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World Poetry Celebrates the Unique Poet Chad Norman!








***One of our  last World Poetry Festivals . Thanks to CTV News for their invaluable  sponsor help several years ago.***

Ariadne’s Notes: We were so honoured to feature the incomparable Chad Norman from Nova Scotia on April 19, 1-2 PM PST  on the World Poetry Café Radio Show, 100.5 FM, CFRO.  Chad was and still is a friend and mentor that helped World Poetry  launch and provide a intercultural, multilingual venue, radio show website and special events. It is timely that he joined us as we celebrate 20 years on the show and even more on our venues. To hear this important show  which also includes a celebration poem for our 20 years by Mohan Sanjeevan, India. Our great Tech, Victor Swartzman read it twice on the show-he liked it so much! Music by Feature Dan Pugach. 


Brief Bio: Chad Norman, Truro, NS, Canada

His poems have appeared for the past 35 years in literary publications across Canada, as well as a number of other countries around the world.

He hosts and organizes RiverWords: Poetry & Music Festival each year in Truro, NS., held at Riverfront Park , the 2nd Saturday of each July.

In October 2016 he was invited by the Nordic Assn. for Canadian Studies to give talks on Canadian Poetry and read from his books at Borupgaard Gym in Copenhagen, and Risskov Gym in Aarhus, as well as other readings in both cities and Malmo, Sweden. Because of that tour Norman has started the manuscript, Counting Coins In Denmark And Sweden.

His most recent books are Selected & New Poems, from Mosaic Press, and Waking Up On The Wrong Side of The Sky, from Grant Block Press, and a new book, Squall:Poems In The Voice Of Mary Shelley, is due out Spring 2020, from Guernica Editions. Presently, he also working on another manuscript, The Black Rum Poems.

In October of 2017 he will reading at various Eastern Canada venues in Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal. And in the Fall of 2018 Norman will undertake a speaking/reading tour of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, as a celebration of literacy and Canadian Poetry.

His love of walks is endless.Chad



If you wait long enough

and the wind

is quite right

each illuminated hardwood

will select you

and send or drop

one yellow

then one red leaf

at a time, until

what you thought

were the sounds of them

hitting the forest floor

turns out to be

one of those big

red-headed woodpeckers

letting you see it

feeding on whatever

insects are still alive

in a brief patch

of sunlight.

 Chad Norman  (C) All rights reserved by the author.



World Poetry Celebrates Trish Hopkinson from Utah!


Ariadne’s News! A wonderful World Poetry Café radio show with two great guests on October 19, 1-2 pm PST. First up: Trish Hopkinson with advice on contests, tips for youth poets and how her popular blog came into being.  She answered a poet’s question about spending around $500 dollars total on submissions fees and did not receive any acknowledgement from any of them. We hope to have Trish back again! A must hear show below:

LISTEN HERE! This is for last week’s show. Hopefully we can retrieve the current show from the station.







Trish Hopkinson has always loved words in fact, her mother tells everyone she was born with a pen in her hand. A Pushcart nominated poet, she is author of three chapbooks and has been published in several anthologies and journals, including Stirring, Pretty Owl Poetry, and The Penn Review. She is a product director by profession and resides in Utah with her handsome husband and their two outstanding children. You can follow Hopkinson on her blog where she shares information on how to write, publish, and participate in the greater poetry community at http://trishhopkinson.com/  Tips for publishing , contests and more! 

A Way In

for Amiri Baraka


As involved and still

as looking inward. Loudly

closing all the shutters at once.


Evening: sarcasm blocks

my window view

of the garden.



of light. The shadows. The

irregular flickers. Like old

flashbulbs on the red carpet, cold

and electric. There is no silence,

John Cage says . . . Just the tones

of nervous system operation

& blood circulation.


My throat wants to shout

out at this tangible reality.


Although, (standing upright in thin

atmosphere from shut windows; all

the answers falling to the floor,

till your feet are bruised & knee deep in)

Although, sunlight will edge between cracks

& in warm strips of faith, of truth.


There are glorious murals of lilies

on the wainscot

in the dollhouse. The dolls

sit still all day. In blue

dawn & morning dew.


Church bells, like the good

book in the nightstand, anchored in the drawer.

The lamb and the crucifix, a vision

with an ending.


I am satisfied. Pausing

in this moment, staying still,

waiting to pass this old age, the

mortal pain of body; sloughed off . . .

Like newborn field mice;

shivering in the nest,

until the unknowing

boot heel crushes their bones.

Use up the ugly

expanses, with full lungs

primed. Harmless lift

of human dreams. A prophet’s



Crumpling into the dirt, worms

writhing on lips. Wood

and hinges sealing the box.


Awakened. Convoluted

and looking inward. I evaporate.

” (This is the first poem in my recently published chapbook Footnote)”

Trish Hopkinson (C) All rights reserved.

World Poetry Celebrates Mahmood Jan from Afghanistan!

Ariadne’s Notes: I have been receiving so much e-mail from all over the world, some of it is so unique. This poem was read on the World Poetry Café Radio Show several weeks ago and I would like to feature him as an example of the quest for peace around the world.









“My name is Mahmood Jan from Afghanistan.

I am a 52 year old man I am living in Kabul, a shopkeeper in the selling of tiles.

I am sorry :  I am studying English is   but it is poor

I have a  little knowledge of English

language. But I  feel the pain of the world creating such pain topics as (  Voice of the heart of the world)  that I wrote.

I thought I would share my topics the outcomes that  I feel that I am alive to read especially in the writing or singing to express my feelings.

This is for reading on the world peace day with full singing sound on September 21st.

Voice of the Heart of the World

Our world   Your world   Our world

Our sky   Your land   Our space

I am   As you are   You are   As I am

Our place   You live   We live   Your place

Our love   Your ambition   Our ambition   Your love

Our world   Your world   Our world

Our sky   Your land   Our space

Hey person   Hey human   Hey mankind

Our color   Your blood   Our body

Our intellect   Your brain   Our mind

We see   You see   Our lookout

We become dust   We are melting

We become growth   We become leaves

We become flowers

Our flowers  Your flowers   Our grass and land

Our world   Your world   Our world

Our sky   Your land   Our space

Our stones   Your mountain   Our universe

Our stars   Your moon   Our sun

We become light   We become lamps   We shine

This is our heart   This is our heart   This  is our heart

Asia is our heart   Australia is our heart   Africa is our heart

America is  our heart   Europe is our heart

All people the world are one heart

All people the world are one heart

Mahmood Jan  (C)