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World Poetry Celebrates Mother’s Day From Around the World!


A rose for all the wonderful mother’s of the world! Photo by Ariadne Sawyer.

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM on May 10 1-2 pm began with Mother Day poems from a number of countries and other poems that we could not read before. Also at 1:30 PM PST the talented humanitarian, Peace Ambassador to Nepal  and female Michael Jackson impersonator MJ Raven. She will be featured next.

I was hosting from home and Victor from the radio station.  A big  thank you for Victor Swartzman  for his beautiful reading.


Special thanks to all the wonderful poets of the world who joined in this Mother’s Day celebration.

A Mother’s Love by Roberta Monokroussos,  Cyprus.

A Mother’s Love Is Devine by Preethi Saravana, India

MOTHER by Passang Sherpa, Bhutan.

THAT SINGLE MOMENT by S.L.Peeran, Bengaluru, Sufi Poet.

To My Mother  on her Birthday by Ariadne Sawyer, Canada.

Other poems:

AFTERWARDS by Ashby McGowan, Scotland ( Human rights)  https://humanrightspoetryashbymcgowan.wordpress.com/

Tripod and Tripod of the Soul by Hongri Yuan, China.

Abused Mothers, Wounded Fathers by Vera Manuel, First Nations, Canada.

Where Bloom the Wild Things? By Madge Kimball, Canada.

 Fusion Celebration by Hudson Kimball, Canada.





World Poetry Display at the Vancouver Public Library.

World Poetry Celebrates Randall Stephen Hall From Ireland!


Ariadne’s Notes: On April 26, 1:30 PM, PST The World Poetry Café welcomed the talented poet, musicians and author  Randall Stephen Hall to the show for an exciting interview on CFRO, 105. FM  with his music, poems and insights on the situation in Ireland.  Also featured was Ken McAteer, outgoing president of VAHMS with a preview of ExporASIAN  Heritage Month, 2018 with over 50 events and partners during May including a first ever partnership with First Nations and Indian Cultures www.explorasian.org. Featured e-poets were: Kwabena ‘Nyameba’ Bediako  from Ghana and Passang Sherpa from Bhutan. 

***The World Poetry Team of Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Victor Swartzman , tech, Diego Bastinutti , co-host and special volunteer Sharon Rowe would like to remind you that we are going into our fundraiser for the show. We need to raise $1,000 per year by memberships or donations to keep on the air. If you want to become a member of our show or donate, please go to www.coopradio.org and click on membership/donations. When you do , please put in the name of the World Poetry Café so that the membership/donations can go into our show.  Thank you for helping us achieve our goal! ***




 Randall Stephen Hall Here’s some biography in his own words:


“I grew up in North Belfast at the height of the Troubles. Born 1957.


I grew up beyond many people’s context there and neither of my parents were from Belfast.

These two experiences collided and reverberated with more for all my years since then, shaping much of my art and outlook.


I met my wife Ann at The College of Art and Design in Belfast. She did Fine Art and Teaching while I did a degree in Graphic Design. At the time I was playing in a few local groups and later writing songs with two friends. Here’s an example from 1983. “The Bread Song”. https://soundcloud.com/randall-stephen-hall/the-bread-song-circa-1980


I left college in 1980 and got a job in a small add agency. That winter John Lennon was shot.

I remember the news on the radio. It seemed to link with shift, change and conflict in northern Ireland.


Ann and I got married in 1983. We had two girls in 1985 and 1987. We now have two grandchildren of six and two. Both girls.


I worked in local advertising for six years until 1988 when I became a freelance illustrator. My work, for a time came from Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow. This carried on until 1998 then my work began to change again. www.earthnativeart.co.uk 


In 1996 I self published a book called THE GIANT’S CAUSEWAY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnN5HQe1Fvk The advertising work began to diminish and I began to receive invites to visit schools to tell this story. A steep learning curve ensued from then until now. (I’ll keep this brief).


During this time I began to create new stories, illustrated for projection and began to shape way of doing story telling that involved, hand drum, voice, interactive singing, song, poetry and a main story, lasting about an hour.


All this has evolved slowly in a very natural way over a period of about 20 years.


Around  2009 I began to write and record songs a bit more seriously again. Luckily a local DJ

called Gerry Anderson (now sadly passed) found some of my funnier songs interesting and began to play them on the radio. So, in a period of about 9 months I created my first CD of poems and songs, using local themes, of identity, peace, conflict etc but doing it in an accessible way, with the addition of humour.


Here’s one of the interviews from 2010/2011. https://soundcloud.com/randall-stephen-hall/gerry-anderso-interview-24-9 


This development threw me back into playing live again after a long

hiatus of some years . . .



So from then until now I’ve been writing songs and poems, creating art and eventually getting involved in a small business with Natasha, my eldest daughter which sells some of my little illustrated books, T-Shirts, Tea-Towels, cards and music, on the web and, up until recently at St. George’s Market in Belfast.




As you can see I am stimulated by our local heritage, sounds, languages and see the potential connections between them.




My great great grandfather, Richard Hall, was born in Westmeath, almost the middle of Ireland. He joined a British/Irish regiment in 1848 at the height of the Irish Famine. In the following 22 years he travelled to South Africa, India, during the Indian Mutiny and eventually spent about ten years in Manitoba, Canada, where his first 6 children were born, one being my great grandfather.


 Over the years I developed an interest in native Culture in Canada.


I travelled to Canada twice in 2000/2001 and visited a number of reserves. I travelled first in December January 2000/1 for one month to Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver island, mainly. Then travelled back to the Winnipeg area where my great grandfather was born in 1864.”


There is a significant collection of songs and poetry up on


Sound Cloud/Randall Stephen Hall


Sound Cloud/Hugh Midden Speaks


You Tube/ Randall Stephen Hall   two different channels.


You Tube/Ragnall stiffen MacHalla


My songs are funny, sad or serious. Light and shade. Dappled light.”


He also presents shows in schools, community centers and other venues.

Stephen/Stiofán  (C)