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World Poetry Celebrates Addena Sumter-Frietag!





Ariadne’s Notes:  We had  the best Black History Month Celebration ever!  Starting with Keisha Prince, Dr. Mark Lomax  and ending with Addena Sumter Freitag and Wadada Leo Smith! The theme that stood out was the message of positivity and celebrating our differences plus healing together.

World Poetry Café Radio Show , 100.5 FM, CFRO  on  February 28, 1-2 PM PST was so honoured to have World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Ambassador to Jamaica , Addena Sumter Freitag call into the show with her great knowledge of  Black History in Canada. Addena is a wonderful poet, actress and writer. Every year, when we celebrated Black History Month at the VPL, she would bring the most beautiful display  and participate in the celebration.  On the show, she told stories about her mom who was a real heroine as well and also read a poem for Rosa Parks. 

Also on the show was the renowned Wadada Leo Smith with his Oratorio on Rosa Parks who will be featured soon.  E-poem by Rabia Ahrar, a new story by Sharon Rowe  and poems by Victor Schwartzman .

We also heard the voice of Rosa Parks speaking thanks to Victor’s search for her archives.



Addena Sumter-Freitag is from a 7th generation African-Canadian family.
She grew up in Winnipeg’s North End, and lived 12 years in Canada’s Arctic where she worked as a Community Development Worker for Status of Women NWT, and served 4 years as a Board member of Status of Women Canada. In her Social and Community Services career, Addena worked extensively with Women, Women’s Groups and with Aboriginal youth.

Addena is an actor as well as a published and award winning author.
Her first book “Stay Black & Die”, published by Commodore Books, has been included in English curriculum reading lists at UBC, Universery of Victoria, Emily Carr, Vanier College (Montreal), and also included in U.B.C Women’s Studies courses.
Her second book, “Back In The Days”, published by Wattle and Daub, was the 3rd of three books reviewed in Canadian Literature Quarterly by Atef Laouyene. The review was entitled, “Of Violence and Poetry”.

Addena writes and performs in English, although her poems have been translated to French and Korean. She is well known in the Canadian Theatre and Arts community. Writing and performing are her first loves.

Here is her poem for Rosa Parks: 
When Rosa Parks was 81, a robber broke into her house With the pretense of chasing away an intruder. He asked her for a Tip for his deed, and when she went to give him money he then proceeded to rob her. He hit her in the process and she fought to defend herself and then he beat her severely and threw her down stairs and took all the money she had. She moved from her house to an apartment after this incident.”

Miss Rosa

You were Dog-Tired
And Alabama parched
Hero was ‘the furthest’ from your mind’
When they ‘threw you into the light’

After you’d had so much darkness

Color it Lime.

How they held you up
So honored
And so cherished
On everyone’s lips
In everyone’s eyes
Immortally memorable
Eternally loved.

Strange, that the calendar was your enemy
The clock
Your Foe

It isn’t fair!

It is fair
That one of them ‘Chillin’
Whose Rights
You ‘wore your feet out’ for

Took his tragic rage out on you

He battered your face
Your arms
Your legs
Your heart …

For Fifty-three bucks.

Then he threw you down
And hurled you toward
Your final darkness.

© 2005 Addena Sumter-Freitag. All rights reserved  by author.

Source: Addena Sumter-Freitag.


Peace Poet Yioula Ioannou Patsalidou from Cyprus!


The World Poetry Radio Show Celebrated Peace Poet Yioula Loannou Patsalidou from Cyprus with a lovely Peace Poem September 27, 1-2 PM PST on CFRO 100.5 FM. Also, featured were Rabia Ahrar , sister of World Poetry Youth Director Alaha Ahrar who sent in a moving spiritual poem and Scott Reeves Celebrating his new Album Without a Trace. In addition, Ariadne Sawyer, MA, read some poems from her upcoming book. Poetic News and a short story from the Big Bessie Series by Sharon Rowe. Great thanks to sound engineer Kerry Bruckner who kept the show on the air!









