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A Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou by Award Winning African Poets!

Ariadne’s Notes:

001Three  African World Poetry Canada International award winners pay tribute to Maya Angelou; poet, justice crusader, writer and women’s rights advocate. She  was and still is a wonderful, shinning light for the world and lives in out hearts and in her numerous books. She will be sorely missed.

World Poetry Celebrated Asian Heritage Month on May 28th in New Westminster, BC  Canada and had a moment of silence for Maya Angelou and read an excerpt from the poem by Mutiu Olawuyi  which was well received and gave me the idea to present these three award winners who hopefully will be coming to our Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival in October, 2014.

Featured Poet.


(Dedicated to Maya Angelou)

A bright
Light, this day, has found a sip of sleep
And still the
Caged birds sing their songs…

Yes, the birds sing!
They sing but not the songs of joy–
Their ‘toothless”
Beaks, now, weave the rhythms of endless sorrows…

They mourn
For a new dawn is still and hangs in the skies–
The sun is perplexed
And awaits to find reasons to tell the new day;

Maya Angelou!

A fierce
And tremendous cradle of pride
Firmly woven
Into the depth of the holding anchors of the earth…

A strong
Embrace that filled the void and calmed
The turbulence
Of mortal roars that once encroached the earth…

A metaphor
Of racial equity and a bright light
That glowed
In the opaque foggy frost mist…

She is
This juncture, mute and still
And the earth
At last, lament,”…O’ death why art thou stolen our treasure?”

O’ truly, a bright
Light’s day, this day, is done
And the lips
Of the earth have turned her praise singers

The ideal
Of a woman with the heart that dares
Where eves
Dared not to dare…

Maya Angelou!

The hailed trailblazer and the speechless
At childhood whose voice
Re-emerged to inspire the fading bones

Walk, we creed for thy feet
In thy
New path on the sacred voyage of no return!

Oswald George Okaitei
All Rights Reserved. © 2014










I am One of The Caged Birds
(To Maya Angelou)
By Mutiu Olawuyi

My shank pip out to spot my fellow wings,
though of different colors and shapes,
from the fluid cage since the shadowy point.
I sulk to flee the cold from the callous snowy soil,
though the coop metal gate was bolted,
with my bald and skinless neck.
And those like me in blood and eye-sights
crouch with outward smiley face –
built with rotten rice and cassava and maize.
Dogs eating dogs and things fall apart – 
Our cooked foods are enjoyed by our visitors
and we – turned their watchmen.
And our crops turn their plants for us to buy.
They’ve swapped our bearers’ tongues with theirs.
And they on our wings now survive.
Our saliva is dry – we can no longer sing – 
We wheeze and sneeze to feel an atom breeze.

Surely you may know – why the caged bird sings; 
how the flutes of others fine-tune his throat – 
hidden to the free bird flowing in the cloudless sky .
I am one of the caged birds – troubling my gangan,
bata and kora, yes, for freedom of my vein’s wits,
and of her sights and her legs. The caged bird
no longer sings but wheezes, sneezes and drums not.
He shivers but never allowed to dance.
Mutiu Olawuyi  (C)











The piper piped the pipe
The drummy has twirled the type
The town crier sound the gong

Is this a call for feast or shivah?
So: I heard the song
Far the sky abroad

From the tip tweak peak
Of a little bird
Oh! They say bird sings

What do they say?
To what has this song brought?
I asked in amazement.

Oh! Yesss they truely sing
I saw wave as the feather pinch
It was the free bird sings
Rent her feather in sick

It is a song of mourning
It is a shivah not a feast
The wind blow to and fro
Sip the light and carry the dirge.

And I ask oh! Free bird
Why doth thou rent your feather?

Oh! Little bird
Why doth sing this dirge?

And the free bird said
O’ you unfortunate traveler
Caged in the cage of tumultuous

Behold! Tonight the great bird
Has soared beyond the sky

The bright light has gone faded
O’ that bird stalks down the narrow cage
 Whose tune is heard on the distant hill

 Whose voice beyond mine stands still

Often sings for freedom
 Lay down this night and sip the milk of death

 Oh, she is gone to rest in the kingdom
Where life is free and free from cage net.

Tonight! When the moon decend on us
When the wind whisper to our souls
Then shall we all sing dirge
As tribute to the great bird

Oh! Maya Angelou
The voice of freedom and peace
May you leave to rest in peace
The great bird is gone

The little bird mourns
Oh! Unfortunate traveler wings
I wish I could be the caged bird
To name the sky PEACE.

