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World Poetry Proudly Presents Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah from Ghana!

Ariadne’s note:

We are so proud to present nominee Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah who will receive the prestigious  World Poetry Youth Empowered Poet Award for Ghana at our third World Poetry Canada & International Festival April 4-30th, 2013.This year, the nominees are visonaries that are making  positive changes to create a better world, they are wonderful examples to us all.

The World Poetry Cafe Team of hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota along with assistant Ryan Handy and our amazing tech Medhi welcomed Michael as a featured guest by phone from Ghana.  For  long awaited photos of the the team , go to the end of this post. We have had great feedback and increased visitors already. To HEAR THE SHOW CLICK HERE!



Mr. Somuah is a winner of numerous awards and honours such as National Youth Achiever in Literary Arts, presented by the President of Ghana during the maiden event of the National Youth Achievers Award.

International Peace Award winner of the Kostis Palamas Poetry Prize, Greece
Honorary Diploma in Poetry- United Poets Laureate International.

He is also a  Guest editor of Poetry Space-UK, and widely published in books, Literary Journals, Anthologies and newspapers in the UK, Canada, India, Ghana, Kalahari review-Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Pakistan, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, USA and other web hosting literary magazines .

His new book is coming out in July.


In my faithful cry
and eyes swollen
hope lost
wars to view
daydreaming and stare


I shivered in awe
the sight of blood
the marred voices of
I wish for old yesterday
hug and whisper into her ears
The Peace once had


When the noble Lord of the heavens unfold
and the breeze leaves everything serene
our children bid farewell to
sweet aid at
the beaches, and call Peace


Bags of grace, yield of harvest past
storeroom of gold, fragrance of joy eclipsed for
shades of arms… injustice
to cause distant cries
For Peace I say

Copyright ©2010

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah (Ghana)


Medhi and Ariadne







Ryan and Isreal





Happy New Year 2013 from the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show!


World Poetry Family








To hear the World Poetry Cafe New Year Show or download it: CLICK HERE!

The World Poetry Cafe Team  with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota plus Ryan Handy and tech Gerry, celebrated New Years day with a special program of good wishes, e-poems and  music. Canadian based music was featured by Pancho and Sal, Godwin Barton and Susan Cogan  and International music by Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze (Griot)

Thanks to Yaman, we had 1,568 visitors from around the world on Wednesday! Thank you all for visiting.

Featured e-poets were:

Lini Grol, Brampton, Ontario, Canada with her poem : A New Start to 2013. Israel translated her poem into Spanish and read it on air.

Carol Knepper, New Brunswick, Canada with her poem: I Vow To Kneel.

Saleh Mazumder, Bangladesh with his poem New Year.

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Ghana with his poem Living in a Fools Hopes . Michael will be a featured guest on the World Poetry Cafe, January 8th.

Sadly the pictures  of our show did not come out so I am putting in the WP Family Portrait instead.