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Happy New Year Update!



Ariadne’s Notes:

I want to thank all  the World Poetry Participants , publishers, the World Poetry Canada International closed groups Peaceathon, World Poetry Youth Team  and, media partners in print and digital  poetry association partners and  film partners. In 2017, the film partners reached numbered 7 and we are grateful for their wonderful films and the opportunity to promote them. We hope to expand into other media as well.


The World Poetry Café radio show has been on the air continually since 1991 and the current team will be adding a couple of guest hosts in January and February. We just received a certificate from the station which I hope to post.

The show how has now reached 101 countries and the book launches have also been very popular with a wait list for a variety of  guests from LA and New York , USA, as well as the world.

The World Poetry Peace Celebration still has poems to be read on the show and certificates to be sent out. 700 peace poems were received and are being read on the show with more coming in.

I want to thank all of your who have sent messages, phoned and contacted me in appreciation of what World Poetry has done for them, opened the doors for contacts and positive exposure and in bringing the poets, musicians, artists, writers together worldwide as a family in support of respect, love and peace.  As one media person put it! “They love your positive and respectful show!’’

 A big thank you to are directors and advisors!

This is a volunteer position for me and I hope to do the best job possible promoting all of you.

In the new year, we hope to expand with a FB Media Page, podcasts and World Poetry Media reporters searching out and reporting on positive news with the goals of respect, unity, love and peace.

In peace, respect and love,



World Poetry Celebrates Oswald Okaitei from Ghana!

Ariadne’s Notes: Oswald Okaitei, World Poetry Theatre Director and multi-award winner, called in from Accra, Ghana at 1:40 pm PST with interactive song and poetry poems. It was great to hear what he is doing and the possibility that he may visit Canada in August. We also want to thank him for his warm words about World Poetry Canada International and how our belief in him has helped.  The World Poetry Café had an enchanting show on April 27, 2017, CFRO 100.5 FM with poets from Israel and Ghana phoning in.

World Poetry team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, producer and host,  co-host Anita Aguirre Nieveras , Super tech, Victor Schwartzman , special volunteers, Sharon Rowe and Willow, the dog.




A product of the famous but erstwhile “By The Fireside”, Oswald Okaitei celebrates 5 years of actively pursuing his passion for poetry on May 5, 2017.

That makes up for a lot of fives in his life and on that day, his birthday, he again takes to the stage at the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) House in Accra to celebrate his fifth year in the Creative Arts.

Whoever actually achieves anything at the age of five? That, of course, isn’t the kind of age at which people hit the world stage with anything in particular. But that is where the bus stops with the 5 international award-winning poet and playwright, Oswald Okaitei.

Five years into his career as a poet, Spoken word artiste & Creative Artpreneur, Oswald has done and seen things in the industry that can only be tagged as instrumental.

His has been a story of motivation fueled from having stepped out of the university, hopeful, like most of his kind, of securing a good government job only to be so disappointed when he found out that there was a ban on government employments.

Itching to remain active even without someone having to pay him to execute a job, he fell on the one thing that not even money can buy—his gift. And his gift was in the ability to beautifully string words together into thought-provoking poetry and music.

Today, Oswald has broken frontiers as one of the youngest and fast-rising poets who have performed on big stages with the best of the best in the industry—the likes of Muta Baruka, Pro. Atukwei Okai, Rocky Dawni, Prof. Kofi Anyidoho among others. His ability to blend rich Ghanaian folk music with his equally enchanting poetic lines is what has earned him many accolades and the opportunity to be featured on a lot of National & International platforms.

That said, he has also authored five (5) poetry collections—A WREATH TO AWOONOR, THE SAILOR’S SAIL IS OVER (For Komla Dumor), SONGS OF CONDOLENCE TO TACLOBAN, A BRIGHT LIGHT SLEEPS (For Maya Angelou) & MANDELA: THE SOUL OF HIS EARTH—and has been featured in several international anthologies (World Poetry Peace Anthology, Muse For Peace et al). Oswald has written quite a number of stage plays, notable are “IN THE BAG OF A WOMAN”, “IN MAN’S LIBIDO”, “BEAUTYFUL NONSENSE”, “WHO STOLE THE CASKET?” among others.

 Oswald Okaitei is currently a World Poetry Director from Ghana, has five international awards to his credit—World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013, Pentasi B. Inspirational Poet, World Poetry Theatre Ambassador award, Global Baobab Award and recently, The Spoken word Artiste of the Year 2016.

