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World Poetry Presents Nasreen Pejvack from Canada!



Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed the multitalented poet, author and singer  to the show on February 18th on CFRO 100.5 FM. Music by : Valerie Cardill, Ablaye and Volker. Background music by Rene Hugo Sanchez.

To hear this informative and lovely show: Click Here!

Nasreen Pejvack was born in Tehran, Iran.  Today she resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.  At a young age, Nasreen left Iran for Greece due to the brutal aftermath of the 1979 revolution in Iran.  After 19 months living in Athens, she left for Canada to begin a new life in a more peaceful environment.  As her credentials were not recognized in Canada, she started anew by studying computer programming at Algonquin college in Ontario.

She lived and worked in Ottawa for 8 years.  Soon, her adventurous spirit brought her to Vancouver, British Columbia where she continued work in the computer field, and at the same time discovered the magnificent beauty of the West Coast.

She then moved to California to work as a Systems Analyst for CNet Networks during the tech boom of the 1990s.  After several years she returned to her new homeland of Canada and her beloved BC.  After over 11 years in the IT field, she decided to start a new chapter in her life and made a conscious decision to work with people instead of codes and projects.  While working as a counselor and educator, she also developed and presented Workshops  http://www.examine-consider-act.org/Workshops.html?0=  tailored to the needs and requirements of her clients; she pursued and completed a degree in psychology, and is now studying Sociology aiming for her PhD. 

As she travels and enjoys nature, she has learned more and more about the human psyche and people’s behaviours, and tries to understand humanity in all its complexity.   She is concerned about why have we come such a long way in this epoch in gaining such profound intellectual capital and developing such marvelous technology, and yet wars, pain, conflict, hunger and strife have followed us throughout this history?  She asks the world why, despite all that we have accomplished, self-interest and intolerance threatens to overcome all our achievements.  She continues her research and anxiously watches human nature and behaviour to see if we can step back from the brink of destroying everything.

By 2012, she decided to take early retirement and has since renewed her battle with the world’s wars, hunger and greed.  To start, she wrote a historical novel called “Amity” which is being published by York University Press, Inanna.  “Amity” is a window through which one can see the wreckage caused by wars and conflict, which leave behind destruction, displacements, struggles and pain resulting in life-long psychological disorders that are irreparable.  It is a story about the lives of various people who live within these wreckages and must deal with their devastations, here specifically within the contexts of Yugoslavia’s dissolution and Iran’s revolution.   The book questions the motivations of those inflicting these injuries upon peoples and ecosystems, and pursues discussions about solutions or paths that we all might take to repair our dysfunctional societies and know peace.

Nasreen Pejvack also writes poetry, short stories and articles in her website: http://www.examine-consider-act.org/ and Inanna Publication Blog:their link is here: http:// www.inanna.ca/blog-and media/blog



I am the daughter of mother earth I am the tears of the mountains, joining the rivers;

together we join the oceans I am the lover of earth’s forests, oceans and mountains I have climbed the hard mountains, seeking freedom,

hearing of freedom I have traveled across the world, seeking liberty,

talking of freedom I have followed our thinkers; listened to their speeches,

seeking a liberated world I long for peace on mother earth; and still I am waiting I dream of a united world, with no war and no slaughter;

yet hopelessly only wishing it, not tasting it
I still climb mountains, roam forests,

enjoy the birds, and talk of love. Yet the ones around me are oblivious to the real me;

the real me is bleeding, watching the apathetic people around me…

You are the power behind me, next to me You are the one who shares this world with me You are who is making it grow and develop You are who can contribute to its happiness You are who can ignore the tyrant’s bully,

You are who can make a difference or be indifferent

Have I given up hope? Not yet Have I waited too long? Undeniably Have I lost my trust?  Not yet Have I waited for us to make it right? Indeed

Nasreen Pejvack (c)



World Poetry Proudly Presents New Westminster Artists from Canada!





Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota, along with poetry reviewer Victor Schwartzman welcome two New Westminster Artists and Partners for Asian Heritage Month, Marney-Rose Edge and Richard Armstrong in a fascinating interview about creating! Music by Rene Hugo Sanchez, Terrance Warbey and Valerie Cardill. Victor’s new review was on the work of theAmerican poet Lyn Lifshin.  To hear the this wonderful, flowing show: CLICK HERE:






“Artist’s statement: Light and colour are energetic components of my paintings that stimulate the senses. The excitement comes when the layers of paint build strong contrasts and the viewer can feel the warmth of sunlight and sense the mood of the moment captured. Transparent watercolor gives my work a light from within. Its fluidity and ability to mix on the paper creates fascinating surprises. On my palette are nine colours, to which I will add “guest” hues, to strengthen my message.









This painting by Marney-Rose Edge was based on a poem written By Ariadne Sawyer for Chief Rhonda Larrabee during the 150 celebration of the City of New Westminster and later displayed in a  successful joint celebration of painting and poetry.

Biography: Marney-Rose Edge  was born in Napier, New Zealand and started to travel in her early twenties upon completing an apprenticeship. After living in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide Australia, London England and Chicago USA, Vancouver Canada felt like “home”; it was time to put down roots.  She has lived in this beautiful city since 1992. The next chapter unfolded when she met and married her soul mate, Gary. A career spanning almost 30 years in the Graphic Arts/Printing industry has led to an opportunity for Marney-Rose to paint full time. She teaches workshops and demonstrates her techniques to local art clubs. Marney-Rose has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2007, earning Senior signature status (SFCA) in 2013.  Also she is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor and the International Guild of Realism located in Scottsdale, Az.  Her paintings have won many awards locally and internationally and she has been invited to write an article for the International Artist magazine. For more detailed information please visit www.marneyroseedge.com






Many of her flower paintings seem so real that viewers can almost smell the natural perfume.







Richard Armstrong is a New West resident who has been painting and drawing for 25 years. Attended The Victoria College of Art to learn how to draw “properly”and The Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound to learn how to manipulate images in the digital world.

A long time member of The Heritage Life Drawing Society, Richard is quite interested in portraying the human form, broken down into its constituent bits of course and merged together to form not quite what you might expect from a life drawing session.

As President of The New West Artists for the past two years, he has watched the local art scene explode with shows taking place around the clock within New Westminster. 

The Third Annual Art Squared Exhibit will take place in early May at The River Market so do not miss seeing several hundred 12 by 12 inch pictures along with a Best Of Collection. http://newwestartists.com/

Radio gang!

Sharon and radio 021

World Poetry Proudly Presents Alan Girling from Canada!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show on 100.5 FM with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota proudly welcome Alan Girling to the show. Also featured was Alfonso Martinez Pretal with an e-poem from Spain which was read by the hosts in Spanish and English.  (http:// miralfondo.blogspot.com) The blog’s name is MIRA AL FONDO  Background music by Rene Hugo Sanchez and welcome music by Valerie Cardill. To hear this special radio show: CLICK HERE!


Alan Girling lives in Richmond, works in Vancouver, and writes in his head and in his heart. His work has appeared all over, in digital, in analog, in person, and once even in a shop window in Hamilton, Ontario. He was a finalist for the 2003 Larry Turner Award for non-fiction and winner of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s 2006 Community Dreams Poetry Contest. His short play, ‘Whatever Happened to Tom Dudkowski’ was produced for Vancouver’s Walking Fish Festival.

A simple, spoken word

Sometimes a word,
a simple word,
a spoken word,
say, the word enjoy,
is said in just such a way,
that something new unfolds, unexpected,
as if the real, the signified,
had until that moment been
an unknown, alien quantity,
never before glimpsed,
too pure to access,
too large to be encompassed.

Enjoy, he said, to all the guests,
and I saw laid out the spread of the evening:
Enjoy, yes, enjoy the roast beef,
the wine, the conversation.
Enjoy the view of the lights in the harbour
and the clusters of expressionistic paintings on the wall.
Enjoy it all.

And I wondered then if I could enjoy,
that is, in the way
the mere speaking of it—enjoy,
made me feel the possibility of it—enjoy,
and I still wonder about it,
that very enjoyable evening now past,
if I ever will reach that realm
he told me was there,
if I ever will live
the cunningly simple way of words
as they may be spoken, felt
and touch through the voice,
my own voice,

 by alan girling (C)


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