YIOULA IOANNOU PATSALIDOU was born and raised in Avgorou Famaqusta Cyprus. She descend from the historical family of Ioannis Gonemi . She studied the French language and civilization in France and also photography.
The chronic corruption in her country’s power deprived her human rights and prevented her from working in areas for which she was first examined  in Cyprus.
They also deprived her of her inheritance right over the property of her ancestors and state officials took over the property.
She worked in the tourist industry while having her own show on local radio.
She also has been member of a traditional dance group. She has been writing literature since 11 years old . She published six collections of poems short stories and fairy-tales. Her poems and short stories was translated into Serbian, Albanian, English and French languages. She participated in many international anthologies and she was awarded abroad many times. She is the organizer of the global events 100TPC
in her country supporting the piece and justice in the world.

Παναγιώτα (Γιούλα)Ιωάννου ΠατσαλίδουΕστάλη από


To caress me and i come to life
the creation smells sweet, the feast begins.

I dress up in morning in colours light
i worship the trees, the earth, the water.

I kissed the noon and my heart grew wings
it fluttered, it searched for the embrace.

I befriended the dawn and it fell in my two hands
I married life and had three children

I named them love, justice, humanity
and i have happiness as constant companion
and i am not afraid of death nor of pitfalls.

YIOULA IOANNOU PATSALIDOU (C) All rights reserved by the author.


Dear Ariadne ,
This is for you and your audience for the PEACE DAY! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT.




World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Scott Reeves!








Ariadne’s Notes:

World Poetry Radio Show Celebrated Scott Reviews with his new album, Without a Trace on September 27, 1-2 PM PST on CFRO 100.5 FM.

Also, featured were:
YIOULA IOANNOU PATSALIDOU from Cyprus with a lovely Peace Poem and Rabia Ahrar , sister of World Poetry Youth Director Alaha Ahrar who sent in a moving spiritual poem . In addition, Ariadne Sawyer, MA, read some poems from her upcoming book. Poetic News and a short story from the Big Bessie Series by Sharon Rowe. Great thanks to sound engineer Kerry Bruckner who kept the show on the air.


In the fascinating  interview with Scott, two aspects stood out. One the difficulty that Jazz Musicians have in making a living in their careers due to the digital changes in the industry. Even Jazz clubs have had to close their doors due to high expenses. He also said that young Jazz musicians need to follow their passion and not give up. We got a lot of feedback to his remarks, with folks asking about possible solutions. We wish Scott Reeves great success on his new CD and also his upcoming trip to Japan. 

We would  like to thank Braitwaite and Katz as well as Katherine Growdon for sending us this talented musician.








Scott Reeves : Scott Reeves is a trombonist, alto flugelhornist, composer, arranger, author, and college jazz educator. A Chicago native, he attended Indiana University where he received his B.M. in trombone and his M.M. in jazz studies. Over the years he has studied improvisation with David Baker, Woody Shaw, and Kenny Werner; arranging with Manny Albam, Mike Abene, Jim McNeely and Mike Holober; and trombone with Thomas Beversdorf, Lewis Van Haney and Dennis Smith.
Since 1976, Scott has been teaching jazz at the university level and currently teaches at The City College of New York, CUNY, where he holds the rank of tenured Full Professor. Scott previously held positions at the Juilliard School, the University of Southern Maine, Virginia Commonwealth University, Memphis State University and Western Washington University. Scott frequently presents workshops and concerts throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Italy, and is a long-time composer participant in the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop in NYC.
Scott’s most recent recordings are the 2018 release, “Without a Trace” and the 2016 release “Portraits and Places” by the 17-piece Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra. Other recordings under his leadership include his quintet recordings, “Shape Shifter” (featuring Rich Perry) and “Congressional Roll Call” (featuring Bill Mobley, James Williams & Kenny Werner), as well as “Tribute” by his 4 trombone/3 rhythm septet, Manhattan Bones. Scott can also be heard as a sideman on four CDs by the Dave Liebman Big Band, as well as the Bill Mobley Big Band double-CD “Live at Smoke.”