(C) Copyright
@ Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon
2014 Torm Gardson

In Loving Memory…World Poetry Remembers Nelson Mandela!

Ariadnes's roses 004






This is the first of several poems  and a special historical video poem by Una
to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela, Father of Peace. 1918-2013.
“The poems are posted in the order that they came in. Thank you all for your submissions.

You are an example of courage, forgiveness, and love.
Transcending the boundaries of human existence.
  Embodying peace and respect.

As you travel into the heavens You live within all of us ,
blazing a path, a peace beacon for us to follow.

 Thank you for your gifts.
We love you.
We love you.

Ariadne Sawyer ©






In Loving Memory of Nelson Mandela

In our smiles we have all seen the world’s children raised to open
their arm’s and embrace the future within a glorious freedom.
A light of knowledge you have shed
to help to see us through the days as never-ending dark deceit still
cowering within racism’s rawness as hatred’s blindness has burdened us
too long in this dark time’s age.
If in fervent striving, we have found heart’s fuller destiny beyond all decay.
We need only open up windows
and let our new breeze come to drift in and hope for a brilliant new
dawn to rise that never stops its filling smile.
For sun will sparkle forever its golden glow upon every once darkened soul.
To bring love’s clear message of awakening within all deeper depths,
we will take that bridge across struggles and follow his champion heart!

Saleh Mazumder  Copyright  2013

more coffee beans 002







The heart of forgiveness and of peace…
To the shore hereof
He sails
his impeccable sail…


The personification of Ubuntu-
The spirit of community
Of brotherliness

Has this darkened day
Gone mute-
Breath has O departed his dust

Let the earth
Honour his spirit of Ubuntu
With oneness
And sense of forgiveness

Let the earth
His sense of loveliness
And to his sailing soul bid, ‘Fare Thee Well Madiba!’

Oswald George Okaitei ©


Digital Camera

  Africa In Mourning

  (Farewell Madiba)

Death has beaten his drum
The dancing step has changed
Death has spoken his words
The melodious song has turn dirge.
Death has drew his rope; taken away our hope
Death has opened the vault,taken away our joy

Oh! See the fall of tears as it roll in our eyes
Hear the mourning cries as it fill our mouths
Africa in mourning
Oh! Africa weep of a great lost,
Death has taken away the eagle
Madiba is gone!
Who to recipe for our fate?
Death; Oh! Death
Who shall pay the debt of this great loss?

Weep not
Oh! Africa weep no more
Ordinary men are born to die once
But Great men are born to make change
Mandela has gone to the journey of no return,
He has left the stage but has left a page
For stories to tell to our children’s children.

Farewell Madiba
You have journeyed on the road of heroes
You have lived a life of courage and wisdom
until death.

R. I. P Nelson Mandela.

Written By Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon © World Poetry Youth Ambassador to Nigeria.

World Poetry Presents Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon,World Poetry Ambassador to Nigeria!









Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (Torm Gardson) is the World Poetry Ambassador to Nigeria and an esteemed youth member of the organisation. He is an inspirational poet , author and a literary critic. He had his debut book “Call For Retreat”  released, with his work published in series of international Anthologies such as ‘The Art of being Human; volume iv and several ones included international journals. Gabriel won the ‘Write Share Be Read’ international poetry competition as one of the top five poets in category A. Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon is one of the founders of ‘The Winning Pen’, a creative writers organization. He is also an esteemed member of ” The World Poetry Foundation” and the administrator of ‘Factual Writers Cafe’ and ‘Creative Writers Club’ online. He has also made an impact in series of international events such as ‘World Poetry Canada and International Peace Poetathon’ held in Canada and World Friendship Poetry Celebration in Philippines. He also is the Creative Coordinator of Onfire creative movement in Bangalore Indian. Timileyin is a Nigerian based poet born in Iree, State of Osun.

He will be promoting peace for World Poetry in Nigeria and around the world.

Digital Camera


Digital Camera










Simple me.

Nothing but Something.

I am something
Still nothing

I am nothing
But yet something

I have everything
Yet pointing
Always hoping
For greater things

I am young
Yet bold and strong
I am black

Yet not brains lack

I am  marching
Yes! For candle light
Toward my path
For a brighter sight

I am right
Yet I am wrong

I have toiled and moiled
And so in plight
I became strong
As a mighty rock
That cant be blocked

I am Me
Yes! not you

So far! I am nothing
I still have everything
With everyday hope
For the greater story.

I am who I am
What God says I am.

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (C)