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Dear World Poetry Canada International supporters and friends!

Reading Series, World Poetry Café Radio Show, Electronic Newsletter, Publishing Company Special Events. World Poetry President: Ariadne Sawyer, MA www.worldpoetry.ca ariadnes@uniserve.com

Dear  World Poets and supporters.

We are currently looking for poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers, multimedia artists, artists and dancers to become part of a World Poetry Youth Team with poets from different cultures and languages. In April 2013, the team will be the principal hosts of the World Poetry Canada International Festival at UBC. The new monthly venue at UBC is in a beautiful room with audio visual equipment.

Since we are a society, we have to ask for membership fees of $30.00 per year. If that is a problem, please let us know. We are all volunteers and donate our time to support our World Poetry family. However, the money goes for awards, www.worldpoetry.ca hosting and domain costs, awards, pins, insurance and medallions as well as paper and ink for certificates etc.
If you want to join, please go to www.worldpoetry.ca and click on become a member.

Here are some of the events and support we offer:

World Poetry Website: www.worldpoetry.ca

Featured poets are posted in the order that they are received. Please send a poem, bio and photo to Ariadne Sawyer at ariadnes@uniserve.com or astarte_sita@yahoo.com  World Poetry members will receive three featured spots per year. If you are a member and have not had three features, please let me know. If you want to become a member and support World Poetry, please click on “Become a Member” button at the right of www.worldpoetry.ca site. Monthly Poetic News, Prayer and Meditation Circle and other categories are available. If you want to link to the site or have us link to yours, please let us know. Upcoming new sections will be an e-book category and a book review section plus Creativity Rocks, tips for creative adventures.

World Poetry Café, CFRO, 102.7 FM soon to be 100. 5 FM!  www.coopradio.org (heard on the internet regularly by 38 different countries) Weekly one hour show every Tuesday night, 9-10 pm Pacific Standard Time. Featured poets, e-poems read from around the world, book reviews, and phone in interviews. Canadian musicians are also featured. Hosts and producer:  Ariadne Sawyer, and hosts Lucia Gorea along with Israel Mota and the wonderful techs that keep us on the air complete our volunteer team.

World Poetry Chapters:

World Poetry Richmond, 1st Saturday of each month, 2:30-4:40 pm. Richmond Cultural Centre, 100, 7000 Minoru Gate, Richmond Cultural Centre,( Fabric Room)  Richmond, BC. Featured poets, poet profile, World Poetry Youth Team, workshops, open mike. $2 each to pay for the room. 604-526-4729 (Richmond Registered Arts Group)

World Poetry Night Out, New Westminster Public Library (our honoured partners), 716 6th Avenue. New Westminster, BC. 4th Wednesday of each month, 6:30 pm. Featured poets. Special events, open mike. book raffle, refreshments, free, all are welcome. 604-526-4729.

New Chapter World Poetry Youth Team, UBC Library starting October 13th.  

World Poetry Youth Team monthly venue building toward the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival., 1-3pm, Lillooet room , Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia, 1961 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1,www.ikebarberlearningcentre.ubc.ca/Dates for World Poetry Youth Team at UBC, 1-3 pm: Saturday 13 October 2012  Saturday 24 November 2012  Saturday 15 December 2012  Saturday 26 January 2013  Saturday 23 February 2013  Saturday 23 March 2013

We wish to thank UBC for their wonderful support.

Benefits of being a member:

·         Reading at World Poetry events and at our partner’s specials events.

§  Your poetry will be featured in the World Poetry Electronic Newsletter and www.worldpoetry.ca three times in the year. You will need to let us know when you want to be on the site.

§  You can vote at our annual AGM in person or by proxy if you live in another country.

§  Participation in social events

§  Interview on the World Poetry Cafe radio show

§  Your news or book launch announced on the radio show in the “Poetic News” segment

§  Volunteer opportunities

§  You can be nominated for World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, World Poetry Ambassador, World Poetry Youth Team and other yearly awards.

