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World Poetry Proudly Presents Betty Scott from the U.S.A.!

Betty Scott,2012 Festival International de Louisiane.

Ariadne’s note: We continue the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival update with Empowered Poet  and World Poetry Member Betty Scott. Welcome back! Also please check the calendar on the top bar for coming events in September.

After the World Poetry Festival, Betty Scott participated in the 2nd annual Chuckanut Writer’s Conference, performing several of her own poems and presenting workshops. Her summer has been devoted to fine-tuning her first book of poems: A Courtroom and a Waterfall: Odes to the Spirit which takes readers through grief to spiritual awareness. She says the manuscript is finally ready for submission.

 She is also revising poems for her second collection, as well as teaching, editing and tutoring other writers. Below is the opening poem from A Courtroom and a Waterfall.

All Aboard the Give It Up For

When bawdy politics
Breed the sins
Of human greed

And when fear and anger
Break our fragile
Planetary needs

Or when time juxtaposes
And we arrive
At grief-ly junctures

Then imagine families
Of the world carried
On the Give It Up For,

A train that to transform
drops the i and glides
On a very long track

And imagine prophetic poets,
The heirs of stories to unfold,
who set the table, prepare

The feast and rearrange
The plot for living brothers,
Forgotten sisters

And spirits of the dead,
And imagine the rust and
Hum of words that tunnel

From hearts and brains
Through arteries and veins,
Soul to soul and back again

Since OnceUpon a Time
Is never once
Upon a time

But the clap and tap
And heartbeat of the past—
Inside—And be forewarned

For clamor turns
A feast into a trough
Passing as we are

Through time
And moving out,
and even though

The Give It Up For
Runs on wheels, slick
With grief beginning

Eons ago, imagine now
On the Give It Up For
We forgo shame that brings

More pain, the lust
For things and fame,
And that glamorous ruse

Of crowning one as best,
Mightier than all the rest,
And imagine no one shouts,

Gossips, diminishes or demeans,
Criticizes, syllabalizes,
Trivializes or blames

For poems are tasty morsels
Of longings and belongings
And we, Dear Readers,

Have always been the Chosen Ones,
To raise and up-hold,
To transform and transcend,

And so for us the poets sing:
Though grief is always with us,
We’re crossing any way.

 By Betty Scott (C)

World Poetry Proudly Presents Richard Doiron from Canada!

Richard Doiron

“Hi Ariadne. A few notes on things…
While nothing I have done since the May World Poetry International Peace Festival could possibly equal that experience, I have kept more than a little busy since my return to New Brunswick. For two full months, now, I have worked at re-building my cabin in the forest. We have experienced the hottest and driest summer since 1965. It has been an exhausting project, one often leaving me drained, not up to par in terms of my usual prolific writing self. Still, I have managed to average about one poem written each day. There have been a few developments in my life also, one involving a proposed film documentary of me, as well as a nomination to a substantial award, with respect to my life of writing. I will leave specifics for later on these developments, however. Also, a professor from the University of Moncton has asked if I would speak to her class, even if a class might be welcome to spend time at my cabin in the woods, where potentially a weekend of literary explorations might be in the works. And there is to be some study of my writing in an Asian university. It has all been very positive. Naturally, I am more than grateful to World Poetry for having given me the greatest validation of my literary life, namely the 2012 World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award. While in Richmond, B.C. I made lifelong friends and got to spend time with Ariadne Sawyer and Sharon, with memories made to last a lifetime.”

“For a poem, I include the following:

  The Far And Greater Peace

I did not find peace in the morning
with the rising sun.
I did not find peace at noon
with the sun high overhead
I did not find peace in outside sources,
but thoughts of peace occupied
a certain portion of my mind
As such, then, I knew peace
if only minutely.
And that knowledge
was the beginning
of a far and greater peace.
For, beyond the thoughts I had,
there was a reaching out,
a hand extended in acceptance,
words spoken in a spirit of friendship,
a ready smile, a validation of others,
an invitation to share my vision,
an openness to experience
viewpoints other than my own,
and the inherent wisdom of the world.
Therefore it was that I came to know
of that far and greater peace.

-Richard Doiron

Copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.”

Ariadne’s note: We are asking all the Empowered Award Winning Poets that were at the World Poetry International Peace festival in May 2012 to give us an update on what they have been doing since the festival. World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Richard Doiron begins the series of updates.

The next World Poetry Canada International Festival will be April 4-30, 2013 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.



World Poetry Proudly Presents TV Director Neamat Haidari from Afghanistan!

Featured Doc maker

World Poetry Peace Festival Welcomes
Neamat Haidari,  (visa pending) Afghanistan, TV director and Producer and since 2004.  He is working as director with the different media channels such as Tolo TV, Ariana TV and established and Media Production house called Apple Media and has worked Free Lance with news channels such as BBC, Fox News, CNN, and ATN. He has prepared many documentary films encompassing different field of social, economical, cultural events. He is really pleased to hear that we are working for peace and says: “This is our best need after passing years of civil war and would be really pleased to take your peace massage to our country Afghanistan”

Below is his photograph Hope which will be featured at the World Poetry International Peace Exhibit  at UBC  from May 1-31 and in Richmond May 25-26th along with Jaypee’s Photo. We have several other artists that will be featured on this site to give you an idea of the display: A Poetic Necklace.