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World Poetry Celebrates Rebecca Papucaru From Quebec!

Ariadne’s Notes: A wonderful interview with the talented Rebecca Papucaru on October 12th at 1:35 PM, PST on the World Poetry Café, CFRO, 100.5 FM . Featuring her new book, The Panic Room, by Nightwood Editions (Harbour Publishing, with thanks to Nathaniel Moore, publicist for his good work.   She paints pictures with words and gives each reader something to relate to.





Rebecca Papucaru   Author of the new book, the Panic Room, Harbour Publishing.  She is preoccupied with the complexities of identity and selfhood, memory, embodiment, loss, and family, Rebecca Papucaru carefully examines details that make up one’s lived experience.


“Lobster Dinner” describes a happy childhood memory of eating an entire lobster with an admiring father as her audience. “Take It or Leave It” is the casual and quotidian, yet heartbreaking, failure of a daughter and her mother to find an emotional connection during an art gallery outing. “Your Women Are Beautiful” betrays the dreamy excitement of travelling in an unfamiliar place, juxtaposed with the blunt reality of arriving home again.

The Panic Room is about the giants that loom over us, too. A second-generation Eastern European Jewish immigrant, Papucaru attempts to grapple with connecting with her family’s past as well as the distinct feeling of being disconnected. In “On Watching an Eastern Bloc Comedy” she writes, “I’m one generation apart from all this, / and ashamed. Of my father, before his / refrigerator, mourning age spots on lettuce.”

Papucaru offers unabashed honesty: the sort of reflections you’d only tell your dearest friend.

Rebecca Papucaru’s work has appeared in journals such as The Antigonish Review, PRISM international, The Malahat Review, The Dalhousie Review and Event. She has been anthologized in I Found it at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems (Guernica Editions, 2014) and Best Canadian Poetry in English (2010). She lives in Sherbrooke, QC.



World Poetry Celebrates Cornelia Hoogland from Hornby Island!







Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café was honoured to  welcome the talented Cornelia Hoogland  with her new book Trailer Park Elegy (Harbour, 2017, Nightwood Editions)  on October 12, CFRO, 100.5 FM or listen live at 1:10 pm , PST in archives at www. coopradio.org.

A fascinating interview about  death and loss which touches us all. Trailer Park Elegy is a moving tribute to her brother. The interview also mentioned how hard it is to spend time with those we love due to the busyness of everyday life.  Adding to the book is the flavor of the Gulf Islands including the specialness of island living in BC, Canada. A book well worth reading!

Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CC, reviewer, co-founder and host of The World Poetry Reading Series, World Poetry Cafe Radio Show and World Poetry Canada International; specializes in creativity and Peak Performance Training with a focus on helping people to empower and believe in themselves (especially the youth of the world) to be the best they can be.


Listen to the show ! http://www.coopradio.org/content/world-poetry-caf%C3%A9-el-mundo-de-la-poesia-14

Cornelia Hoogland

Author of various books and  professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario. She writes and lives on Hornby Island, B.C, Canada.


 Her new book: Trailer Park Elegy (Harbour, 2017).

Sea Level (Baseline Press, 2013) finalist for the 2012 CBC Literary Nonfiction awards Woods Wolf Girl (Wolsak and Wynn, 2011) 2012 finalist Relit Best Book of Canadian Poetry.Crow (Black Moss Press, 2011) 2012 long list Relit Best Book of Canadian Poetry                              

Website www.corneliahoogland.com

Twitter @CHoogland




World Poetry Canada International Celebrates Peace!



World Poetry Canada International Celebrates World Peace!

September 21, 2117, 24 hours plus worldwide.

 All 10,000 participants, World Poetry Directors and Advisors are welcome.






What you can do: 
1  Signup, send a letter and a peace poem, marked URGENT in the e-mail to ariadnes@uniserve.com

2.  Copy your poem and send it to communities, governments, friends and family. Print it and roll it with a ribbon for a gift poem to give away, buses, planes etc. Ask bookstores and other places to display the free gift Peace Poem in a basket or other display.

3. Plan a block or village Peace Party or come up with new ideas.

4. World Poetry Canada International will read selected Peace Poems on our radio show, put on site at www.worldpoetry.ca
and will send each participant a WP Certificate by e-mail.