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World Poetry Proudly Presents Oswald George Okaitei from Ghana!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café with hosts Ariadne Sawyer, MA and Israel Mota welcomed Oswald George Okaitei or Oswald d’Atl Entertainer (on Facebook) to the show. calling by phone from Ghana, it was an interesting show of poetry and song by this  empowered award winner and talented young man who supported peace with an impressive World Poetry Peace Poetathon event. Debut of the World Poetry Theme song by Empowered Musician Yoshifuma Sakura from Japan  and entered into the computer by Tao Kimball was played for the first time. welcome music by Canadian musician Swan Walker, background music for cello by Yo Yo Mah. To listen to this show: Link not working.  http://www.coopradio.org/station/archives/1707







Oswald George Okaitei, Oswald d’Atl Entertainer (on Facebook), is a native of Osu Kinkawe from a town situated in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

He is a graduate of the University of Cape Coast and had his junior and senior
high education at Seven Great Princes Academy and Presbyterian Boys Secondary
School respectively. As a child, Oswald showed great interest in theatre arts
and his exceptional commitment and skills saw him featured in a lot of stage
and screen plays.

In his teens, he featured in Ghana Television’s Children Drama Series, BY THE
FIRESIDE, performed at the National Theatre of Ghana’s Fun World and KIDDAFEST
among others. He then played ‘Boy’ in ‘ANOWA’ in honour Prof. Ama Atta Aidoo
during the National Theatre of Ghana’s LIVING LEGENDS SERIES 2003. After
University education, he featured in ‘Me Da Dwene’ (My Life), a Tv playlet of
TV Africa and then took to serious writing and staging of plays and poetry
performances at the National Theatre of Ghana, National Centre for Culture, and
other many prestigious venues.

His literary works include ‘NKRUMAH MIGHT BE RIGHT!’, ‘WHO STOLE THE CASKET?’,
MY KINS’, and ‘LIGHT TO THE VULNERABLES’ NIGHT’ (Poetry). All were published by

Honours received by Oswald include:

2003 – Best Senior Secondary Schools Poet (Ga East)

2012  – Nominee (Ghana Achievers Awards- Arts Category)

2013 – World Poetry Empowered Poet from Ghana

2013 – Pentasi B. Inspirational Poet


Lost voices!
Wondering in the desert
And squeezing
Stones for water to calm their thirsts

Lost voices!
Screaming in the streets with tears
Raining down
their eyes to the mercy of none!

Today’s life
Slams them into the hive
Subjecting them
To the sting of the buzzing bees!

Lost voices!
The future of today lost to the dreams
Of their fate
And struggling for breath…

I see
Across the roaring constellations of the sea
From the clouds’ skies, their refuge

Sparkles of greed invaded souls
The reach of touch to their quest!

Lost voices
they lay vulnerable
With today’s future in their arms
Craving for refuge!

Lost voices!
Absent in the presence of their presence
and wandering
In the streets of Mogadishu for survival


Published by THE INK FIRM (C) 2014

World Poetry Proudly Presents the Poet AJA from Barbados and Brooklyn, NY!

Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota were honored to welcome the Internationally known performance poet and musician AJA to the show. Also the show was dedicated to Komla Dumor BBC anchor from Ghana who passed away last week in our new In Loving Memory segment. E-poems from Oswald George Okaitei    and  Benjamin Oku were also featured as well as music from Rene Hugo Sanchez and Anthony Blackman, steel pan player and teacher. To listen CLICK HERE!


@BHC Press

A Special Message to the World.

“As we start 2014, it is time that people understand that there is only one race on the Earth – the Human Race. Therefore, the artificial barriers and divisions that exist must be eliminated, for the World to live as One.

We are all going around together, and we must share a collective responsibility not only to protect the planet, but to make human existence one free of hunger, poverty, war and many of the other global issues.

Human consciousness needs to rise to this level of awareness for Human existence to attain a higher level. The fact that millions of children die from hunger and poverty every year does not paint a positive picture and negates human development, which seems to be measured solely by technological development. ” By AJA

AJA poet is a Barbadian-born World Music & Jazz poet and musician based in New York.  AJA blends Jazz and R&B with various Caribbean rhythms – including Reggae and Calypso, to create a unique sound.  This provides the platform for him to deliver his thought-provoking and engaging poetry. AJA has taken performance poetry to the international World Music, Jazz and Poetry Festivals stages; and his works have also been internationally published.

A feature of AJA is his intensity on stage. His work is captivating with heart-wrenching imagery that is engaging – “edutainment”.  From his emergence as a poet, AJA has focused on global issues such as war, hunger and the abuse of women and children. But in 2003 he decided to do more and transformed his poems from the stage and the page into practical initiatives in Barbados, other Caribbean territories as well as in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In 2003 he was made a UNDP Spokesperson on Peace and Poverty Eradication for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.  He is also a UN Women Caribbean Partner for Peace; and a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Network of Men Leaders – promoting and mobilising activities for the “UNiTE: End Violence against Women” Campaign.

