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World Poetry Celebates Lipstick Artist Natalie Irish!


“Hope” by Neamat  Haidari.

Ariadne’s Notes: On February 1, at 1:30 PM PST, The World Poetry Cafe Radio welcomed the exciting Lipstick Artist, Natalie Irish to the show with her fascinating comments on how she began this time consuming and physically challenging art form. If anyone one has an interesting  project that could include her, please contact her artist representative Joyce R. Wetzel, Artist Representative. Telephone/Fax No. 1-480-266-1028 · E-Mail Inquiries: jozel@cox.net  Natalie has a lot of projects on the go but is always interested in unique ones.

Natalie also spoke about living near Houston, Texas an d the way people all came together to deal with the devastating effects of the hurricane. 

World Poetry Team : Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CC, Victor Swartzman , technical engineer, Sharon Rowe, Special Volunteer. Thanks to Osiris Muir, media: 15 minutes. E-poem by Nova Kerkeb , Music: Andrew Lions.








“Natalie Irish pioneered the painting technique of applying lipstick and kissing the canvas.

Since then, people are lining up to watch her “kiss the canvas” and create an original painting of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Wayne or other Hollywood legends. Natalie is an internet and YouTube sensation. Her work has been featured on numerous website’s and publications world wide, including: Huffington Post, Yahoo, Time, Juxtapoz, Hi-Frutose, Glamour, Mirror UK and the Daily Mail UK. Her artwork can also be seen in the TV commercial for Magnum Ice Cream (Magnum Kisses), which was filmed in Budapest in October 2012. Natalie is also a spokesperson for Animas Heroes program (a Johnson & Johnson Company), as well as being the highlight of the Conan show on December 19, 2012, showcasing her original “Lip Art”painting of Conan O’Brien titled “Rockabilly Conan,” which hangs in the green room for celebrities to view. Natalie promoted Avon Brazil’s lipstick’s in São Paulo, Brazil and Avon Chile in Santiago by kissing the canvas and showcasing the latest lipstick colors. On October 3,2013, Natalie launched Urban Decay’s Revolution lipsticks with a live appearance at Sephora in Times Square, New York City, while showcasing eleven original lip paintings commissioned by Urban Decay. Most recently, Natalie appeared at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm,

Sweden for the “duty free movement” event on Valentine’s Day and on March 21st, Natalie attended the Cirque du Soleil “One Drop” charity event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she demonstrated her technique and her lip painting of Frank Sinatra titled “Chairman”was donated for the silent auction. Recently, she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards Covergirl party in Hollywood, where she was commissioned to lip paint MTV’s logo of“Moonman.” In addition, Natalie just completed a lip painting for Fuji TV in Japan showcasing one of their popular celebrity host of a variety show, which a film crew traveled to her studio in Houston to film her in the process of painting the host. She has had recent solo exhibitions with Ectopic Works and has been featured at Scottsdale Arts and Houston Via Colori festivals.

Her works can be seen in the Roy Rogers Museum, Branson, Mo. and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in London.

For Additional Information Please Contact Joyce R. Wetzel, Artist Representative Telephone/Fax No. 1-480-266-1028 · E-Mail Inquiries: jozel@cox.net www.natalieirish.com · twitter.com/NIrish_artfacebook.come/pages/Natalie-Irish/114953305190607

Copyright © 2016 By Natalie Irish. All Rights Reserved.”

World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Candice James!



Ariadne’s Notes: 

On February 1 , at 1:10 pm PST, the World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM  celebrated the new book of New Westminster Poet Laureate Emerita and talented poetess  Candice James who shared a number of beautiful poems on water from her new book, The Water Poems. Also on the show was the internationally famous  lipstick artist, Natalie Irish  and a special peace poem by the renowned  Nova Kerkeb. Music by Stan Rogers and Andrew Lion.

World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CC, Host and producer, Victor Swartzman , sound engineer and special volunteer Sharon Rowe.



Review by Trevor Carolan, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, English Dept., UFV for Candice James:

“One of BC’s indefatigable poets and literary spark-plugs, Candice James is prolific, exuberant, and writes grownup poetry that’s seen its share of dust and joy out on the road. A poet with the long view her work is nature observant, freighted with tenderness and shaped by traditional form as well as metrical invention. There’s no artifice here: what you see is what you get—James is a poet of direct experience and recollected emotion. Old love, the blessedness of rain, things broken too long to be fixed, or the blue stillness of eternity—all are netted by her unquenchable zeal for poetry. From her opening epigraph from Lao Tzu through images of a Captain Morgan kind of night that only long years in Canada can truly understand, the music of what happens is present here in every bittersweet refrain.”

Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita New Westminster BC, is a writer, visual artist; musician; singer/songwriter; and workshop facilitator and reviewer. She is Past President of BC Federation of Writers, Past President of Royal City Literary Arts Society; Victoria; BC. Her artwork has appeared in Duende Magazine, University of Vermont: CQ Magazine; Wax, Poetry, Art Magazine, Canada, and her painting “Unmasked” appears on the front cover of issue one of SurVision Magazine, Ireland. Her awards include the Bernie Legge Artist Cultural Award and Pandora’s Collective Citizenship Award. She resides in New Westminster BC and is the author of 13 poetry books. For further information www.candicejames.com  The new book is the Water Poems , a special themed book on water.