§  Often, we join other partners in participating and performing at special events and will try to include you when possible both nationally and internationally.

§  You will receive a World Poetry Membership card and receipt.

If you want information about our background or have any questions, please contact me at ariadnes@uniserve.ca


Ariadne Sawyer, MA World Poetry Reading Series  Society President.


The World Poetry Reading Series is a unique society that encompasses:

  • World Poetry Vancouver
  • World Poetry Night Out New Westminster
  • World Poetry Richmond
  • World Poetry Youth Team UBC
  • World Poetry Canada
  • World Poetry Canada International Peace Festivals
  • World Poetry Special Events
  • World Poetry Publishing
  • World Poetry Cafe Radio Show
  • the site: www.worldpoetry.ca

We are a unique group with the goal of bringing out the voices of those who need to be heard, in respect, honour, support, peace and love.

Our community partners are carefully chosen for their conscience, integrity and trust. The partners will mention World Poetry and as needed display our logo.

World Poetry Welcomes Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Award Winner From Ghana!


Michael, National-Youth-Achievers-Awards-2012-4







Ariadne wrote: “On behalf of our World Poetry Canada International Community, we would like to send warm congratulations to  Michael  for his award in Literary Arts presented by John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana. As a family , we are so proud of you!”

Michael wrote:
Dear Mother Ariadne, I bring you warm compliments and love from Ghana and trust you are all fine?
I won the award on the delightful Thursday as the Young Achiever in Literary Arts at the maiden edition of the National Youth Achievers Award by the Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana. The National Youth Achievers Award is a national recognition platform designed to publicly honour exceptional youths between the ages of 15-35, who have excelled in various sectors of the country, with the hope of preparing them for responsible leadership.
The Literary Art is awarded to a Ghanaian youth who has been involved in literary activities in his school or community, and environment by producing works that are likely and have contributed to the rich store of a Ghanaian literary heritage.
With your instrumental hand and warm blessings, in making this dream a reality, I share in the joy, success with you dear Ariadne, World Poetry Community, The El Mundo de La Poesia, World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, Lawrence,  Ariadne who emailed the recommendation letter to me,  and everybody of a good heart seeking a change.
I forward photos of the event dear Ariadne and two poems (Kindly select the poem that best suits your interest), and warmly dedicate this National Award to the you and the World Poetry Canada Community. World Poetry Canada was well advertised when my profile was been read. And guess what, it was live on Television. I am grateful and will forward the video to you immediately I get hold of it.  Love always…. It is to us!!!

Love you all,
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

  LINKS: http://showbiz.peacefmonline.com/news/201210/142686.php http://www.nyaaghana.com/index.php?p=about_nyaa#

to Akash Patel, Oklahoma and Peace for People, Nepal

Let me dance
Let the world craze in smiley lavender
Let me dance to the drums of traditional incense
Let the majestic sticks muse your humming senses
Let the acoustic moonlight sight tenderness
In an arraying desire of imaged melodies
Let me dance
Let me roll love in the oceans swing
Let the flapping coil draw me ashore
Let me cheep-quack-honk like the duck
And marry the breeze of warmth
of the brightest sun

Let me dance
Let me dance to the cock crow
To catch the early worm of dreams
And renewed beams.
Let the thought of men mime my rhythm
Let the pool of love and peace
Flood their bowels and erode their heaves

Let us dance
‘till joy birth ooze and eternal blues
From the golden heart of you and I

Copyright © 07-08-2012
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah


Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah lives in Ghana and an African Poet. International Poetry congresses and festivals have included his poetry presentations and writings in their programs. He is an award-winning poet and has participated in Poetry events, readings in and out of Ghana, including Greece, Cyprus, South Africa etc.

As at the National Youth Achiever in Literary Arts during the maiden awards by his Excellency the President of Ghana, and Kostis Palamas poetry prize winner, Guest editor of Poetry Space-UK (summer showcase), he is being published widely in Literary Journals, Anthologies and newspapers in the UK, Canada, India, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Pakistan, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, USA and other web hosting literary Magazines. He uses his form of poetry in projecting brotherhood of peace, love and beauty in all style, and a distinguished member of United Poets Laureate International (upli-USA), World poetry Canada, Ghana Association of Writers’ (GAW), Omilos Eksipireton (Servers’ Societry)-Greece, Indigo Dreams UK, among others.

