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World Poetry Celebrates The Wonderful Lozan, Iraq and Canada!


Ariadne’s notes: On July 11, 1-2 pm, the World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed Lozan, the lovely poetess originally from Iraq reading her poems in English and Arabic, Also, Host and Producer Ariadne Sawyer with co-host Neall Ryon welcome guest host Yamen Saleh. Talented sound engineer, Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe added greatly to the program. E-poem by Olajuwon Timileyin. Music by the Tibetan Children’s Ensemble and  Delaleh,a Kurdish song by Shivan Perwer,











Lozan was born & raised in Baghdad 1972; She’s the 5th of 10 children (8 girls / 2 boys) today there are 47 of them

She is Kurdish from northern Iraq. Left Iraq 1994 lived in Ankara Turkey illegally as asylum seekers until migrated to Canada May 3, 1995

She wrote poetry as early as preteen years but fear of being judged/ ridiculed by peers & siblings she stopped writing or would throw poems away.

Her uncle, Serwan Yamulky (poet, musician, singer & songwriter) inspired her and asked her to please never to stop writing poetry after found her one day folded up and crying. He listened to her read one poem she was about to throw away & he was so pleased and begged her to never ever destroy her poems anymore. He offered his house for a safe place to hide her poems so no one would steal them. 

Her first poetry book, which is about to be done through Silver Bow Publishing; will be dedicated to her uncle. If all goes well, this fall, her first poem book will be out.

Through tremendous encouragements and being in the company of other amazing poets, she started sharing, reciting and writing new poetry in fall of 2013 through the Holy Wow Poets of Canada in Maple Ridge,   Poetic Justice and World Poetry in New Westminster ask well as social media poetry pages. 

Lozan is a mother of two preteen boys from her first marriage & soon she’s getting married on top of Grouse Mountain where her & Harry met again by accident 19 years after they dated and life moved them apart. It’s a love story like no other; yes you bet that love is the reason behind a handful of love poems that she will share one with you today.

Oh you gentle soul.

She is small and frail

but there’s a spark in her eyes.

She is young and oh, so shy,

but there’s a determination in her gaze.

She is short and thin,

but you get the sense

you are in the presence

of a memorable girl.


She is unable to speak,

but she can hear.  

She understands,

but not your spoken words.

She understands

your tone,

your gesture,

and the movement of your eyes.


Don’t underestimate her.

Don’t dismiss her.

Don’t you dare think less of her because she is small and cannot speak or walk well.


She cannot speak but,

but boy, she knows. 

You can feel it in your gut,

she knows.

So, tread lightly,

speak gently,

be genuine,

and if you can’t,

then just keep moving.


She stood up.

You could hear a pin drop.

Everybody held their breath

fearing she would fall.

She is still standing up

slowly… gracefully… cautiously.

Oh my, she’s moving in slow motion.


As gentle as a butterfly

walking on your finger,

she walked on that hardwood floor.

One small step after another

then suddenly, a ray of sunlight

penetrated the sunroof

and exposing the dusty

hardwood floor she walked on.


It takes the breath away; 

as we realized

that there are people out there

living among us on this earth

simply existing; 

while she in her pain walks

without harming anyone

or –anything, 

not even disturbing

the dust beneath her feet.

Lozan (C)

World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Poet Yaman Saleh from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts, Ariadne Sawyer, Neall Ryon, super engineer Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe, welcomed Yaman Saleh on June 2nd, 1-2 PM, CFRO 100.5 FM with poetry and song in English and Arabic. Also a featured E-poem Silent Noises  by Vishal Ajmera from India, and a call in from VAHMS President Ken McAteer, www.explorasian.org  about the great success of Asian Heritage Month and an announcement about the Gala coming up on June 11. To hear the show,



Yaman Saleh, M.Sc. Servant of God. Husband, Father. Poet, Author, Investor. Founder/Owner of The Soaring Eagle Group. Media creator/Blogger. Telecommunications Solutions Architect. Outdoorsman. BC, Canada.

Notes from Yaman :

The Soaring Eagle Blog: earlyeagle1.wordpress.com

The Stranger:

The Song:

The Arabic poem:

The  poem Walker was mentioned, but we didn’t have a chance to read it. It’s one of my favorites:


The following is a poem I wrote in standard Arabic. I felt a pinch not reading anything in Standard Arabic on the show. So maybe we could have it on the site.”

The Fabric of Love (English): https://earlyeagle1.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/the-fabric-of-love/

سقيا (Quenching): 


World Poetry Celebrates Diversity, May 14th, New Westminster, BC!

An exciting program coming together on May 14th 2-4 PM !

World Poetry Celebrates!


LitFest New West!

Many languages, many cultures.

One goal: A united voice of poetry!

May 14 2pm – 4pm

  Douglas College Aboriginal Gathering Place 4th Floor, 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster.

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Welcome poems, English and Mandarin.

Opening poem: Candice James, Poet Laureate Emeritus of New Westminster.

   Dr. Garg, Hindi, Sanskrit   

Lucy Ortiz, Spanish

Tommy Tao, Cantonese  

Faith Jones, Yiddish

 Selene Bertelsen, Middle English

 Hae Young Kim, Korean

 Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Tagalog 

Yaman Saleh, Arabic

Sattar Saberi  & Mobin Saberi,  Farsi (Unsung Hero)exhibir and film screenings 049

      All welcome. Free! 604-526 4729 www.worldpoetry.ca

Below: Dr, Ajay Garg.