Click here for a live performance:BIO eFlyer AJA

Here are two of his performance pieces:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

www.reverbnation.com/ajapoet    Tel: 917-797-9173  Email: ajapoet@hotmail.com


Inspired by Governor Bobby Jindal comments on race in America on the 50th Anniversary of the Speech by Martin Luther Jr.

I am a wedged between people

undermining the oneness of thought and being

I stop minds from seeing

To see only differences and comparisons

I am most distinct in my intent

More identifiable than apartheid

More universal than the snaking

Red Sea Walls of Separation

I project more snobbery from my appearance

That the opulence of the wealthy

Pushing up their noses

at the lifestyles coming from

inner Brooklyn ‘hip-hop’ cities


I may appear shortened

as though a line incomplete

and robbed from reaching my wholeness

But nevertheless,

I am imposed everywhere at will

inconveniently overused and inserted

indicating a link between

But a separate-ness

who am I?

I am hyphen

when I arrived in America

I immediately hyphen-native the Indians

Didn’t look back

while forwarding through time

To define all persons and patrons

Then I hyphenated the North from the South

Made America see itself

Only through hyphen after hyphen

I am made it citizens become hyphened-Americans


I hyphenated every race

Made people look at only face

Even hyphenated their space

displacing logical thinking

confusing the understanding of the social engineering

Or making it disappear

And in contrast I created

A Working hyphen class

A Middle hyphen class

An a Upper hyphen class


And as time further passed

I became that space

a hyphen between their ears

Imagine that, me just a small dash

A seemingly insignificant symbol

One that can’t multiply or add

subtract or divide

Could become such a symbol

Of the splintering of Americans

Into so many Social hyphen Class divisions.

August 26, 2013

Adisa ‘AJA’ Andwele, (c) 1094 East 58 Street, Brooklyn,  NY 11234

In Loving Memory…World Poetry Remembers Nelson Mandela!

Ariadnes's roses 004






This is the first of several poems  and a special historical video poem by Una
to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela, Father of Peace. 1918-2013.
“The poems are posted in the order that they came in. Thank you all for your submissions.

You are an example of courage, forgiveness, and love.
Transcending the boundaries of human existence.
  Embodying peace and respect.

As you travel into the heavens You live within all of us ,
blazing a path, a peace beacon for us to follow.

 Thank you for your gifts.
We love you.
We love you.

Ariadne Sawyer ©






In Loving Memory of Nelson Mandela

In our smiles we have all seen the world’s children raised to open
their arm’s and embrace the future within a glorious freedom.
A light of knowledge you have shed
to help to see us through the days as never-ending dark deceit still
cowering within racism’s rawness as hatred’s blindness has burdened us
too long in this dark time’s age.
If in fervent striving, we have found heart’s fuller destiny beyond all decay.
We need only open up windows
and let our new breeze come to drift in and hope for a brilliant new
dawn to rise that never stops its filling smile.
For sun will sparkle forever its golden glow upon every once darkened soul.
To bring love’s clear message of awakening within all deeper depths,
we will take that bridge across struggles and follow his champion heart!

Saleh Mazumder  Copyright  2013

more coffee beans 002







The heart of forgiveness and of peace…
To the shore hereof
He sails
his impeccable sail…


The personification of Ubuntu-
The spirit of community
Of brotherliness

Has this darkened day
Gone mute-
Breath has O departed his dust

Let the earth
Honour his spirit of Ubuntu
With oneness
And sense of forgiveness

Let the earth
His sense of loveliness
And to his sailing soul bid, ‘Fare Thee Well Madiba!’

Oswald George Okaitei ©


Digital Camera

  Africa In Mourning

  (Farewell Madiba)

Death has beaten his drum
The dancing step has changed
Death has spoken his words
The melodious song has turn dirge.
Death has drew his rope; taken away our hope
Death has opened the vault,taken away our joy

Oh! See the fall of tears as it roll in our eyes
Hear the mourning cries as it fill our mouths
Africa in mourning
Oh! Africa weep of a great lost,
Death has taken away the eagle
Madiba is gone!
Who to recipe for our fate?
Death; Oh! Death
Who shall pay the debt of this great loss?

Weep not
Oh! Africa weep no more
Ordinary men are born to die once
But Great men are born to make change
Mandela has gone to the journey of no return,
He has left the stage but has left a page
For stories to tell to our children’s children.

Farewell Madiba
You have journeyed on the road of heroes
You have lived a life of courage and wisdom
until death.

R. I. P Nelson Mandela.

Written By Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon © World Poetry Youth Ambassador to Nigeria.