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World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Rosario Arias Naranjo from Canada!




Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer, Vivian Davidson and Israel Mota welcomed the well known romantic poetess , actress and writer Rosario Arias Naranjo to the show!  It was wonderful to see her again and listen to her beautiful poetry. To hear the show, CLICK HERE!



Rosario Arias Naranjo nacio un 1 de Octubre en Pradera Valle Colombia, desde los tres anios reside en Cali. Desde temprana edad inicia su carrera literaria declamando su poesia romantica    presentandose en: Colombia, New York, Houston, y  Miami. Participo desde 1988 en algunas peliculas en Cali, y en Vancouver desde el ano 2010, entre las peliculas actuo en una con Penelope Cruz. Tiene su libro Cd Mensajes del Corazon siendo un exito aqui en Vancouver. Escribio en la  revista Via Internacional en la ciudad de New York.
Rosario Arias Naranjo was born October 1 in Pradera Valle, Colombia. Afterward, she resided for three years in Cali. From an early age, she began a literary career, reciting her romantic poetry in Columbia, New York, Houston, and Miami. She also worked as an actress in Cali and in Vancouver in 2010, entered films with Penelope Cruz. She has a CD, Messages from the Heart which was very successful in Vancouver. She writes for the New York magazine Via International.

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World Poetry Proudly Welcomes Rosario Arias Naranjo, Columbia & Canada!


Ariadne’s Notes: we would like to welcome a long term supporter of World Poetry,Rosario Arias Naranjo, a talented poet and writer.  Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed her to the World Poetry Cafe. To hear her on the show CLICK HERE! Also a special e-poem by Romero Della Valle.

Rosario Arias Naranjo was born in Pradera Valle, Columbia. From a very young age, she began writing letters, articles for the papers, magazines and radio. With this impulse she began writing poetry. With her poetry, she performed in Columbia, New York and Houston, USA. She also was in two movies in Cali under the name: Heels. She presented in New York, and was an actress in Todelar, Columbia and  acted in in photo novels for the newspaper El Caleno. In 1999, she came to reside in Canada, participating in World Poetry and the Vancouver Public Library as well as the World Poetry Cafe on Coop radio with the poets Alejandro Mujica-Olea and Ariadne Sawyer, in the show the Bus at 7 by Ramon Flores and Latino Soy program of Edwardo Olivares. 

 Her new book and CD is Messages of the Heart in the Afternoon. She  participated in other  films including one with Penelope Cruz. As a writer, she was published along with other poets from 20 countries in the book, World Poetry Anthology 2001. Rosario is an active and loyal participator of Latin American events in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Rosario Arias Naranjo nacio en Pradera Valle Colombia, de muy temprano edad se inicia en las letras, escribiendo articulos para los periodicos, revistas y radio. Con ese impulso comienza a escribir poesia. Con su poesia a actuado en Colombia, New York, Houston, tambien participo en dos peliculas en Cali siendo una de nombre Tacones presentada en New york, radio actriz de Todelar de Colombia y actriz en fotonovelas en el periodico El caleno.En 1999 fija su residencia en Vancouver Canada, participando en El mundo de la poesia , en la Biblioteca Publica de Vancouver y la Radio Cooperativa del poeta Alejandro Mujica Olea y Ariadne Sawyer, en la emisora El Bus de las siete de Ramon Flores y Latino Soy de Eduardo Olivares. Parcipa aqui en Vancouver en peliculas siendo una de ellas con Penelo Cruz. Como escritora participo con otros poetas representantes de 20 paises del mundo en el libro: The World Poetry Antologia 2001. Su nuevo libro y CD Mensajes del Corazon al Atardecer.  Ella es actualmente es fiel colaboradora en la esfera social cultural de los eventos de la comunidad latinoamericana de British Columbia.

Like an Ivy

Attached to my skin like the ivy on the wall,
I feel your hands touching with tenderness my entire being…
The warm night conspires to embrace us,

And I allow my body to entangle in your arms
Feeling your life in my life without thinking in the end…
You are here…

I feel your breath against mine,
Your agitated chest attached to my heart,
Your hair entangled with mine and our lips
Kissing with delirium and passion, and…love…

Attached to my skin….I feel I’m getting crazy
With our overwhelming passion…
We feel our bodies in ecstasy, and anticipation

Forgetting the time…And for a moment,
We feel the magic of the night making
Trembling in pure passion!

 By Rosario Arias Naranjo (C)