invisible World” by Tanya Evanson (2005), “Dirty Bottom” by Raymond Langston (2007) and “The Memorists” by Tanya Evanson (2009).

In a book signing his latest published poetries, Love of a Different Kind, an evening of traditional Iraqi songs, classic Arabic music and poetry reading took place at Douglas College (2009).

As a soloist and with other artists, Serwan had performed at numerous festivals and cultural events around the world:

– Canada (Vancouver, Calgary and Motreal): the World Music Festival (2002), the Sacred Music Festival (2003), the Vancouver Children’s Festival (2003), the Arabian Nights Concert (2004). the Vancouver International Story Telling Festival (2005) and An Evening of Art, Poetry and Music (2008).

– United States (Seattle): the Seattle Arab Festival (2005).

– Europe (Netherland and United Kingdom): the Iraqi Night (2009).

Most recently, Serwan lead the Inanna Group in a concert with Nadeen on May 14th at Douglas College. He appeared with Tim Gerwing and Liam MacDonald at the “Love in the Time of Andalusia” event at W2 Storyeum. Serwan Yamolky was also nominated for a Jessie Award for his musical score for the play “9 Parts of Desire”, which ran from October 14th to 30th 2010.

Serwan’s musical performances have been heard on CBC, One Blue Island, and Coop Radio (Wax Poetic).

Photos and source: Lozan Yolmosky.