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WP Canada International Peace Festival Guests & Awards!

 World Poetry is proud to present the International and National Guests for the  World Poetry Peace Festival! Be sure to hear them May 25-26 at the Richmond Cultural Centre, 100, 7000 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC. Poems and artwork at the two WP Peace Necklace Displays at UBC, May 4-25th. Free events. Hear  and meet selected international and national poets at World Poetry New Westminster ,  6: 30 pm, May 23 at the New Westminster Public Library. 716-6th Ave (Auditorium Room) New Westminster, BC, Canada. 

Celebrate Peace! Meet and Network with the International Poets at the Celebration Gala, May 26, 6pm-11pm. Buy a celebration ticket,$35 per person and two for $60 which includes a gourmet dinner , share poetry and celebrate Peace at the The Executive  Airport Plaza Hotel  and Conference Centre  7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC www.excutivehotels.net is across from the Quality Hotel where most of the International visitors will be staying. Hours 6 pm-11 pm.   Celebration including dinner will be $35.00 or two tickets for $60.00!  Get your ticket now at the shopping cart!  For more information, contact ariadnes@uniserve.com

 If you want to buy  tickets or sponsor a poet with a ticket,  we will send you as a thank you, a World Poetry Certificate or a World Poetry Membership good for a year!

List of International and national guests coming:

1.      Richard Doiron, World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2012, poet/author. Journalism graduate from New Brunswick, Canada. Twice nominated for the Governor-General’s Award. Work read at the United Nations University for Peace (2000). Twice published alongside the likes of the Dalai Lama, by invitation. He will be launching his new book. Richard will be receiving his World Poetry Lifetime Achievment Award at the festival.

2.      Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, Mongolia. World Poetry Ambassador to Mongolia and China. Award winning poet from University of Mongolia, noted author and editor of the world Poetry Almanac. (visa pending) He will be receiving an World Poetry Empowered Poet Award.

3.      Yoshifumi Sakura,  Japan talented poet and World Poetry Youth Ambassador, author of several books and an accomplished musician. He will be receiving an Empowered Poet Award.

4.      Dr. Stephan Gill, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, an Indo/Canadian poet and novelist, Ansted Poet Laureate; Adjunct Prof. EAU. He specializes in global peace and social concerns. He has authored more than twenty books and has received many awards. Dr. Gill will be launching his new book and speaking on peace. He will receive an Empowered Peace Poet Award.

5.      Sajia Alaha Ahrar, known as Alaha Ahrar, is an International student from Kabul Afghanistan. Is a triple major student, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Human Rights, B.A. in Political Science, and B.A in International Affairs. World Poetry Youth Ambassador to Afghanistan and the US, World Poetry Youth team member. She will be receiving her World Poetry Youth Team Pin and receiving an Empowered Youth Poet Award.

6.       Doc. PenPen, Philippines. “The Father of Philippine Visual Poetry” is the writer and director of “Takipsilim,” an award-winning indie docu-film. His upcoming book ”PENTASI B’’ will contain a collection of 100 visual hundred poems and will be launched at the World Poetry International Festival in May.  He will be receiving a World Poetry Father of Visual Poetry  2012 Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim Award.

7.      Attila F. Balázs, author of many books of poems and prose. His prizes and distinctions include the Sighet Poetry Festival Prize (Romania). Written in Magyar, his work has been translated into many languages. He lives in Bratislava, Transylvania. He will be receiving an Empowered Poet award. (Visa pending)

8.      Mr. Khowaja Abadullah Ahrar, well-known poet from Kabul Afghanistan. He has written many extraordinary pieces, writings and numerous poems. All his poems have spiritual messages of love, humanity, and peace. Most of his poems have been published through many radios and TV channels inside and outside Afghanistan. He will be receiving World Poetry Empowered Poet Award for best Persian (Dari, Farsi) languages of two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9.      Samarendra Patra, India; aged 19 is a second year student of B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering in the prestigious SRM UNIVERSITY, Chennai-INDIA. His sensitivity to his surroundings have sustained him as a poet.-He has written more than 200 poems in three languages-English, Hindi and Oriya. He will be receiving a World Poetry Youth Team Pin and an Empowered Youth Poet Award as well as World Poetry Youth Ambassador to India medallion.

10.  Neamat Haidari, Afghanistan, TV director, photographer and Producer and since 2004. He is working as director with the different media channels such as Tolo TV, Ariana TV and established and Media Production house called Apple Media. His photos will be on display at the WP Poetic Necklace Exhibit at UBC and in Richmond at the main World Poetry Festival event. (visa pending) He will receive an  World Poetry Empowered Afghan Producer Award.

11.  Ms. Husna S. Ahrar, Afghanistan, known as the Ambassador of voice for Afghan women is one of the most talented Afghan young women writers. She has written many stories and short poems, which express the pains and sufferings of Afghan young women. She will be receiving an World Poetry Empowered Afghan Women Award. (Visa pending)

12.   Zayra Yves, USA, award winning, artist, poet and musician, her creative writing is published in numerous print journals, anthologies, on-line e-zines and magazines: The Zimbabwe Situation, Panhandler Quarterly, Voices for Africa, Eyes of the Poet and many others. Her art work is featured at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival in two WP Poetic Necklace displays. She will be receiving an World PoetryEmpowered peet award.

13.   Manny B. Calpito , World Poetry Award of Merit to OTUSA.TV  Inventor/ Founder.

14.  Marvin U. Mangabat , World Poetry Award of Merit to OTUSA.TV President.

15.    Betty Scott, USA,began her writing career as a columnist for the Wenatchee World, a daily newspaper in the United States. When she became a mom, she put her writing on hold. After her children reached adulthood, she returned to writing poetry and essays. She is an award-winning poet, college instructor, spiritual seeker and activist,  She teaches at Bellingham Technical College and at Whatcom Community College. She will be receiving an WP. Empowered Poet Award.

Come Achieve Peace with us! Come to be Inspired! Come Celebrate!

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