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World Poetry Celebrates The Portrait of a Verse, a Fusion Book from India!










Ariadne’s Notes:  On April 5. 1:30 PM, PST, The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Celebrated the launch of a beautiful  book by  poetess Preeta Chandran and  Artist Pankaj Rohilkhandvi. This is an exquisite book which  brings poetry and art together. We are honoured to feature them below.












Preeta Chandran is a fusion expert and a writer and poet, and the author of the books, ‘The Painted Verse’ and ‘The Portrait of a Verse’. She has been featured and published in a large number of International and Indian anthologies by prestigious organizations like The Poetry Society of India, Hidden Brook Press of Canada, Cultural Centre of Vijaywada, Guntur Poetry Festival, AuthorsPress, Galerie MP Tresart (Canada) and newspapers like the Hans India. She has won awards from popular literary journal Muse India, been featured in fusion exhibitions in international galleries like Galerie MP Tresart (Canada), and her haikus have won the best haiku prize in The Hindustan Times Brunch Haiku contests. She works as an Assistant Vice President in a renowned global corporation. She is a B.Sc (Hons.) in Chemistry, an MBA, and has received an honorary doctorate and is pursuing a PhD in Management.www.preetawriter.com

Here are some of the poems and example of the book.

I am – 

The wind, the fire, 

The mountain, the speck of earth, 

The form, the formless, 

The thought, the inconceivable. 


Autumn rainbow – 

Father painting, 

Bridge of hope. 


Paper planes – 

Young dreams, loaded, 

Ready to take flight. 



You and me, 

Gazing at the horizon, 

I look back at our footprints in the sand, 

And wish that, 

Time would stand still. 


Pankaj Rohilkhandvi is an artist and painter, and Fusion expert, whose work has found a place of pride in both Indian and International art galleries. He is the co-author/artist of the books, ‘The Painted Verse’ and ‘The Portrait of a Verse’. His work has been displayed in exhibitions at Emmaus Gallery (Milan, Italy), Galerie MP Tresart (Canada), Lokayakta Art Gallery (Hauz Khas Village), India Habitat Centre, Habitat World, Canvas Art Gallery (Nehru Place), Academy of Art and Design (New Delhi) and Uttar Pradesh Kala Academy (Bareilly). He has designed numerous book covers for eminent authors. His work has won several awards and he has been featured in newspapers like The Hindustan Times. He works as an Assistant Vice President in a reputed global organization. He is a Bachelor of Sciences, an MBA, and has received an honorary doctorate.www.artistpankaj.com

Fusion of Art and Poetry

Together, Preeta and Pankaj have been working in the field of fusion of art and literature. Their book, The Painted Verse, was a first step in this direction. They are soon coming out with their second book, The Portrait of a Verse, in which multilingual poet Marcela Villar is also doing the Spanish translation of the poetry. They have participated in numerous fusion exhibitions, including ‘Soleil d’hiver’ by Galerie MP Tresart, Canada, Fused-Unfused, at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi, a fusion anthology ‘Et si les mots parlaient’ by Galerie MP Tresart, among others.


In Feb 2017, they were invited to the International Kolkata Book Festival, where they spoke about the evolution of fusion, works of artists like Picasso in the field of fusion, and its present form. Their session was covered by Doordarshan (DD News).


World Poetry Celebrates Kezang Dawa From Bhutan!





*Peace gift poems getting ready to go to UBC! 

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show , CRFO 100.5 FM welcomed e-poet Kezang Dawa from Bhutan. Called the Wonder Poet, Kezang Dawa , works as a driver in his  magical country and has written over 300 poems on FB. Broadcasting from New Westminster, Ariadne was pleased to read his lovely poem which a fan wants to translate into French.

Also, featured in the show , was a special album by the amazing Laura Kelsey and her band. Dispell http://dispellband.bandcamp.com and a book launch of a lovely book by the talented poetess Preeta Chandran and artist Pankaj Rohilkhandvi. Features to follow as soon as I can.









Let me go home, where my own kind lies

Let me go home, where the birds freely flies’

Let me go home, where I can live with the nature.

Let me go home, where life is full of adventure.


It’s been such a long time, Let me climb this ladder

Climb up, Get in and meet my mother and my father

My home is made of bamboo mats, and we might sleep on the floor

But, this is my home, where love and affections come in galore.


Door lock is of creepers or vines, entangled, maybe not strong

But there is nothing to fear, for no one does anything wrong.

The roof is made of straws or bamboos and maybe tarpaulin.

But it sure holds off the sunlight rays, even the rains down-pouring


In the evening we sit by the fire, drink and sing songs forlorn

Sharing one another’s woes and worries, binding us even strong.

The hard toil, out in the field by the day, is soon relieved

It sure is a good feeling to be amongst your own breed.


A poem by Kezang Dawa (C) All rights reserved by the author.

A Wonder poet from Bhutan