Michael’s poems have been translated into other languages such as polish by Piotr Balkus, Croatian by Vinko Kalinic, Hungarian by Istvan Dabi, Greek by Vassiliki Ergazaki/Omilos Eksipiretiton and read and Interviewed on Co-op radio 102.7 in Canada by Ariadne Sawyer

He is a Client Support Executive of Rakes Company Limited, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast and finds poetry as a tool of promoting peace and conquering the opponent with love. He is writing his first poetry book.

You can reach the Poet at kmsogh@gmail.com and blogs on www.mkksomuah@wordpress.com.

Award winner Michael!




World Poetry Proudly Presents Syrian Canadian Ghada Alatrash!

Featured Poet










Ariadne writes: we want to welcome a new World Poetry Member, the talented translator and poet Ghada Alatrash!  Her poem “The Art Teacher” made such an impression on me that whenever I saw a pomegranate , I wanted to buy it and look for its mystery.


So That the Poem Remains.








So That the Poem Remains: Arabic Poems by Lebanese-American Youssef Abdul Samad, Selected and Translated by Ghada Alatrash. 

“Through my translation, I am attempting to build bridges between East and to fill in the gap of the almost total absence of an Arab cultural or literal position in the West.

Here is a note from the back cover of my book: Daughter of former Syrian Ambassador Jabr Al-Atrash, GHADA ALATRASH immigrated with her family from Syria to the United States in 1986. She holds a Master of Arts in English from University of Oklahoma, USA. She is an op/ed columnist for Gulf News, UAE, and was previously op/ed columnist for the Cranbrook Daily Townsman. She taught English at Abu Dhabi Women’s College, UAE, and was an Adjunct Lecturer of Arabic at University of Oklahoma. She has served as a board member for the Multicultural Advisory Board of British Columbia, Canada. She is a member of the New Pen League, New York. She currently resides in BC, Canada.

…Like a rose in a poem, you do not wither; recited a thousand times, it always remains new. If Earth were to return to water, to water we would also return, and the poem remains. – Youssef Abdul Samad

And it is so that the poem remains, so that the young can better understand the old, and so that there is universal harmony and connectedness between East and West, I present my readers with this work of translation.” Ghada Alatrash

“The Art Teacher”

Once, my art teacher said to me:
“Draw the moon for us;”
and I replied,
“But I do not trust
the moody moon.”

So I began to draw grapes
then I plucked them,
puzzled by those who say,
“a bunch of grapes
taste like watered wine!”

I sketched a turtle;
I pencilled in a rabbit;
and I drew a beautiful bird
with feathers colored
like the pupil of an eye.

Furious, my teacher demanded:
“Draw the moon for us!”
But instead
a pomegranate appeared,
glittering like the sun.

Outraged, she yelled,
“You failed!”
…O how I long
for a pomegranate
to fall from a branch of our tree!

I thought for long
about her
—my teacher—
on whose breasts
the basil camped.

For I,
I worship pomegranate trees,
under whose shade
I used to sleep
as I felt restless.

While I plucked them,
their fire burned me,
and the burn-scars
still remain
after the years.

I drew a lemon tree
on a piece of paper,
and from its radiance,
the leaves almost budded.

I drew two pomegranates of fire,
and I tasted them—
You who dwell in fire,
believe it when they say
that fire can be such delight.

I still call to mind
their nudity
and I muse over them.
For, …
a harvester is lustful.

How is it
that pomegranate seasons
never come to an end,
nor does their
overflowing blood ever burst?

How is it
that they do not gush
while we eat them?
And how is it that
we do not see their fire as they burn?

I confess
that it was I
who plucked that harvest
and bashfully kept it secret,
but steal it, I did not!

Ghada Alatrash (C)