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World Poetry Proudly Presents Sharon Rowe from Canada!

Sharon's big day RH and Rhonda photos 006

Ariadne’s Notes:
We are so proud to present the wonderful short story author, the specially abled Sharon Rowe with her first book. Her recent launch at the Surrey Centre Library in Surrey, BC, Canada had 55 people attending and World Poets, Anita Aguirre Nieveras , Selene Bertelsen and Peter Lojewski, came to read her funny and imaginative stories featuring Big Bessie the amazing HandyDART! Great thanks to Linda at Surrey Centre, the Readability class and the Rick Hansen Foundation for their kindness and support!


From napkins to floppy disks to flash, CD and now a book. Big Bessie lives!
Sharon is so excited a dream come true!
Thanks to the team who helped create this book with so much work and love.
Heidi Mueller, Kwame Yirenkyi  and all the others!

You can find her book  by clicking on The Big Bessie Stories link :http://www.amazon.com/Big-Bessie-Stories-Sharon-Rowe/dp/1926457005/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1416163528&sr=1-2&keywords=big+Bessie

World Poetry Proudly Presents three new photos at the WP, UBC Poetic Display!

After the riots by Yilin Yang

Ariadne’s Note: we are pleased to present another three special photographs in our display at UBC. Thank you to all who sent photos and paintings.

Yilin Wang is an emerging writer and photographer pursuing her BFA at The University of British Columbia. Her writing has appeared in many publications, including Youthink Magazine, Fault Lines Journal, and Cerebration Journal. She enjoys using her words and photos to promote diversity, creativity, and peace. You can learn more about her at yilinwriter.wordpress.com.

Yilin is a member of the WorldPoetry Youth Team and will be helping to compile and edit the upcoming World Poetry Peace Anthology.

World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and director, Peter Lojewski is an award winning artist and poet.

The city Berlin
once divided
now united

Now the capital
once divided
now united Germany

By Peter Lojewski (C)

Call to Peace by Sattar

 Sattar Saberi is a artist, well known for his Peace Posters. An author of several books including children’s books, Sattar is orginally from Afghanistan and now lives in Vancouver . We are pleased to include this photo in the Poetic Necklace Display.

We will be posting the other photos soon on this site. Please write a comment about the photo display.