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World Poetry Welcomes Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Award Winner From Ghana!


Michael, National-Youth-Achievers-Awards-2012-4







Ariadne wrote: “On behalf of our World Poetry Canada International Community, we would like to send warm congratulations to  Michael  for his award in Literary Arts presented by John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana. As a family , we are so proud of you!”

Michael wrote:
Dear Mother Ariadne, I bring you warm compliments and love from Ghana and trust you are all fine?
I won the award on the delightful Thursday as the Young Achiever in Literary Arts at the maiden edition of the National Youth Achievers Award by the Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana. The National Youth Achievers Award is a national recognition platform designed to publicly honour exceptional youths between the ages of 15-35, who have excelled in various sectors of the country, with the hope of preparing them for responsible leadership.
The Literary Art is awarded to a Ghanaian youth who has been involved in literary activities in his school or community, and environment by producing works that are likely and have contributed to the rich store of a Ghanaian literary heritage.
With your instrumental hand and warm blessings, in making this dream a reality, I share in the joy, success with you dear Ariadne, World Poetry Community, The El Mundo de La Poesia, World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, Lawrence,  Ariadne who emailed the recommendation letter to me,  and everybody of a good heart seeking a change.
I forward photos of the event dear Ariadne and two poems (Kindly select the poem that best suits your interest), and warmly dedicate this National Award to the you and the World Poetry Canada Community. World Poetry Canada was well advertised when my profile was been read. And guess what, it was live on Television. I am grateful and will forward the video to you immediately I get hold of it.  Love always…. It is to us!!!

Love you all,
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

  LINKS: http://showbiz.peacefmonline.com/news/201210/142686.php http://www.nyaaghana.com/index.php?p=about_nyaa#

to Akash Patel, Oklahoma and Peace for People, Nepal

Let me dance
Let the world craze in smiley lavender
Let me dance to the drums of traditional incense
Let the majestic sticks muse your humming senses
Let the acoustic moonlight sight tenderness
In an arraying desire of imaged melodies
Let me dance
Let me roll love in the oceans swing
Let the flapping coil draw me ashore
Let me cheep-quack-honk like the duck
And marry the breeze of warmth
of the brightest sun

Let me dance
Let me dance to the cock crow
To catch the early worm of dreams
And renewed beams.
Let the thought of men mime my rhythm
Let the pool of love and peace
Flood their bowels and erode their heaves

Let us dance
‘till joy birth ooze and eternal blues
From the golden heart of you and I

Copyright © 07-08-2012
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah


Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah lives in Ghana and an African Poet. International Poetry congresses and festivals have included his poetry presentations and writings in their programs. He is an award-winning poet and has participated in Poetry events, readings in and out of Ghana, including Greece, Cyprus, South Africa etc.

As at the National Youth Achiever in Literary Arts during the maiden awards by his Excellency the President of Ghana, and Kostis Palamas poetry prize winner, Guest editor of Poetry Space-UK (summer showcase), he is being published widely in Literary Journals, Anthologies and newspapers in the UK, Canada, India, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Pakistan, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, USA and other web hosting literary Magazines. He uses his form of poetry in projecting brotherhood of peace, love and beauty in all style, and a distinguished member of United Poets Laureate International (upli-USA), World poetry Canada, Ghana Association of Writers’ (GAW), Omilos Eksipireton (Servers’ Societry)-Greece, Indigo Dreams UK, among others.

Michael’s poems have been translated into other languages such as polish by Piotr Balkus, Croatian by Vinko Kalinic, Hungarian by Istvan Dabi, Greek by Vassiliki Ergazaki/Omilos Eksipiretiton and read and Interviewed on Co-op radio 102.7 in Canada by Ariadne Sawyer

He is a Client Support Executive of Rakes Company Limited, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast and finds poetry as a tool of promoting peace and conquering the opponent with love. He is writing his first poetry book.

You can reach the Poet at kmsogh@gmail.com and blogs on www.mkksomuah@wordpress.com.

Award winner Michael!




Farina Reinprecht World Poetry Featured Poet from Canada!

Farina, Rita and Avamana at WP Festival

Farina is a person of color and a survivor of the Apartheid regime in South Africa. Farina lived in “hiding” for over a decade due to her cross-racial “marriage” considered illegal, Farina knows only too well the significance of racism and the ongoing adverse consequences and legacies of inequity, which include low self esteem, frustration, anger, disease and violence. In frustration she turned to the silent but effective mode of communication – the arts. Her extensive volunteering and activism led to her appointment to the B.C. Advisory Council on Multiculturalism in 2002.

Farina is a self-taught visual artist and poet inspired by fellow artists! She has facilitated free form visual art workshops—paper sculpture with a “creative twist; delivered workshops on immigration and settlement challenges, multiculturalism, culture conflict and youth violence, sharing stories of her own plights and self-help initiatives. Her interests in the arts extended to participating in popular theatre workshop development. In 2006, she was one of the emerging artists selected to celebrate Mosaic’s 30 Anniversary, a partnership initiative with the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

Love of Mankind

Love is an action
A deliberate action
t is a conscious decision
To Act in Love
Love endures
For self and others
Love is sacrifice of self
While maintaining self- love
Love looks to every Soul
At nothing but the Soul
It is to look beyond…
To see the essence of each individual
Love calls on us to release mindsets
Prejudices and judgments
Love begs.
Reign in Ego the punk!
Calls on us to accept color, creed and all cultures
Love must continue
When we are unwilling
Filled with dread
It is to persevere when we are most reluctant
Love charges on through confusion
Of rioting emotions
Love is like a javelin thrown
Makes it’s mark
Fear of Love may be our barrier
Fear of goodness our terror
Yet, only Love conquers All.

Farin Reinprecht (C)

Melanie Faith, World Poetry Featured Poet from the USA!

Melanie Faith holds an MFA in poetry from Queens University of Charlotte, NC. Her instructional article about editing poetry was published in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Writers’ Journal. She has a poem forthcoming in Tapestry (Delta State University, Spring 2011) as well as an essay about Thoreau and the internet from Front Range Review (University of Montana, Spring 2011). Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won the Anne E. Sucher Poetry Prize. She has been a small-town newspaper journalist, an ESL classroom teacher for international students, and (currently) a literature and writing tutor at a private college prep high school in Pennsylvania and an online creative writing instructor.

What the Roses Hear

By: Melanie Faith

from the Ferris Wheel.

The purple and blue glitter
bumper cars play-crashing teens

one into another, a tonal torrent
arms and lungs

caterwauling hysteria
round the loop-de-loop

coaster, down the embankment,
across the paved

four-lane highway to the heights,
garden sculpted hillside—

otherwise cemetery still. Few tourists
stop here amongst the American Beauties—

long-rooted, possessing few thorns
under cloudless skies. These blooms

haven’t earned their scarlet— though
don’t think them sedate. Even tucked

between the foot bridge
and arborvitae, their petals tremble

with the near-invisible
weight of sunlight. And why

wouldn’t they, too,

stalks absorbing shrieks,

electric green.

Melanie Faith ©