The night of 5 May, will be one of dramatic poetry enactment, fused with rich music and dance, titled, Akua Ghana (Death before birth and 60 years on), in commemoration of Ghana’s 60th Anniversary. The night will also see the launch of yet another book from the poet and author titled TEARS AND joy AT 60, with a foreword by the celebrated academician, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana & former President of Ghana Academy of Arts & Science; Prof Akilagpa Sawyerr.

The time for the start of event is 5:00pm and as he assures the public, “This would be a night to surely remember!”

Entrance is free. One must only call or whatsapp +233 571 174 908 or +233 244 174 908 for invite.

The Special Guest of Honour is Nana Bright Oduro-Kwarteng (Chief Director, Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture).

Written by Etsey Atisu

World Poetry Newsletter! Happy Holidays!

Ariadne’s News!

Welcome to our First World Poetry Newsletter at www.worldpoetry.ca  We wish you a Happy Holiday and a great New Year. This newsletter is the first of a series that will be posted every two months as time permits. I hope to give you features on upcoming events, World Poetry Member  Canada and International News, book reviews and articles.


One of several wonderful notes!

From: Capt. M.Suleman Mahtab. Sent: December-27-11 8:17 PM To: Ariadne Sawyer Subject: Re: Welcome to our First World Poetry Newsletter at www.worldpoetry.ca

Thank you Ariadne Sawyer. I take this opportunity to wish you, your dear ones and all the members & associates of WP a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY PROSPEROUS & “POETIC” NEW YEAR !!

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors to promote peace through poetry………

Kind regards,
M. S. Mahtab (Former President, Canada Urdu Association) Vancouver, BC.

World Poetry Newsletter #1.

Publisher Ariadne Sawyer, MA.

World Poetry News:

We are now a nonprofit society and are learning about the responsibilities and expanses involved. Before becoming a society we paid for most expenses out of pocket. We are all volunteers and do not receive any payment for services and  most materials and awards. Our Directors are:  Bong Ja Ahn, Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Peter Lojewski, Alejandro Mujica-Olea, Heidi Mueller and Ariadne Sawyer.

 Membership: We welcome new members from Canada and around the world. Being a member gives you a variety of privileges and costs only $30.00 per year. Become a member by clicking the membership box on the right. There is an application form and more information about benefits. 

The www.worldpoetry.ca is getting a home page in the near future. Right now the home page is the blog. We hope to add a bookstore, member news and eventually a podcast. If you want to buy World Poetry T-shirts or other items, click on the store box. World Poetry receives a small percentage for each item sold. If you want to be a featured poet or have an e-poem read on the World Poetry Café Radio Show, please send a brief bio, photo and poem to ariadnes@uniserve.com  The first feature is free. When you become a member, you can have three features per year. If you want to join the World Poetry Prayer and Meditation Circle, please e-mail: ariadnes@uniserve.com 

We are excited to welcome our new World Poetry Youth Team ranging in age from 10-23.They will be performing at World Poetry Events and perhaps even in other countries. 

World Poetry New Westminster Night Out just celebrated our 2nd year at the New Westminster Public Library, our honored partners. We also celebrated our first year of www.worldpoetry.ca with a cake and readings by many poets. The first year of World Poetry & International Face Book Group was included in the celebration. Join us on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at: 716-6th Avenue (Auditorium Room) New Westminster, BC. Featured poets, open mike, free book raffle and refreshments.
We want to thank all our wonderful poets, musicians and amazing volunteers for making World Poetry New Westminster such a success. 

In 2012, World Poetry Richmond will begin at the Richmond Cultural Centre (our honored partners) 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, Canada    This venue will be on the first Saturday of each month from 2:30-4:30 pm at    Workshops and featured readings will be presented. 

World Poetry  Richmond Canada & International Peace Festival will be on May 25-26th Richmond Cultural Centre, 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, Canada.  We have received  queries from 25 International Poets and will be continuing the Peace Festival for the month of May at different locations. One of our key partners will be the Asian Heritage Month Society who will include our poets in their venues when possible and provide media coverage. This is our 10th year with Asian Heritage and our first year as a key partner. World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Richard Doiron will be receiving his award on May 25th.  There will be music, dancing, poems for peace display and a panel as well as several book launches.  There will be more information posted soon.

In September 2012, World Poetry Life Time Achievement Award Winner Jacqueline Maire will receive her award at the Life Celebration of Chief Dan George at the Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) Vancouver, BC, Canada.

 Next entry will be a  World Poetry summary of 2011.