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The World Poetry Canada International Peace Poetathon Launch is a Big Success!









The Birth of the World Poetry Canada International Poetathon began at 7:15 pm, PST, October 23rd 2013 at the New Westminster Public Library
The photo is of the  beautiful Peace Wishes Tree, sent by Una Bruhns.  The tree was also created by Una.
 The peace wishes will be going to Iceland for the Peace Tower.
 The Poetathon will be on for a whole year and all of you are welcome to join in and blanket the world with peace.
We are hoping that every country, individual, group, association, organization and government will take part.

The only failure is inaction! We will stand up for peace, create peace and help to heal planet.
Please register as an individual or a group with your ideas and projects. More information and forms are below.
Next October, we can look back on the year of the peace initiative and feel good that we stood up for peace.
So many hours of work and special thanks to Saleh Mazumder for his unceasing commitment to the Poetathon.
Thank you all for your wonderful projects and may we blanket the world with peace!
 “May Peace be with you.”
I will put events and personal projects on www.worldpoetry.ca as well as a list of partners soon!

Below is the link for the next peace initiative in Greece on Thursday, October 24th. Thanks to the World Poetry Café, I hope to record a video message for this wonderful peace promoting event! “Hope you received the email with the link for my webinar about Peace supported by the World Poetry Canada and International Peace Poetathon. The first link is my message in Greek so it is not for you and the second is for entering the webinar on Thursday. You can push it today to download the webinar’s platform (you agree on every step) so Thursday will be easier to enter. In this link I sent you now, you can find the starting time of the webinar in your country http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=1&iso=20131024T21&p1=1433&ah=1s link I sent you now, you can find the starting time of the webinar in your country http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=1&iso=20131024T21&p1=1433&ah=1” CHRYSSA VELISSARIOU”